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Ryan Charles powers in with confidence on ”Rare Breed”

Ryan Charles, Southern Country & Western artist and future star, is back with his new song called ”Rare Breed”. This is a statement song about his arrival in the music game and he isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. This man is on a mission and with his Harley Davidson, guitar and ripped jeans, this American biker is ready. Bring on a movie about his life.

With a massive chip on his shoulder and after being fed up with life in his hometown in North Carolina, he ditched the small town ways and headed up to big-time California. The goal? To become a performing artist of course, make ladies swoon in his presence and make men wish they were him. The last two points are merely guesses from my side but you get the point, Ryan Charles had a goal and he took his chance.

Rare Breed” is all about building up your confidence and taking that opportunity to get away from the bad influences of back home, that you know aren’t going to take you anywhere but down. Southern Rocker Ryan Charles  and his guitar have just stepped up to the plate and this is an artist to take seriously. He wants success and respect in this music game so armed with his strong voice, inspiring lyrics and hard-nosed attitude, this single release puts him in the conversation.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Tiffany Twisted – Sold My Soul: Refreshingly Phenomenal Alt Rock

Tiffany Twisted’s (Hetti Harper) latest single Sold My Soul has already been met with rapturous acclaim, and there’s little room to wonder why. Their unique amalgamation of Pop, technically melodic Indie, 70s Rock and Pop Punk is refreshingly phenomenal.

The quality of the production is unsurprisingly flawless, as you’d expect from any track recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Yet, the real distinction lies in Tiffany Twisted’s ability to create a soundscape which oozes magnetic connectable soul and simultaneously offer a side serving of sniping attitude.

The majority of new Rock acts may be assimilative, yet Sold My Soul is a testament to the Alt Rock artists ability to pour fresh, new ingenuity onto the airwaves. As debut singles go, they don’t get much more unforgettable than this. The UK-based 4-piece is definitely one to watch.

You can check out Sold My Soul for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sammy Listoe – Crazy: An Alt Country Pop Rock Earworm

Sammy Listoe created an Alt-Country earworm with their latest single “Crazy”. The lyrics and vocals may be authentically Country, but their instrumental style brings their sound well and truly into the 21st century.

The soaring Blues Rock riffs borrow a few nuanced elements from Hard Rock. Yet you’ll be able to expect the usual captivating quintessential melodic progressions in the verses and chorus. There may be plenty of artistic distinction to be found in Crazy, but the accessibility definitely hasn’t been compromised.

While plenty of artists of all inclinations attempt love-inspired tracks, it’s Country artists such as Sammy Listoe who succeed in allowing their tales of romantic woe to truly come to life in spectacular colour. If you don’t get caught up in the sticky-sweet sentiment in Crazy, I have some bad news about your soul.

You can check out Sammy Listoe’s latest single Crazy for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast