Morgan Glasper Perfects Indie Electronic Neo Soul with Their Latest Release “Anything for You”

Any fans of the Zombies, the Hollies, the Kinks and the Beach Boys are going to want to check out up and coming artist Morgan Glasper’s serious serving of soul which takes the form of a 7 track album titled “MGP, Vol. 1”.

Each of the seven tracks offer a short and sweet, stripped back and melodic mix which comes with a healthy serving of transcendental catharsis. The command of the melody is perceptible as soon as each track kicks off which makes their soundscapes all too easy to slip into. But there’s no better introduction to Morgan Glasper’s sound than the first track “Anything for You”. Even though Morgan was able to keep authentic there’s still no disputing that their music deserves a space on contemporary airwaves. While it would be nice to have heard a track which exceeded three minutes included on the release, there’s an incredibly smooth transition between each of the singles which means listening to the release in full is a must!

You can check out Morgan Glasper’s latest single Anything for You for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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