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The gloves are off in Sarah Shafey’s latest indie-electro hit, Competitor

Fans of Shiny Toy Guns, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and She Wants Revenge will find just as many reasons to get addicted to the heavy production in the Toronto-based singer-songwriter, producer and mixing engineer Sarah Shafey’s latest single, Competitor.

The gloves are officially off in the stylishly fierce indie-electro hit, which is a harbinger of even more visceral things to come from her upcoming fourth album, Blackbox Universe, which is due for release in September 2022. With her tendency to meld genres outside of the electronica spectrum, there’s an immersive tapestry of original layers to her sound, which not only lends itself to the originality, but also to the synapses that will fire upon registering the unadulterated expression that knows very little, if anything of assimilation.

Competitor released in May 2022. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Find your spiritual side with Alchemy 3’s multiculturally ambient indie electronica single, Trust in the Process.

Alchemy 3

Sam Harris may have spun heads when he declared that no one has free will, but the spiritual alt indietronica outfit, Alchemy 3, is here to screw them firmly back on again with their stellar slice of multicultural ambient electronica, Trust in the Process.

2021 has shown us that everything and everyone is connected and every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but even the impious in denial of a higher power can find comfort in this psychedelically wrapped hit by the London-based trio whose sonic influence spans across decades, and their lyrical inspiration goes back even further. The poetically meta lyrics flow through the ethereally commanding vocals and resonate like mantras around the tonal bliss spilling from the instrumentals. It’s a stunning release from a collective with equally as stunning artistic motives. We can’t wait to hear what will be next from Alchemy 3.

Trust in the Process will be available to stream from December 4th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Moontown Project evoke dancefloor nostalgia with their indie electro vignette, ‘Mademoiselle’

The UK duo The Moontown Project is back with their indie vibes, post-punk lyrics and genre-evading electronic beats with their latest single, ‘Mademoiselle’.

Ingeniously, the Moontown Project captured club atmosphere in a way that doesn’t give you that stir-crazed desperation for life to return to ‘normal’, but in a way that allows you to vividly revisit the times that came to you on a dancefloor and will stay with you forever.

With their second single, the Moontown Project’s sonic palette consisted of two step rhythms, funk-riding bass and synth lines that tie the track together and create an immersive electro house vignette of dancefloor culture and euphoria.

The duo that consists of Will Swain-Smith on guitar & lead vocals and Guy Molony on keys, bass & lead vocals made waves in London prior to their recent relocation to Leeds which marks a major shift in their career and determination to allow their sound to resound far beyond the districts of London.

Their debut single has already received attention and airplay from BBC Introducing: London, Amazing Radio, Hoxton Radio, Independent Music News and Soundwave Magazine. After signing with Stogey Records, they are set to truly come into their own in 2021.

They have major plans to take their fusion sounds on tour across the country, and thankfully, fans won’t have to wait for long before another ethereal release from The Moontown Project. Don’t just get them on your radar, get them in your gig diary.

Mademoiselle officially released on May 14th; head over to Spotify to hear it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Flying free: Ghost 27 drifts into our consciousness with the incredible ‘Time Is Up’

Turns into Ghosts‘ is the latest eleven track album from Ghost 27, as he drops an earth-gazing spaceship soundtrack, that will enlighten your mind called ‘Time Is Up‘.

Stephen Hopkins aka Ghost 27, is a mysteriously fascinating electronic producer, who makes the type of music that lifts you out of your slumber and awakens your senses with a breathtaking beat, that pushes all of the blood into your body again-as you dance wherever you are in the world. He has that rare gift of being able to mix a groove together, that makes your beat flutter with excitement.

With an illuminating glance at an atmospheric type of glow, this is a special experience that is a grumpy-to-happy instant mood changer. We are taken to a world that doesn’t really exist yet, unless we want it to.

The alt-electro feel give you a massive hug to the face, as you lift your head up and stride forward to capture your dreams and achieve what you know you can.

Time Is Up‘ from the deep thinker with a ear for creating incredible music named Ghost 27, formulates that transcendent ear-gasp, that has you turning off your phone, as you close your eyes and imagine being in space all by yourself. The world seems like it is falling apart, so why not let your mind wonder and cruise into the galaxy above for a while.

When life seems like it is crashing under like a sunken cruise ship, this is the perfect sound-relief to gather your thoughts again and drift free, with your eyes alive and ready to be inspired again.

Stream this hauntingly beautiful single on Spotify to witness this incredible talent at work.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking deeper within: Mysterious indie-electronic artist Itsallzenhere fascinates with love-torn single ‘I Was So Blind’

Itsallzenhere is back with his love-torn story about a crush that seems to have gotten away on his single called ‘I Was So Blind‘.

Unintelligiblekai aka Itsallzenhere is a fascinating Greece-based underground indie-electronic musician who has made a song that forces you to look much deeper within than most music out there, due to a break-away style that is ever-evolving and original.

It seems as though this is an artist who is dealing with so much pain from being with someone that he truly adored. With a voice that breaks up on occasion and forces you to listen really intently, he is expressing his pain to what happened. He appears to still be dealing with it and is working out in his mind what transpired and to start the healing process.

When you are in love or lustful, it is so hard to make sense of things when they end. You tend to blame yourself and this only leads to a longer time to heal. Its easier said than done to move on, take it on the chin, learn from mistakes and turn the page but this is the only way to be happier again, faster.

With a unique music style, he is a pleasure to listen to and you feel that there is much potential here if he can market himself well, find a close community of fans that keeps on growing and shares his music to new friends. Or he might just want to make music for himself as a healing process and perhaps we will never know. That is the beauty of music, it is there to make us think, inspire and to calm our minds from the crazy world before us.

I Was So Blind‘ from Itsallzenhere is a fascinating journey of simmering sounds that is like a mystery we love to find out more about.

Hear this thought-provoking new single on YouTube and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ondist – So Fragile: Soul-Swellingly Good Synthpop

So Fragile” is just one of the tenderly inviting contained on Electronica trio Ondist’s strikingly unique third album Electricity. All too often in Electronica, sentiments can feel a little synthetic, but So Fragile was never in danger of being unevocative. The vigorously high-vibe feel comes in equal measure through the undemanding yet entrancing Electronic beats and Maya Coppola’s distinctively alluring vocal timbre.

Once you look at the dynamic of Ondist, you may start to understand why their Synthpop sound is as eclectic as it is electric. Corbin Dooley, Nick Poortman, and Maya Coppola are located across Arkansas, New Zealand and New York. The fact this album was released almost feels serendipitous. It’s a collision of contrasting aural vision, you can practically hear the collaborative chemistry.

You can check out So Fragile via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lovelast helps us escape with Indie-Electronic ”Afterglow”

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. For whatever reason, be it timing, feelings or miscommunication, it’s a sad and unfortunate time. There is one positive and that is the afterglow. The memories and lessons we have learnt from each other. However they are remembered, we must carry those onto the next human we care for.

Afterglow” is all about the sad disintegration of love that was once so strong and seemed like it would be forever.

Formed in Houston, Texas, Lovelast is the indie pop lovechild of the singer-songwriter Chase Rutherford-Jenkins. Now based in San Francisco, his music feels like it should be in a motivational video, as it has that feel and connection.

We are guided all the way by the tranquil beat and stunning backdrop in this song and the story is quite sad but inspiring at the same time. The beat is tremendous and I felt like I was flying in the clouds, in a somber and reflective mood. ”Afterglow” is a fantastic song, deep in story and packed full with a towering ending that is mightily impressive.

Click on the SoundCloud link for more inspirational music from this super talented artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Josh Coker releases introspective debut single ”Alone Again”

Self-proclaimed Bedroom musician Josh Coker streams through our speakers with his debut Electronic song called ”Alone Again”. This feels like a song created due to COVID-19, as he vividly describes how he feels right now with a lack of energy and the feeling that his world is spinning from all the time alone and over-thinking in his bedroom.

Feeling the bad energy around him, Josh is clearly in his own head. This feeling is totally understandable due to the current situation. This solo musician is trying to wrap his head around everything and has turned to music to help. A wise choice indeed. Feeling overwhelmed is completely natural in 2020.

With a strong voice, intriguing lyrics and lively skills in production, Josh Coker pulls out all the stops here to get his debut single noticed. He has achieved that in every way possible on ”Alone Again”, as Josh punches way above his weight while showing his self-aware mindset and youthful creativity of the highest order.

Stream the Spotify debut of this promising young artist.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


LA Alt Indie duo Tricks have made their debut with the genre-crumbling EP “The Epic Preview”

Up and coming LA Alt Indie Electronica duo Tricks have made their dreamily entrancing debut with the EP “The Epic Preview”. Given the title of the EP and the resonant magnetism which the release contains, we’re already excited to hear what will follow.

Each of the 7 tracks on the EP offers plenty of affable aural indulgence. Yet, the best introduction to Tricks’ urbanely nuanced production style is “2squares”. With the Mike Patton-levels of sublime experimental ingenuity, you’ll be transfixed to the ever-evolving progressions which flirt with downtempo Hip Hop, Indie and Soul. Each progression and shift in tone is as seamless as the last in this medley of grooving which follows just the right tempo for the track to be as cathartic as it is captivating.

You can check out 2squares along with the rest of Tricks’ debut EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

To keep up to date with new releases, follow Tricks via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast