Luddy Releases Their Latest Reggae Slow Jam “Gye Makoma” ft. C-Tea

Up and coming artist Luddy’s latest single “Gye Makoma (Take My Heart)” featuring C-Tea is potentially the most ambient offering of Reggae-Infused R&B that you could possibly slip into. Describing the downtempo mix as mesmerising almost feels like an understatement. The chemistry between the two vocalists whose harmonic vocals sit in perfect synergy with the organic beats is something that you’ll have to experience for yourselves to fully appreciate.

While tracks usually gain momentum as they progress, Luddy has flipped the archetypal structures and allows the soundscape to become slower, yet even more immersive as the track seamlessly moves toward the fadeout. It is only when you reach the end of Gye Makoma that you can truly appreciate the urban aural alchemy which Luddy has cooked up.

You can check out Luddy’s latest single Gye Makoma featuring C-Tea for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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