Flying free: Ghost 27 drifts into our consciousness with the incredible ‘Time Is Up’

Turns into Ghosts‘ is the latest eleven track album from Ghost 27, as he drops an earth-gazing spaceship soundtrack, that will enlighten your mind called ‘Time Is Up‘.

Stephen Hopkins aka Ghost 27, is a mysteriously fascinating electronic producer, who makes the type of music that lifts you out of your slumber and awakens your senses with a breathtaking beat, that pushes all of the blood into your body again-as you dance wherever you are in the world. He has that rare gift of being able to mix a groove together, that makes your beat flutter with excitement.

With an illuminating glance at an atmospheric type of glow, this is a special experience that is a grumpy-to-happy instant mood changer. We are taken to a world that doesn’t really exist yet, unless we want it to.

The alt-electro feel give you a massive hug to the face, as you lift your head up and stride forward to capture your dreams and achieve what you know you can.

Time Is Up‘ from the deep thinker with a ear for creating incredible music named Ghost 27, formulates that transcendent ear-gasp, that has you turning off your phone, as you close your eyes and imagine being in space all by yourself. The world seems like it is falling apart, so why not let your mind wonder and cruise into the galaxy above for a while.

When life seems like it is crashing under like a sunken cruise ship, this is the perfect sound-relief to gather your thoughts again and drift free, with your eyes alive and ready to be inspired again.

Stream this hauntingly beautiful single on Spotify to witness this incredible talent at work.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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