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The Moontown Project remind us how sweet intemperance can be with their latest single ‘Moon Honey’ featuring Archie Weir

‘Romantic’ encounters may have been reduced to awkward interactions on Tinder during lockdown, but the Moontown Project is here, with their latest 70s disco-inspired single, ‘Moon Honey’ to remind us how sweet intemperance can be.

With their highly-anticipated single, created in collaboration with Archie Weir, The Leeds & London-based indie electronica duo paint vivid amorous imagery by sweeping right across the tonal palette. Moon Honey shows how serious the Moontown Project are about bringing colour to our increasingly monochromatic planet.

If you’ve ever hit an indie disco dancefloor, you’ll know exactly which scenario Moon Honey depicts; that moment when you barely want to think about your life beyond strobe lights, music and strangers who tempt you into hedonism. The deep funky guitar chops and grooves combined with shimmering synths create the perfect platform for the mischievously soulful vocals to float on in the enlivening radio-ready single.

The Moontown Project take inspiration from artists who defy genre constraints such as MGMT and Gorillaz. They’re just as adept when creating a balance between accessibility and cross-genre experimentation. With their tendency to take from techno, electro-funk, house, hip hop and indie, The Moontown Project’s spacey synth-heavy sound is a recipe for commercial success.

The lockdown-born project which consists of Will Swain-Smith (guitar and vocals) and Guy Molony (keys, bass vocals) have already amassed plenty of airplay and adoration on BBC Introducing, London and Amazing Radio. When restrictions are finally lifted, I have no doubt that the Moontown Project will be here to make sure that our moods are lifted in venues. Get them on your radar.

Moon Honey is now available to stream on Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


You desire that excitement again: Swedish act Moodblanc blend needs and realism on ‘Not The One’

Moodblanc return to bless our souls with their sensationally sensual ambiance with a love twist, on their latest single called ‘Not The One‘.

Inspired by 80’s pop, love and passionate 90’s soul, Sweden’s Moodblanc sets the mood that lights up candles instantly albeit with a warning attached, with their genuine style that alters reality in these dark times.

The vocals are so sultry and real, as they speak the truth of modern day times. You want to be with someone exciting but know that they probably aren’t the right person for you long-term. For the short-term however, this is what you want in the moment, so you can satisfy those cravings you have build up from all these times locked inside our homes. You might fall in-love however, so don’t want to waste your time with someone that isn’t worth it, as you have been let down before. This is the ultimate predicament as you gaze through window, wondering what to do.

With pure production of the very highest standard and lyrics that hit home truthfully, this is an alluring experience that leaves you pondering yourself and those relationships you have currently and from before in your life.

Not The One‘ from one of Sweden’s most underrated acts Moodblanc , is a testament to how life has been lately and will be for the foreseeable future. Through music however, we can distract ourselves and work about what we want in life and what type of person we wish to be with. This really is music that takes our minds off normal things and put you in a different world for a few minutes at least.

Hear this excellent track on Spotify and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Hope in the Dark’ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what

Hope in the Dark‘ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what the detour you take in this crazy world. This is a fun electro-pop track that simmers with hot beats to keep us entertained.

Hartford, Connecticut singer/producer Dean Frost is a poet who used his music gifts to inspire others as the summer beat really gets your feet tapping in delight. The vocal delivery is quite flawless and this is such an enjoyable ride that is of majestic quality. The added raps make it even better and shows the multi-talented ability.

You find hope in every situation and you never give up, no matter what. Giving up just isn’t in your dictionary as you keep pushing hard, doing what you love.

With influences such as Logic and The Chainsmokers, you can get an idea of what type of artist Dean is. Previously performing under the alias The American Boys, this is a supremely create musician who likes to make happy music for fans to enjoy.

Dean Frost is back in a big way on Hope in the Dark‘ as he stimulates the speakers with a sultry effort that is like giving your ears a high-5.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Startin’ Lineup & Ryanne Abraham go for fun times again with ‘Day Drinkin’

The Startin’ Lineup & Ryanne Abraham go ‘Day Drinkin‘ and this is a terrific song that helps us reminisce easier times.

This Chicago-based Hip Hop/R&B group comprises of rappers, singers, producers, writers plus sound engineers to keep the engine running smoothly.

This is the summer anthem that we all needed. A song about just enjoying yourself during the day, staying away from the wolves of the night, all in the name of pure fun. Your close friends are right by you, the day is but a youngster and you want to enjoy the day with a few innocent shots of your choice.

Taken off the latest EP ‘Summer League Madness‘, this is a mellow party anthem for those weekend days when you want to have fun. ‘Day Drinkin‘ from The Startin’ Lineup & Ryanne Abraham is the song our tired bodies needed to remember those times that will happen again, when the world calms down.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

McQueen is terrific on instant classic ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya’

Taken off ‘Presenting McQueen‘, ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya‘ from McQueen is one of those songs that will be stuck splendidly in your head for days and days. This is a quality track of note.

You don’t know who they are but you are fascinated. You would like to get to know them but do they feel the same? You know that you two would get on well, there is no doubt about that. You feel that their style is so fine and fresh, you want to be with them so badly.

I love the fresh beat here from this song. This is so catchy and my head is bouncing. This is an indie-electro feast from the sky to us on earth to devour hungrily. I could imagine dancing to this for hours on end, sliding all over the floor. The vocals are crisp like a fresh packet of lettuce, the juicy beat is healthy and tasty for the heart.

McQueen’s ‘If I Didn’t Know Yais quality song and an instant classic. It has that sound that just feels so good. My soul is uplifted and I feel alive. This is making 2020 just a bit easier to handle thanks to this new artist that is going to make it big. Class is easy to spot and this is it.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Midnight Drive’s ‘Over It’ is the electro anthem of 2020

Midnight Drive are a new electronic act in the game and they return with their 3rd single called ‘Over It‘.

Nothing is going to save this relationship sadly. The love has gone and you are over it. You had amazing memories but the time to turn the page and close the book is now. You need to move on and be free again, finding happiness is this destructive world is key to your mental health.

There is lots of indie electro forces here and the beat is so jarring and thuds into your ears. I love the beat and the raspy vocals make this a winner. This a breakout anthem that is a pleasure to listen to.

Midnight Drive’sOver Itshines through the door like a bright light wanting to force itself in. There is a style and a panache here that is unlike most bands. This is an outfit that are making a name for themselves.

Stream this poignant song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MASSIVESAD has made their debut with the evocatively futuristic Indie Pop hit “At Least I’m Not Bleeding”

Up and coming artist MASSIVESAD has made their debut with their evocatively futuristic feat of Indie Pop “At Least I’m Not Bleeding”. And it’s safe to say we’re already hooked on their absorbingly connectable sound.

If you’re always on the hunt for soul-steeped stylistic soundscapes, you’ll hit the jackpot with At Least I’m Not Bleeding. It definitely isn’t without stark and pensive sentiment. But under MASSIVESAD’s artfully prodigal prowess, the track offers raw emotion along with affable upbeat melodies and enticingly effect-laden sultry vocals.

If you want a masterclass in how to use vocal reverb, hit play on At Least I’m Not Bleeding and grab a pen. Instead of dampening the emotion, the slightly robotic vocals bring a tight synergy to the track and make it unforgettably entrancing aural experience.

You can check out MASSIVESAD’s debut single At Least I’m Not Bleeding by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast