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I know it’s filled with people and long delay: Franklin Gotham picks up the pieces on the lonely Subway

Showing such finely-tuned brilliance with a new idea of Julian Lennon’s 1984 hit Too Late for Goodbye, Franklin Gotham helps us to dance across the floor with an outstanding single to be inspired by, Subway.

Franklin Gotham is an Alexandria, Virginia-born alt-indie pop/rock band with a world-class sound that shall slice all flimsy doors into splintering pieces.

The track captures the essence of the original track while adding Franklin Gotham’s unique spin. Weaving upbeat Pop elements with 80’s inspired synths to create a perfect balance of nostalgic 80’s flare with present-day sensibilities leading to what you always want from a good cover, familiarity delivered from a different perspective.” ~ Franklin Gotham

Realizing that life isn’t going to last forever no matter what anyone says, Franklin Gotham is in an exquisite form for the betterment of the world on their dynamic soundtrack to enlighten all sad hearts back into a happier state of mind.

Subway from the Alexandria, Virginia alt-indie pop/rock band Franklin Gotham is a fine song which will excite many on the underground and thrill others into a rather intense visualization. Paced rather well and bringing us into this delightful story, we are treated to a well-executed single made with love and vision.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

One Of Us Make It: CB shows us that real talk on his crushin’ That Bounce Joint

Staying away from the bad vibes as he feels like this is his time to shine and grab that crown, CB knows the crowds are into his style and actually, that’s the best feeling anyway, on That Bounce Joint.

CB aka Cordario is an Alexandria, Virginia-born indie hip hop artist who has been in some intense situations but always reaches the top with all conquests.

Raising our mentalities upwards like an elevator on a mission right to the top, CB is in a confident mood on That Bounce Joint and might cause you to put this on repeat all night.

That Bounce Joint from Alexandria, Virginia-born indie hip hop artist CB is a hot track that forges ahead with visions of success that are surely on the next corner. Passionate and using street-wise lyrics that are sure to invoke the fires of us all within, this is a hugely welcome effort for the betterment of the world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Virginia’s Franklin Gotham wants that warm embrace to shatter the silence on, ‘Not Enough’

Taken off their well-received 2-track EP called ‘Lucky Enough‘, Franklin Gotham show us their genuine energy that transmits only goodness into a picture that has sadly shattered on, ‘Not Enough‘.

Franklin Gotham is an Alexandria, Virginia-based indie Americana/pop 3-piece band who carefully assembles that likeable blend of music that is perfect for the whole family.

Millennials may hear bits of Vampire Weekend, Death Cab for Cutie, and Wilco while those with a longer listening history may be reminded of Joe Jackson, Paul Westerberg, and Marshall Crenshaw.” ~ Franklin Gotham

After healing our hearts with their stellar single ‘Without Being Alone‘ from 2021, Franklin Gotham returns with something rather remarkable that shall set you free from any previous dismay, as they combine rather beautifully together and eloquently shows us their growing excellence.

Not Enough‘ from Alexandria, Virginia-based indie Americana/pop 3-piece band Franklin Gotham is one of the most caring tracks you might hear today. Directing us into the notion that sleeping alone can make you sad if you are used to the love of someone who had you feeling like you are rather amazing, this is a release filled with hope and that tender touch.

After all, being with that special heart who makes you laugh as no one else can is the best feeling ever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be There For You: Vibrant Virginia band Franklin Gotham wishes they could offer support on ‘I Can’t’

As he wonders why he can’t be there like she was for him, Franklin Gotham returns with a striking story about how sometimes the heart just won’t let you get in too deep on ‘I Can’t‘.

Franklin Gotham is a likable pop infused Americana three-piece act from Alexandria, Virginia. They bring that catchy music to the fore, that has your heart alight with possibilities, whilst providing us a soundtrack to jump right into the upcoming summer days.

With a punchy acoustic tone and fresh vocals that entrenches in your mind, you feel the sense of regret in his voice as he knows that he needs to be there, but just isn’t able as she has moved on and you miss those moments together.

The visuals are fun to watch on this exciting music video at the fair — and you feel engrossed into their story that you have felt before in your life — when you needed to be present to help out.

I Can’t’ from the awesome three-piece Alexandria, Virginia band Franklin Gotham, shows us into the light to where you want to be but feel its best to rather give them space. You know you need to do this simple thing, however you are madly in love with them and don’t want to ruin that special friendship.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen