Harmonizing Emotions and Lyrics: An Exclusive Interview with NINIVE on ‘Solo en Ti’ and Her Artistic Odyssey

Join us as we sit down with NINIVE, the rising star of Alternative Pop, to delve into the inspiration behind her hit single, “Solo en Ti,” her partnership with producer Enrique Gonzalez Müller, the influence of her academic journey on her songwriting, the emotional depth of her music, and a sneak peek into her upcoming album. NINIVE’s artistry is a captivating blend of emotion and melody, and this interview offers a glimpse into the heart of her musical evolution.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Solo En Ti” and how it reflects your growth as an artist?                                                           

“Solo en ti” was a particular song starting from the moment it was written. Usually for me composing a song comes as a flood, the music, melody and lyrics come together, rarely separate. “Solo en ti” was an exception and it wore a different disguise. I started with the just words and the thought of not wanting to write a “nice song, with nice lyrics, that talks about nice things”. I wanted to talk about the ugly, the uncomfortable and the unpleasant, but this song ended up being much more than that, revealing potent feelings and emotions I had hidden inside.

Solo En Ti focuses on my emotional labyrinth with music. The resentment I thought I felt while being in love with it at the same time. As an artist breaking this seal of what I thought was expected of me and being able to actually express myself and share, not only the nice parts but also the angry, the dissatisfied and confused part too, opened a whole new chapter for me.

Collaborating with Enrique Gonzalez Müller is a significant step in your career. How did this partnership come about, and how did it shape the song’s production?

As this project started to take shape, my team and I (Adrian Sanchez and Andres Vargas) decided we needed to take it to a new level. We wanted someone that could give it power and potent expressiveness while keeping its essence and DNA. We remembered of an unusual and impressive producer, Enrique Gonzalez Müller, which we had the pleasure to meet at a talk he gave a few years back at COM (College of Music de la Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Berklee Global Partner) With this in mind we began our hunt to find him and catch his attention, and luckily we got it. Enrique’s sharp ear for translating human emotion to physical sound is so unique and precise, it fulfilled the artistic vision I had for this project.

Your academic journey includes a Master of Music in Songwriting. How has your formal education contributed to your songwriting process and the depth of your lyrics?

Dedicating a large amount of time exclusively to songwriting allowed me to explore my ideas in- depth and experiment with various tools I learned along the way. A big part of the program was dedicated to research, learning about the work of other artists and collaborating with other musicians opened my mind. This exploration made me really think about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to express myself within my music.

The emotional journey in “Solo En Ti” is palpable ranging from frustration to reconciliation. Can you share more about the story or message you aim to convey through this song?

“Solo En Ti” talks about how resentful I thought I was with music at a point in my life when a lot of changes were happening. My experience throughout this project is described as an entering  an emotional labyrinth, where the only way to heal and clarify these clouding feelings was by reliving the pain, admitting mistakes, and recognizing the beauty of a tough journey as well as acknowledging that life is an adventure.
As time passes, I have learned that the process of going through and feeling what is painful, harsh, and uncomfortable is a crucial part of learning and finding a better understanding of myself. A practice that is definitely out of my comfort zone, but has helped me process different events in my life.

What can we expect from your upcoming album, and how does “Solo En Ti” set the tone for this musical venture?

“Solo en ti” was the perfect opening track because it shows the heart of this project with its Andean roots, especially in its percussion and its Latin American narrative heritage. It is a time machine with the romance of yesteryear but using modern tools (the magic of technology with its Sonic filter and effects which allow us to modify sounds in almost supernatural ways!). Although the other songs of the project have the explosiveness of “Solo en ti”, they also bring different shadow-and-light nuances of equal depth and honesty.

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