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Stu Daniels – Enemies: Achingly Soulful Acoustic Indie-Rock

Enemies by Stu Daniels

With all of the evocative gravitas of Eddie Vedder’s aching soul, Stu Daniels’ latest single, Enemies, compels you to surrender to the acoustic indie rock plaintiveness, which is all too easy to relate to from the first immersion. Beyond the sobering overtones of the emotionally crafted and reverbed guitars is a lyrical extension of salvation with the poignant and powerful reminder that enmities will always do their best to strip your power and use it for their gain.

The singer-songwriter and guitarist fronts the Adelaide band, Already Gone, but notably, standing alone, his sound is equally as sonorous. Watch this space for more compellingly tenacious expositions of the human condition.

Enemies was officially released on September 16th. Check it out for yourselves on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lizzie Hosking helps her sister realize that throwing the poisonous trash out is vital with her potent new single, ‘Mask’

Following up on her previous release called ‘YOU‘ from March 2022, Lizzie Hosking slices the memory of that trash ex into the dustbin forever on her latest gem, ‘Mask‘.

Lizzie Hosking is an Adelaide, Australia indie pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter who makes music that assists others and shows us that if you want to achieve your dreams, anything is possible if you want it enough.

This song is about helping your friend realize they deserve SOOO much more than their walking red flag of a partner.” ~ Lizzie Hosking

Embracing the moment and showing such bravery that is truly heartfelt and takes you into a picture that is sadly too common in this quick-swipe world, Lizzie Hosking is rather incredible on this gorgeously-sung release that should shake the ears awake of those who need to hear the truth.

Lizzie has constantly struggled with her self-image, being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 10, Lizzie was outcasted and found it hard to fit in, now she breathes self-confidence and loving yourself into all of her songs, in an attempt to reach others who may be struggling with similar circumstances.” ~ Lizzie Hosking

Mask‘ from Australian indie pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter Lizzie Hosking is an intuition-packed single that shows us her glorious vocals and this smartly-written song that is an anthem for anyone who needs to be free again and away from those toxic energies that can break you down. With her inspiring tone and a real insight into knowing when something feels off, this is a finger-clicking, trash-throwing single that should assist so many sweet souls to feel alive again, rather than being played by a greedy human who just wants you as a plastic toy.

Being with someone special who is actually real and helps you grow as a person, is the only thing that we should be exposed to after all.

Hear this fine single help you realize what you couldn’t see before on Spotify and see her inspiring dreams on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Adelaide’s Orelia glides freely with their breezy new single, ‘Parachute’

Taking us to soar-filled pinnacles that make us sit back and allow our bodies to float naturally into an enchanting place of wonder, Orelia has assembled a single so calming that you will feel like your whole mood has been flipped into a better mindset on, ‘Parachute‘.

Orelia (pronounced Oh-Ray-Lee-Ah) is an Adelaide, South Australia-based indie 4-piece band who bring us a soulful mix of hope, love and loss in their own incredibly genuine way.

Puts you in the driver seat of your first car, on your first road trip, to see your first love, feeling like you are floating on a breeze. Everything is new, vibrant and you want it to last forever.” ~ Orelia

Orelia is the kind of tranquil outfit that you tell your pets, friends and family about. They make much ear-pleasing music that ignites your smile to become alive again, with such kind lyrics and a tight beat to match, that shows you their genuine connection together.

Parachute‘ from the highly likeable Adelaide, South Australia-based indie act Orelia, is a body-moving-to-a-better-place type of single from a band who make that pure harmony you just want to hug all night. With crystal-clean vocals and a stunning vibe that will be caught kindly in your throbbing veins like when you kissed for the first time. There is so much sweetness inside this song that you might need to go to the dentist tomorrow, as they take us on a floating journey of love.

Life is so much better when you know that you are with your forever, as you hope that they truly feel the same as you too.

Hear a single that will cause your heart to flutter beautifully on Spotify and see more moves on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Only Here For You: The Domain X Lakes drop debut sizzler to soak into with ‘Want Your Love’

Crusading majestically through with a crisply created pure vocal ability that is expertly mixed together with ear-grabbing beats, The Domain X Lakes bring us a romantic party track that is perfectly made for those sultry summer nights ahead on ‘Want Your Love‘.

The Domain is a former hip-hop artist from Adelaide, Australia, who is now a synth pop/electronic solo act. He is joined on this soul-enhancing debut collab by Montreal, Canada-based musician, Lakes.

Vibey beats and sweet vocals. Roughly translated as synth pop and/or electronic music for legends.” ~ The Domain

There is much to swim gloriously into here on such a sexy track made with a world class sonic soundscape – that seems to take you to another dream destination entirely – as you calmly lather yourself into this memorable moment shared with the partner of your desires. Everything is so natural here and totally fresh, with a bass-busting beat drowing out all of the pesky noise around you that serves no purpose.

Want Your Love‘ from Australian artist The Domain X Lakes, is that I-can’t-get-enough-single all about telling that lover of yours that you mean the world to them. Featuring a sensual vocalist who sings with so much purposeful freedom and delightful affection, the background buzz seems to light up like a shooting star into the sky. Being with that special someone and telling them your real feelings, is the only way to have that long-lasting love after all.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more buzz.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Sick Of Your Dirty Secrets: Adelaide’s Michaela Keast is quite superb on debut track ‘Overdramatic’

Made with lots of love from her messy bedroom in South Australia, the lovely blonde haired Ozzie Michaela Keast brings us her first-ever released catchy music creation made despite the madness around called ‘Overdramatic‘.

Michaela Keast is a twenty-three-years-young Adelaide, Australia-based indie-pop artist, online production course graduate and professional pet cuddle enthusiast.

Instead of hiding away inside during the horrific pandemic, she has used this time to reflect as a way to better herself and this shows through her wanting to learn new skills. With a natural and bubbly personality, her genuine energy shines through like a stunning rainbow after a massive storm, on this wonderfully-made new single.

Written, recorded, and produced in her bedroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.” ~ Michaela Keast

This is the true story of wishing that some former friends and ex’s would stop being all about themselves and always looking for that soapie tv-reality drama all the time, as you have moved on and they need to do the same. When they speak you are actually thinking about something else – as you have lost all respect for their back-stabbing and talking-behind-your-back ways – while you know all their dirty secrets anyway.

‘I was reading and writing before I could walk, so I wrote a lot of poetry and songs as a kid. When I was 7, I begged my mum to let me take vocal lessons, and I never looked back.” ~ Michaela Keast

Overdramatic‘ from the youthful Adelaide, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter Michaela Keast, is a sensationally astute debut from a highly talented creative who has such a soothing vocal range. She enthusiastically tells us the wise story of brushing off the drama-filled world like a piece of pesky dust that needs to be swept away, as she flourishes on a pop-dance beat that seems to fit this song like a well-fitted glove.

Sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself, and show that you aren’t afraid of anyone’s silly childish games. The real will always see the real eventually.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her adventurous IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Can’t Ignore Me: Adelaide indie rock band Broken Waves find the keys to the ‘Throne’

Taken off their sublime new five-track EP called ‘Turning Point‘, Ozzie rockers Broken Waves eagerly bring us the quality new single called ‘Throne‘.

Broken Waves crash into our lives with their famous Australian charm, as the Adelaide indie act blaze a trail of supreme sounds of wonder, on an impressive new song that will lift you up and take you to exciting places within your soul.

They make that prodigious music that has you in absolute raptures, their exhilarating guitar skills and wildly talented vocals, washes all of the frustration away so smoothly.

This is that that love ripped song, as you look for answers that have been hidden away for so long in your mind but you knew them all along. The throne is empty now but you know that they can’t ever ignore you again, as you have unlocked the treasure chest of knowledge forever.

Throne‘ from Adelaide five-piece indie-rockers Broken Waves, is a spellbinding new single full of electric energy that wraps over you as you groove with this awesome band, they drift into your consciousness with smoothly nourished vocals and a sound that has you wanting more.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ian Chamberlain works wonders on ‘Too Many Wires’ (Remix)

Musician Ian Chamberlain is back with the very intriguing new instrumental single called ‘Too Many Wires‘ (Remix).

Ian is a composer and musician living and working in Adelaide, Australia. He is inspired by musical genres past and present, mechanical sounds, and the world of nature.

The energy is dark here, moody almost and you imagine a late night out. Suddenly the energy changes and we are catapulted into a bouncy, almost indie back-beat of a song with the occasional sprinkle of a different sound to keep your brain wondering. This is a truly remarkable song from Ian and he navigated all over with so much gusto and experience.

Ian Chamberlain is absolutely on smashing form here on ‘Too Many Wires‘. This remix is one of pure quality and we are treated to a quite marvelous effort from the Australian artist.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen