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Jazz Collective ‘Dattilo’ Release Newest Single ‘Montreal’

The Central Coast-based transient music collective Dattilo who are quite known for their knack for producing songs that have lots of metaphorical lyrics and cool poetical rhymes. Dattilo has just released their newest single Montreal – a bluesy, bossa nova story about a search for home and a celebration of the city itself. This is a song that exudes lots of chilled memory of nostalgia, the longing of home and everything beautiful therein that makes it a very special place to always visit.

Pioneered by the core lyricist, performer and a songwriter, Ellika. Dattilo is constantly discovering itself as it brings musicians together around Ellika’s central message to focus on the power of poetic messages whilst creating something bigger than itself.

Dattilo’s newest single, Montreal, was inspired by a visit to Ellika’s birth city upon finding that the visit didn’t fulfil her desire to feel at home. Although disappointed by the lack of familiarity experienced on the visit, Ellika wanted to write a piece to celebrate the city’s 375th birthday, and so Montreal was written.

Being in the same category of few musicians that practice “Nothing-Behind-The-Music” style is perhaps what added some pinch of flavour to their uniqueness. Just like Sia, Dattilo holds a no face fame principle so that listeners will identify Dattilo with ‘the word in their song’, and the uniquely written signature flare it has to bring.

The concept, the aesthetic, the lyrics, the sound are the features that will most definitely tickle your fancy in this song.

If you’re a poet at heart, a lover of beautiful stories and an all-genre-music enthusiast that’s got a good dose of keenness for musical spontaneity then you’ll definitely enjoy this song.

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A&R Factory Present: Jake Herring

Jake Herring is a singer, songwriter, and producer from c, Florida. He has worked with multiple artist around the globe including RÆVE, DJ Paige, Bowie, Part Native, Allegory, Christian Alexander, and CLN. Jake has been playing guitar since he was 8, singing & songwriting since he was 14, and producing since he was 16.

Jake had his break in the music industry through a single off of his first EP titled “Little Mess.” Little Mess generated just over 810,000 views on Spotify in the first 7 months of being released. Following the release of Little Mess EP, Jake worked to find a remixer for the track which in turn led him to meet !KE and creating Little Mess (!KE Remix). In just around 42 days the track generated over 190,000 views on Soundcloud with the average view count sitting at just around 4,500 views a day.

Jake Herring plans to drop his next single “Miami” on November 18th, 2016. After this release, Jake will have started his transition into the R&B/Electro Pop genre further pushing his efforts in creating his first self-produced album titled “Somewhere Down The Road.” The drop date for this album is still unsure but is aimed for early-to-mid 2017.

Jake’s future plans include receiving a publishing deal, leading on to receiving a record label deal. Jake also plans to begin touring the U.S after the release of his first album “Somewhere Down The Road.” Jake believes that by mixing his folk, singer/songwriter voice with deep R&B/Electro Pop he will be able to create a genre of his own, incorporating such sounds as Majid Jordan and Alt-J together in one track with one mood.


A&R Factory Present: Wildcat! Wildcat!

Los Angeles based indie-electronic duo Wildcat! Wildcat! recently released “Straight To The Top”. This is the duo’s first new song since 2014.

The band spent the majority of 2013-2014 supporting their self titled EP and debut album No Moon At All, co-produced by M83’s Morgan Kibby (aka White Sea), with multiple tours across North America including playing dates with alt-J, Spoon, Portugal. The Man, MS MR and Interpol as well as Lollapalooza. Wildcat! Wildcat! decided to take 2015 off from touring to begin writing and recording new songs. They plan to independently release individual tracks for free over the course of 2016.

“We’ve been lucky to have learned so much over the past couple years,” says the duo. “So after putting out a full album in 2014, we wanted to get back to how we started, by releasing songs individually along with its own artwork.  We have thrown ourselves into our work spending a lot of time in getting it right so it seems natural to let the songs breathe a little. We couldn’t be more thankful to our fans who have supported us and been waiting for new music for over a year. Our music belongs as much to them as it does to us, and from the beginning it’s always felt like we somehow become a part of what our fans have reflected back to us in the way they listen and respond. That kind of bond is really something special to be a part of so we are definitely looking forward to this next chapter with them.”

“Straight To The Top” was produced by Wildcat! Wildcat! and Ran Jackson (of The Daylights).

Wildcat! Wildcat! is Jesse Taylor (vox/bass/keys) and Jesse Carmichael (drums/keys/programming).