How A Music Blog Works

Mainstream and independent music blogs are still one of the best ways for artists to connect with wider audiences. Music blogs help build thriving and engaging scenes, platform promising new talent, and perhaps most importantly for independent artists, they build credibility.

Each blog operates in its own way and has a different balance of editorial content, interviews and reviews. But in essence, the fundamental functionality of a music blog is to connect artists to readers.

What is a Music Blog?

Music blogs are online publications that run music-related content. Generally, music blogs cover single reviews, album reviews, live reviews, tour announcements and music-related news topics. They’re the natural and digital evolution from the zines that floated around their respective scenes, but by no means are music blogs an underground industry.

Pitchfork, NME, Rolling Stone, HotNewHipHop and Stereogum are up there with some of the best-known music blogs – yes, they count as music blogs too – music blogs don’t just include the shady WordPress sites run by people with no influence and shocking grammar skills.

How to Submit Your Music to a Music Blog

Now we have answered the “what is a music blog?” question, we will move on to how you can get your music featured on blogs. Most blogs that are open to accepting new artists have a submission page that you can use to send your music, artwork and info; other blogs accept submissions via email. Prior to your submission, create an EPK, or at the very least, write a bio.

Though it may be tempting to send review requests to bloggers, journalists and editors via social media, it is usually better to use social platforms to connect with key figures and gatekeepers and then enquire about the submission process.

Before landing a review in your dream publication, you should be incredibly discerning with who you submit our music to – there is no point in pouring the time and energy into pitching to a music blog when your music doesn’t fit the bill. God loves a trier, but for the most part, music journalists don’t.

For example, London-based artists should seek out London music blogs that welcome artists of their genre & style. For artists with a niche sound, there’s also a plethora of music blogs that focus on sub-genres. For time-pressed artists, sites such as Submit Hub can connect independent artists with bloggers and influencers, along with playlisters, YouTubers and other artists.

While some music blogs, such as Pitchfork and Kerrang, only feature established artists, others, such as A&R Factory, are built to help grassroots artists find their feet in the industry as well as champion established artists and their new releases.

Our submission page is always open to artists that are looking to garner hype and get a share-worthy soundbite on a new single or album release. Unlike some blogs, we are open to artists of all genres, and our experienced editorial team will take the time to understand you and your music before putting it in the best light in front of our high readership.

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