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Abi Mia shares her infectious optimism in her latest single, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

The London-based breakthrough alt-pop artist Abi Mia ended 2021 with the ultimate up-vibe bop, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. With the funk in the melodies and the fire in her vocals, the resilience in the 90s influenced triumph of a track is infectious from the first hit. And if we’re all being honest with ourselves, that’s exactly what we need right now.

In the verses and pre-choruses, she extends compassion and understanding to anyone feeling the apathy before proving how sweet it is to throw pessimism by the wayside and embrace a brighter perspective in the choruses. If you’re looking for a definitive definition of a perennial pop earworm, just hit play.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abi Mia’s orchestral ballad, Shadow, resounds with empowerment

Abi Mia

Abi Mia’s latest piano pop ballad, Shadow, is easily one of the timeliest singles that we’ve heard this year; for the lyrics, she looked deep into the collective misery and burnout surrounding her, sonically, she constructed a compelling case for self-care that is impossible to ignore.

Our self-destructive need to work ourselves to exhaustion determination to be fine with everything our chaotic world throws at us is something that has been eating away at us since long before the lockdowns, but right now is the perfect time for a conversation. Abi Mia leads that dialogue with her soul-baring single that will quickly convince you to strip away your façade and allow the single to resonate with you on a deeper level.

The only question that the radio-ready orchestral ballad leaves you with is why isn’t she already a multi-platinum artist? It is only a matter of time before Abi Mia is scouted for her distinct vocals that only allow fleeting reminiscence while boasting the same robust propensities as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Adele.

Shadow is due for release on September 17th. Check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Unpredictable Days: Sparkling UK singer Abi Mia flourishes on ‘This Life (Dance Remix)’

After originally making this powerfully struck track as a power ballad to spark our tired minds awake, Abi Mia boosts the mood with the reflective body-mover single that will have you loosening your body to let go of the frustration that you have been holding onto with ‘This Life (Dance Remix)‘.

Abi Mia is an exciting UK-based indie singer-songwriter and History graduate from Kings College in London. She makes that inspiring type of music – that lifts carefully away you from the doom and gloom – as she expertly takes us to a new world full of possibilities.

Her dazzling voice has a positive affect on your beating heart and the blood seems to flow a bit better, as you brush away the self-doubt. She sings about once knowing where her life was going – however the world changed so quickly – as she grits her teeth to pull herself out of the slump, and into something pure and rather special.

This Life (Dance Remix)‘ from the terrific UK-based singer-songwriter Abi Mia, is the true story about how unpredictable sometimes you feel in this strange world, as you need to have the inner strength to fight on no matter what. This is a catchy single with a relevant message, which is greatly welcomed in this pandemic-filled times of uncertainty.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more wonderful visuals from her life.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Abi Mia – This Life: Confessionally Powerful EDM Pop

Following on from the success of her debut single, ‘Fly Your Way’, London-based singer-songwriter, Abi Mia, has released her confessionally powerful sophomore single ‘This Life’ and proven that it is possible to offer a monumental dance track and pop ballad, all in one evocatively arrestive package.

With her unflinching vocals paralleling the sheer veracity of the pulsing synth notes and euphoria instilling beats, if you don’t feel something while listening to This Life, your soul might have checked out.

Abi Mia may take influence from the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato and Alicia Keys, but discernibly, she runs with her own resounding style; and the airwaves are all the better for it.

You can check out This Life for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast