Empyrean – Asteria: Your New Soundtrack of Psychedelic Trance Transcendence.

With an artist bio that simply tells you that “every track is a journey”, that is perhaps all you need to know about up and coming Chicago, US-based artist Empyrean.

His 2018 track “Asteria” is a transcendentally immersive track containing mesmeric layers of Trance and Psychedelia. While the single would be fitting on a film score, it would also be fitting featured in your more ambient playlists. Expect hypnotic layers of reverb to writhe through the mix adding an ethereal amount of atmospheric energy to the point where the soundscape almost feels primal.

Even though Asteria is an electronica-driven track, the amount of emotion put behind the single is nothing short of overwhelming. Around the Trance elements, there is a slightly Post Punk appeal to the sound, carrying the faintest hint of ominous magnetism around the visceral momentum. In short, Asteria sounds like you’ve just gone on an epic journey into the future where echoes of contemporary culture linger in the futurism of the tonality.

You can check out Asteria along with Empyrean’s other tracks for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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