Flesh Club Society – Paranoia: Nostalgically Raw Experimental Industrial Rock

I’ve listened to my fair share of Industrial Rock, Metal, and EDM, yet, Flesh Club Society still blew me away with their debut single “Paranoia”. The friendly synths introduced the track which contained plenty of sonically hypnotic catharsis to sink your teeth into. Rather than cranking up the intensity, Flesh Club Society which was founded by UK-based artist Dan Baldwin kept the arrangements melodic and lucid. yet there’s still plenty of bite to snare you through the intricately atmospheric single. With a vocal style which sits between Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and Lux Interior from the Cramps, it was all too easy to fall into the allure of the experimental soundscape which every self-respecting darkwave DJ will want to include on their playlists. Despite the fact that Paranoia was home produced, there’s absolutely no harsh lo fi discord proving that Dan Baldwin is as talented when it comes to production as well as vocals and arranging mesmeric alternative EDM.

You can check out Flesh Club Society’s single Paranoia for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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