Codefreq Proves with His Latest Single “We Shine Tonight” the Future of Rock Will Be Digital.

The melodic bends of Codefreq’s latest single “We Shine Tonight” are the perfect introduction to the music of Chicago-based songwriter who only uses digital effects and his PC to create harmonically rich sound. Yet, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re listening to an acoustic arrangement. Maybe the usual 4-member band line up really is a thing of the past. Whilst I’ve never quite believed it before, We Shine Tonight was more than enough to convince me that with the advancement and availability of music technology, the soundscapes which we will hear in the future will be vastly different.

The use of primal drum rhythms, light keyboard arrangements, thudding basslines and jangly guitar processions all set the perfect platform for the vocals from Christina Johnson which are sure to go down a treat with any fans of Stevie Nicks. Whilst We Shine Tonight is considerably heavier and louder than your average Fleetwood Mac track, there’s still a fair amount of reminiscence to leave all fans of the iconic outfit enamoured.

You can check out Codefreq’s latest single We Shine Tonight here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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