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Just Let Go: Deore searches for those calm days on Peace

Thrusting through the brisk breeze and looking for the healing paths away from these weighty streets, Deore raps with calm significance to pacify all apprehensions away into the distance on Peace.

Deore aka David Arinzechukwu George is a 23-year-old Netherlands-born-and-raised hip-hop artist with Nigerian roots who grew up freestyling verses as a kid.

With bars so decisive they could break down any weak verses without even trying, Deore is on top form with a mellow style that is impossible to dislike. Heaped in a barrage of truth and never letting go, this is a reminder that true peace comes from within.

Peace from the exciting Netherlands-born hip-hop artist Deore is a super single from a quality act who is only elevating through each track. His mind moves through the noise and into happier waters here, as he starts his accent into higher climates.

Each word is meaningful and there is a marvellous beat on offer, to take our hearts into more subdued times to heal inside.

Listen up on Spotify. Check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ice On My Broken Heart: London-based Nico Del Greco drops fresh first release I’m Not Falling

Hearing the scream of the beast as he refuses to fall over again, Nico Del Greco is ready for the next step to ensure that those fears are extinguished and those hopes never fail on I’m Not Falling.

Nico Del Greco is a 23-year-old Italian-born London-based indie pop artist who is on his way to becoming a professional performer at City University.

It’s a song of empowerment, a request to you all to understand the beauty of kindness. As I wrote in the song “what if tomorrow we try to remember what love really means?” ~ fascinating thoughts from Nico Del Greco 

Finding that love and staying strong despite all the hurdles strewn in the way, Nico Del Greco isn’t afraid to stand by the fire and shows incredible bravery to save us all from ourselves.

I’m Not Falling from Italian-born London-based indie pop artist Nico Del Greco is a no-more-begging anthem for all those who needed to hear this message right now. Soaring higher to victory, whilst also showing us the actual battle within, this takes us everywhere into our souls.

Never giving us despite the occasional shakes is the conquest we all need to seek.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Good Vibes: Xaver is at his best on sensual new single ‘See Through’

Showing us his true love for music from his travels all over, Xaver takes us on a daydream-filled journey on his latest cruise-through single that has you feeling a bit naughty on ‘See Through‘.

Xaver (pronounced: ks-ah-fur) is a 23-year old Californian alt-RnB solo singer-songwriter who skillfully mixes in soothing neo-soul and mellow hip-hop into his creations.

Taken from his debut 5-track EP called ‘Frame Work‘, you feel that Xaver is a truly classy artist who is inspired by many genres and makes a sound that puts you into a calm state of mind. His vocals have you blushing at times, with honest lyrics that lead you into this picture he has eloquently painted for us to glide into.

My goal with this music is to make something that makes people tune into their emotions and feel more connected to those of others. Whether you hear something in my songs that makes you sad or happy, I hope that you feel something, because to experience these thoughts and feelings is our job as humans. All I want to do is show that it’s ok to do so.” ~ Xaver

See Through‘ from the California, USA-based indie alt-RnB solo artist Xaver, is one of those late-night playlist tracks you put on with your partner when you feel like taking things up a notch. With a smoothly projected ambience that has you feeling like lighting up some candles to add to the mood, this is a pacifying track that will have you beaming brightly and feeling that everything is going to be okay again.

Listen to this soulful new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Underdog Rises: Kru Manasa sends us his loveletter to New York on ‘Want’

After courageously moving to NYC with just his two trusty guitars, a backpack, and a dream four months ago, Kru Manasa looked out of that dusty subway window on his way to the gym one day and just knew that this complex city had his heart on ‘Want‘.

Kru Manasa is a 23-year old Bangalore, India-born, New York, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and aspiring actor at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute.

Being an Indian and making it into the mainstream pop world, now that’s a first. But somebody’s gotta do it. I’m here, I’m ready.” ~ Kru Manasa

You feel like you have been transported into a beautifully honest mindset of love when you listen to Kru Manasa. The genuine nature of this ambitious young man is so easy to admire, as he shares his true feelings on a song that you will find highly memorable as it brings a welcome glow to your famished soul.

Want‘ from the NYC-based indie-pop artist and acting student Kru Manasa is a catchy single that has you feeling so much happier than before as you get wrapped into this ear-soothing experience. He sings with a huge smile and this kind of energy transmits like a massive light leading you to a better place as you realize where you wish to be in this world.

After chasing his dreams to be in a city that can either make or break you – this is the ultimate artist underdog – that never gave up and is exactly who we should all be rooting for.

Listen to his new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Torn Apart: Imelda Gabs knows that she should run away on visuals for ‘Alter Ego’

Showing us into her warrior-like mindset that is utterly torn between two places, Imelda Gabs returns with the music video for her striking new single all about uncovering that exit to leave the burning house behind on ‘Alter Ego‘.

Imelda Gabs is a 23-year-old Belgian/Congolese solo indie-pop artist/pianist/violinist who grew up in peaceful Switzerland.

Bold and unexpected, she manifests her passion and emotions through her music, both on stage and in the studio.” ~ Imelda Gabs

With her unforgettable eyes and inner strength that floats calmly into our consciousness as this intriguing story plays out, Imelda Gabs captures our engagement with a spellbinding effort that shall have your whole soul completely riveted to its essence.

Alter Ego‘ from the Belgian/Congolese solo indie-pop artist Imelda Gabs is that sensational story all about knowing that you should probably leave but your feelings have massive superpowers and are somehow keeping you somewhere you shouldn’t be. Sung with an inside look into the conclusions that can ultimately define you, this is a stunning single and video, that will awaken your deepest soul as you gaze inside to see who you really are.

Ultimately, the decision on who and what to fight for can change everything upside down if you aren’t too careful.

See this thrilling new single on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od has released their Rock infused piece sYmPA7h123

8udDha bl0od has released his latest single ‘sYmPA7h123’ infusing that Rock and Roll essence through the use of electric riffs and the heavy clashes on the cymbal.

Having a very synthesized rock feel to this one, as the clasps of the riffs on the electric guitar begin to heighten, the tap on the drums intertwines, as the vocals come sprawling out giving it this rather peculiar sound, as they bounce in and out of the instrumentation having this distorted tone almost like a television stuck on static.

It’s a rather compelling piece as you listen to the many elements that have been combined together, taking the advantage of the use of creating an almost robotic-like beat and synthesized style to the whole track. Even the instrumentation tends to get a lot more eerie in places, creating this suspenseful atmosphere, it’s a mysterious piece of music, but one that you can’t stop listening to.

8udDha bl0od is an artist that is active a lot of the time, releasing new music for his listeners to indulge in, we can’t wait to see what he gets up to next!

Listen to 8udDha bl0od’s single ‘sYmPA7h123’ by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall