MRTL- Froze: Lucidly Transient Lo Fi Trip Hop

There may be plenty of artists out there right now trying to put out transiently immersive Lo-Fi Trip Hop beats, yet, not many manage to pull it off with the slick and stylish approach of MRTL.

The up and coming artist’s latest single “Froze” unravels as an ambiently meditative beat with an ingenious switch up from the prelude to the first verse as the Trap snares start to kick around the lucid waves from the synth. Even though the lyrics to Froze are steeped in melancholy, Froze didn’t register as self-indulgent track, the raw meaning behind the lyrics with the humbly steady versing made Froze one of the most resonant tracks I’ve heard from a Trap artist this year. MRTL’s ability to seamlessly weave elements of Hip Hop, Dance, and Pop will undoubtedly help him on his way to the top of his game.

You can check out MRTL’s pensively fresh latest drop Froze for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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