SLEEPER//MUSCLE – OFF CENTRE: The Melodicism of Experimental Ambient Electro


Through equal parts of experimentalism and ambience SLEEPER//MUSCLE’s single “OFF CENTRE” was born. Whilst the progressions of most electronica tracks are predictable, there’s nothing I can say which will quite prepare you for the ingenuity of the Washington-based acts use of vocal melody.

The resounding swells of synth reverb match the melodic non-lexical vocals with such synergy it’s almost difficult to tell where the electronic effect ends, and the vocals begin. But for those of you who like your traditional vocables, there’s a sweet offering of those too, which allows the track to almost veer into the Indie arena. Whilst putting a label on SLEEPER//MUSCLE’s sound isn’t easy, sinking into the catharsis offered by the soundscape is an inevitability.

You can stream and download SLEEPER//MUSCLE’s single OFF CENTRE from the 2018 album “DANAE” by heading over to Bandcamp.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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