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Aayushi – Diamond Child: Ambiently Reflective Acoustic Folk

Aayushi’s Folk Acoustic sound is one that bleeds vibrant naivety through the complex chord progressions that lift her so far above the average singer songwriter. The up and coming UK artist takes influence from musicians such as Elliot Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Bright Eyes. The 21-year-old musician has a deft approach to creating her delicately composed songs that pay close attention to the emotion captured through her perfectly penned lyrics.

It’s no wonder why Aayushi’s latest debut single Diamond Child has received over 35k streams on SoundCloud alone. Her ambiently resonant tracks creates the perfect sound to lift you into a higher plateau of aural alchemy. Diamond Child is somewhat of a paradox, as it somehow manages to be minimalistic, yet huge through the bewitchingly resonant cacophony created through her electric guitar paired with her stunning vocal abilities which wouldn’t be out of place on a Radio 1 Live Lounge album. Aayushi has raised the bar for every girl with a guitar to rise above, you can check out Aayushi’s universally adored track Diamond Child on SoundCloud, her music is also available to purchase from Bandcamp. Your mates are probably already listening to it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Machete – Trial: The Assassination of Acoustic

The Machete are self-proclaimed ‘supercharged instrumental acoustic’ band, that don’t fail to deliver. The last time I stumbled across a band this enthused was when I first heard Symphonic Death Metal and I felt as though I was trapped inside a pinball machine. Even compared to the most raucous of acts, Machete are just on another level.

There are so many undertones to the sound to their latest track Trial, you never where you truly are within the genre mix, but take your pick from the Ska rhythm, the strum of Spanish guitar, the Blues of the bass and the sheer relentlessness of Progressive Rock. With a sound so powerful, the instrumental track leaves little room for vocals. It’s clear that Machete have such a natural talent when it comes to entertainment, the four musicians leave the constraints and genre boundaries of music far behind in their display of vivacious energy that bleeds enthusiasm.

You can check out the official music video to Trial on YouTube now:

Head on over to their website and keep up to date with their new releases and tours:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Half Lioness, Half Songbird ‘Yazzy’ Set to Release Her EP Illusion of Love

Yazzy Chamberlain is one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists coming out of the UK. Spearheaded by the BBC, this talented songstress is on the rise with a set of of exciting new tunes, as featured within her recent new EP, “Illusion of Love”.

This release is a particularly exciting project, featuring 5 previously unreleased songs. As the title of the EP might suggest, these tracks come from a very personal place. Yazzy sings of passion, love and heartbreak, and in her songs, lyrics are just as important as melodies, if not even more so! Her vocals are truly emotional, and each performance is filled with truthfulness and spontaneity. The production aesthetics of the EP are particularly special, because the organic feel of her music allows her songs to appear even more earnest.

“Illusion of Love” will be available starting from the 3rd of January pre-order here, and each of the five songs featured within the EP will actually be accompanied by a stunning matching music video, to offer a visual companion to each track in this her release.

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May The Sneaky Fourth be with you!

Bands which play with the musical format of the modern pop song are always the most interesting. We have been making music using the same instruments for the last 60 years and with the exception of developments in synths and sampling, little has changed in the basic tools we use to do so. But there have been options available going back much further in time, why shouldn’t instruments more associated with the classical and the orchestral be brought into the pop picture.

The Sneaky Fourth have already worked this out and they use the standard, finger-picked acoustic guitar as well as the less expected cello and double bass to build subtle and supple folk meets classical meets pop music. Without You is a brilliant textural blend of gently sweeping cello and pulsing organic bass lines under pinning guitar lines which move from dexterous picking to vibrant strumming. The result is a glorious new direction for pop, if indeed we can even limit it with such a label.


J R Harbidge – Feel What I Feel: A Little Bit of Country, A Little Bit of Heart & Soul

This song can reach down into the pit of your stomach and wrench it with the veracity of your fist kiss behind the bike sheds. J R Harbidge’s charismatic vocal ability is just everything you need to hear at this time of the year. We’re swamped with crass sentimentality throughout the festive season, which is exactly why you should listen to his debut track which was brought out on 10th December. J R Harbidge undoubtedly has the potential to see himself through to the number one spot with his melodic prowess and command of minimalistic style.

This folk singer songwriter, has the ability to weave through his pensive style to make some of the most down to earth sounds through his acoustic unchained guitar melodies that twinge with some old school rhythm and blues familiarity.

The production and styling is absolutely flawless, a well rounded track for anyone looking for a little bit of Acoustic Singer Song Writer Soul to add to their playlists.

This song is pretty tame compared to the tracks on his album teaser, either way, I can’t wait to hear what Harbridge has in store!

Check out J R Harbidge’s debut track on the SoundCloud link below:


Gordon James and The Power – When I First Saw You There: Empyreal Evocative Indie.

Gordon James and The Power have just released their latest track When I First Saw You There, whilst I’m normally adverse to overly sentimental music, the sound compelled me, in a refreshing way.

I’m not sure whether it was the jingle of the guitar or the sincerity displayed within his voice, but I was captivated right from the very first verse. Whilst this band are undoubtedly in their infancy, it’s evident that they have a lot more to offer the scene.

The lyrics to the new track are captivating enough to dictate a flurry of emotion to any listener through the narrative of their new heart wrenching track as the sound progresses with talent that becomes impossible to deny. Whilst there are many singer songwriter acoustic acts on the scene Gordon James shines through with his sincerity and ability to convey the most evocative of emotions with his latest track that’s definitely not to be missed!

You can check out the official video to When I First Saw You Here on the YouTube link Below:

The rest of Gordon James’ EP is coming soon, so keep tuned for more developments from this enigmatic acoustic act.


Miriam Cooke – Freefalling: Timelessly Haunting Melodies

Miriam’s vocal style is swarming with ubiquitously traditional British styling. Her new track Freefalling is a captivating symphony which comprises of timeless, yet haunting melodies, that are so poignant they’re almost empyreal. But what really stands out about this track is the essence that its based upon. Her lyrics touch upon the travesty that the 21st century England has become to create a contemporary anthem that Billy Bragg would be proud of. You’d expect the lyrics “Foodbanks and bedroom tax, what century are we in?” to come from an angry anarchistic collective, however Miriam brings light to these painful topics in the most eloquent way I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing with her distinctly upper-class influence. I only hope more artists follow in her footsteps.

Within her sound she mixes a myriad of soulful instruments such as acoustic guitar, flute harps and the violin to provide a truly ambient and lucid sound. You can taste the influences to her music, which she’s gathered from her youth spent in Ireland and her penchant for 70’s prog rock.

The latest track from her album Freefalling which was released on the 1st of December is now available to listen to and download via Bandcamp. If you do one thing today, make sure it’s checking out this track and all the heavenly splendour which accompanies it.


Nikhil Swaroop – The Light: The Acoustic Zeitgeist

I’ve only just had the pleasure of being acquainted with Nikhil Swaroop. It took me approximately 10 seconds to fall completely in love with him from when I hit play on his new track The Light (The Original). The video of the light takes place within Nikhil’s inner sanctum, allowing you a personal view into his life, past and pain, with no holds barred.

He’s a stunning singer song writer currently living in India, I have to say it was my first experience listening to Indian acoustic, but one things for sure, it won’t be the last. He has the same pensive delectableness of the quaint sonorous likes of Ray LaMontagne, Keith Urban and Glen Hansard. The light is charged with upliftingly harrow emotion that flows with inexplicable ease.

Aside from his original work, Nikhil has become the master at breathing a little soul into British and American songs, from Lady Gaga to Ed Sheeran, each sound is as staggering as the last. The whole production for the video to The Light only took 50 minutes. He’s kindly left the track as raw as it gets for his fans. If only more artists were that honest with their work.


Duncan Reed – Hard as Stone: A Voice to Melt the Coldest of Hearts

Manchester, UK based Duncan Reed is an alternative singer songwriter, dabbler in acoustic rock and an all-round master of melodic, effervescent resonance. His latest track Hard as Stone is one of the most melodic pieces of music that I’ve had the transcendental pleasure of listening to since I first discovered Glen Hansard.

Hard as Stone demands the illustration of his raw fingers floating over the strings of the guitar as the track spirals through the soul wrenching melody fuelled through deeply illustrative and abstract lyrics.

There’s a point in the track where his fingers delectably stumble over the strings, this was the moment that I fell in love with the pure cacophony of sound that was brought to life with just one man full of poetic synergy and his acoustic guitar. I love that there’s static toward the end of the track to entice you into the nostalgia you are treated to after a well-loved vinyl record has reached the end and you’re drenched in the white noise; the departure and the aftermath of experiencing something spectacular.

There’s a great power in his voice, although the vocals aren’t as strong as they are in his other tracks on his debut album Hypnotise; there’s a plethora of tracks that vary in the dalliance of amplification creating it a spectacularly immersive experience. You can definitely hear the Fleetwood Mac inspiration that invokes his pensive style lingering within some of the jingles of the track.

You can check out Hard as Stone, along with the other hits on his latest album on the Spotify link below!


Broken Bones Matilda Release A Lush, Haunting Masterpiece

If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if Nick Cave wrote songs for Fleetwood Mac, the answer might just lie somewhere in Madeleine, the latest release from Broken Bones Matilda. It has all the hallmarks of the a Cave penned ballad but with all the short-circuiting sonic turmoil removed and instead rendered with the lush, majesty of the aforementioned transatlantic stalwarts.

But Broken Bones Matilda are their own people and references aside they weave a unique tapestry of their own design from exotic folk, deft acoustic guitars lines and baroque pop, medieval vibes and arabesque richness, sweeping strings and sultry vocals. In lesser hands the sheer weight of the sonic building blocks involved would prove overpowering but such is the skill of this Bath quintet that it is so perfectly balanced that it is nothing less than a rich and haunting masterpiece.

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