Jetronator releases dark and strange single Distance

Jetronator has dropped single ‘Distance’ delving into that Hard Rock and Nu Metal sound through this peculiar and dark track.

This piece is fairly mysterious in many ways, starting off with the low-pitch rough vocals, adding in the instrumentation of the piano keys and the tap on the cymbal, as the voice goes into an eerie whisper.

Then entering a more high-pitched melodic tune, as the drum beats pick up their pace creating a more suspenseful beat. Then kicking off into a heavier note, amping up the volume and adding in the manic instrumentation.

Making sure to keep going back and forth with each style that is portrayed throughout, nearing the end the guitar has it’s time to shine, with the incredible shred, that gives of this hardcore sound.

Head on over to YouTube now to listen to Jetronator’s track Distance.

Review by Karley Myall

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