Marvy – Believe: Charismatically Prodigal Indie R&B Pop with a Sun-Soaked Reggae Infusion

As soon as you hit play up on up and coming artist Marvy’s latest single “Believe” you know you’re going to be hooked right until the fade out, the authenticity and unpredictability of the soundscape comes in waves to submerge you even deeper into the high-vibe single.

Not only does Marvy possess vocals which practically drip with charisma, but he takes his sound one step further by mixing together a smorgasbord of elements to create a truly prodigal track. Marvy found the perfect balance between layers of Pop, R&B, Indie and Reggae to create a contemporary, melodic, soul-soaked single with Believe. There’s a resonant amount of sincerity behind Believe, both found in the vocals and the lyrics which doesn’t happen all too often with R&B Pop tracks, yet Marvy has just proven how refreshing it is to truly make a connection with a track.

You can check out Marvy’s latest single Believe for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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