Do you Submit Music To Blogs?

We are in the digital era and you have little to do about it other than conforming to the trend. If you are to succeed in your career or the music business, it is important to learn aspects of digitization and integrate it in your music. The entertainment industry has billions of enthusiasts with incredible talents in diverse music genres. To be noticed in the industry, you have to employ different tools to be up of the competition.

While there are uncountable artists in the industry, the high demand is yet to be satisfied. Music is like technology, highly dynamic. You have to integrate technology in your marketing. How would people know you exist?

Today, the internet offers a common platform for all nature of customers. Irrespective of your target audience, they are in large numbers online more than anywhere else. Irrespective of whether you are recording music as a passion or career, you need to be heard. Music is a way of communication; it is poetry, it wouldn’t make much sense if you record and listen it to yourself. You need to reach out to an audience and communicate with the rest of people.

We all dread marketing and assume it is unnecessarily difficult, but the truth is it is everything you need to succeed in business; assuming you are doing music as a career hence need to make a living. Whether you want to inspire, entertain or lead people to a supernatural being with your music, you need to promote your music. There is no better way of doing this in the 21st century like submitting to music blogs.

Music blogs

Some people opt to develop personal websites and blogs specifically for this purpose, sharing music. While it is a step and effort in marketing your music, it is not as effective. It can take a long time for you to gain traffic to a personal blog, months and probably years; also, you need to build reputation and trust for people to click and view your blog. The internet is full of malicious intentions hence extra care by users when accessing any sites. Patience is not the issue here, you can wait and build your blog gradually but the wait is not good for business. By the time you gather enough followers and traffic on your blog, your music style or presentation may be obsolete. You need to keep up with technology and trends.

Therefore, the best way to get your music out there for whichever purpose is submitting to professional music blogs. Various blogs offer you a platform to reach out to billions of music enthusiasts in your specific genre.

Some use music as an escape route, some to celebrate and some to calm their minds. The varying preferences are taken care of with different genres; don’t worry about the audience, identify a genre you like and put in your best. The blogs will work out the other promotion dynamics after your submission.

How to submit music to blogs

Submitting to music blogs is a trend in the entertainment industry that you should implement before it is too late. Remember business is about picking up an opportunity at the right time, time, it’s crucial.

Obviously, what you submit must be above standards. Quality is not compromised. Also, it has to be relevant and unique. You have to capture the music blogger’s eye first before you think of the wide audience accessing the blog.

Here are a few tips on how to capture a blogger’s eye

Type of music blog

Music is wide and so are music blogs. If your music is to feature on any of the blogs, it has to be relevant as per content and focus of the blog. Research extensively on nature of blogs and the kind of music tracks posted. It is simple but crucial.

Research on blog type and content will save you time and unnecessary stress. Instead of sending hundreds of emails with no feedback, which is not only frustrating to you but also annoying to the recipients, research and pitch where it is appropriate.

Follow guidelines

Every music blog has specific music submission guidelines. Be sure to follow each instruction to the core to increase your chances of being picked. There are probably thousands of similar submissions on the blog, any mistakes may not be considered. Be thorough and accurate in your submission.

Contact details

Just like other blogs, most music blogs have a submission form for complaints and comments. If you are to be featured on the blog, you have to do better than sending your application through such a submission form. Take time to research on people running the blog, find the editor or someone in charge of music reviews and contact them directly if such guidelines allow.

Be professional

Check on your spelling and grammar. Most of music bloggers are professional writers and would easily pick up a grammar error as a negative. While this may not be in criteria of their selection, it might count. Be on the safe side. Don’t spam, be humble, build relationships and go get them!

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