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Radio Pluggers, the London based music-plugging service, has revolutionised the world of music promotion by creating the biggest digital database of worldwide radio contacts in the industry.

Founded by Dave Wiltsher aka Weedy Dave, Radio Pluggers is one of the most powerful radio plugging companies in the world.

Their story started over 20 years ago when Dave, who was working in the industry as a Label owner and also as an artist himself, realised that the radio plugging game needed a serious overhaul – too many pluggers were doing too little, at too high a cost – so he decided to build a business that puts artists first.


 To make a difference, Radio Pluggers shifted from traditional radio plugging by creating the biggest and the most powerful digital database of radio contacts.

“We set out to create the world’s biggest verified database of radio contacts, and around that, we set out to build a service that would help artists get their music heard by as many of our industry contacts as possible.” comments Dave Wiltsher, Radio Pluggers founder.  “A service built for musicians, by musicians.” he adds.

Radio Pluggers allow bands, DJs and independent musicians to get a supreme level of exposure on a global scale, thanks to an unrivalled database of over 24,000 radio contacts, with 9,500+ connections in the US, 3,500+ in the UK and over 8,000 across Europe.


 “Whether you’re an established or independent artist, you can benefit from our digital plugging solution. Our powerful 3-step music promotion is managed from start to finish by industry experts to ensure you receive global audio airplay”, says Wiltsher.

To gain the musicians the exposure they deserve, a dedicated Radio Pluggers team create an Artist Profile featuring the actual record, artist biography and their social media handles, and distribute it to the ever-expanding list of verified media contacts and radio stations for a one-off cost. With extensive reporting, you get to see who engaged with your profile – and who listened to your music. The digital capabilities available make this service the most comprehensive in the industry.

Our offer is a completely transparent online music promotion service with a verified and maintained global database of radio contacts. We don’t make empty promises, but we can tell the musicians exactly who has been listening to their music, and share their feedback.” Dave Wiltsher comments.

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