Deva St. John – The Information Age: The Unadulterated Alt-Pop Your Playlists Have Been Waiting For

Up and coming artists like Deva St. John are exactly the kind of pioneers this decade been waiting for. With her upcoming single “The Information Age” Deva St. John has channelled the 00s Pop Punk riotous energy whilst forcing her sound way ahead of the curve.

In The Information Age, you’ll hear punchy, unrestrained, magnetically chaotic vocals spilled over a constantly evolving instrumental arrangement. From Power Pop to Surf Rock riffs, it’s all in there, sitting in a tight arrangement which constantly feeds the momentum. As if that wasn’t enough, the UK-based artist didn’t fail to include powerful lyrics either, our daily struggles with social media are laid bare. So, you may have to confront your disparity as you listen to The Information Age unfold, but the unadulterated Alt-Pop anthem will simultaneously feed you the angsty catharsis.

If you’re a fan of Hot Milk, Frank Carter & the Rattle Snakes, and New Found Glory, chances you are you’ll have a new earworm before you even get to the chorus after you hit play on the Information Age.

The Information Age is due for release on November 1st, but in the meantime, you can check out Deva St. John’s earlier releases via Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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