They make you happy: Breanne Noelle turns cute shyness into heartfelt belief on ‘One Connection’

Taken off her brand new ten-track album called ‘First‘, the lovely Breanne Noelle sings with a bright spark of love, that immerses all listeners into her ‘One Connection‘.

Northern Colorado-born, Bloomington, Indiana-based Breanne Johnson aka Breanne Noelle, is a captivating opera and musical theater-trained American indie-folk singer-songwriter, who lovingly washes away our tears with a stunning distraction from this often cold and gloomy world. She sings with that deep soul and meaningfully strikes our attention to make the world a better place, making that introspective music that has you lighting candles and singing along.

This is the story about realizing that the person you are shy around is actually the one that you care about so much. You want to be with them so badly and just need things to fall into place, to make it all happen. You are love struck and feel like you are under a powerful spell, that fills you with happiness and courage to face each day with a smile.

Her voice is so real and glows into the night and her intricate guitar melodies sizzle at the bright sky while starting cutely at her crush, or possible future lover. With vocals that fill the air with belief and mystique, we are treated to a marvelous musician who is starting to believe more in herself each waking moment.

One Connection‘ from the sweetly-voiced Indiana singer-songwriter Breanne Noelle, is a reflective daydream of promise, that leads us into her world of love and is a beautiful single about how she feels deep inside.

Sometimes you just know that a particular person is for you, while other times they might of been right in front of you without you realizing. If the timing is right, everything is going to be alright.

Stream this wonderful new single on Spotify and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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