Kayla Rice – High: Brutally Honest, Pensively Poignant Neo-Classical Pop

Ever listened to a track so resonant you’re almost certain that it could be your own inner monologue? There’s no greater feeling, which is exactly what I experienced when I checked out Kayla Rice’s single High. The sonorously keyed piano and string arrangements used to orchestrate her soulful single have a succinct way of reverberating straight through you whilst the lyrics to the track are as raw and honest as they come. There’s no quintessentially cliché rhyming couplets, just brutal, organic passion exuded by the sensationally talented singer songwriter. Kayla Rice is a lyricist that other songwriters should pay careful attention to. Her captivating lyrics are brought to life by her pensively poignant angst and soaring, beautiful vocal styling which sets the pacing of the track perfectly to lace High with a beguiling sense of trepidation.

You can check out Kayla Rice’s 2014 single High on Spotify now, whilst the track may have been released four years ago, it still pertains to be one of the freshest sounds I’ve come across this year. She’s almost certainly overdue a new release, I can’t wait to see what she has in the pipeline for the future.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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