Up and coming Lo-Fi artist NICK THE NATIVE has recently released his latest single “MOONLIGHT MANORS”; a track which proves that Alt Rock and Pop Hip Hop can sit perfectly hand in hand.

It may be a short and sweet single, yet, the amount of mesmerism offered goes unhindered in the experimental track which plays around with tentative pacing and spatial effect.  In short, MOONLIGHT MANORS is a complexly textured single which carries as much pensive ambience as it does evocative energy.

It is tracks such as MOONLIGHT MANORS which have the ability to single-handedly challenge the preconceptions of bedroom pop. While you will never get the most polished single from a Lo-Fi recording, what you get in its place is far more emotively effective. Through MOONLIGHT MANORS, NICK THE NATIVE is able to create a raw authentic connection through his music – which is much more than what you can say about most studio recorded tracks.

You can check out NICK THE NATIVE’s latest single MOONLIGHT MANORS for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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