Claudio Parrone Jr. – 25 in LA: Melodically Raw Stripped-Back Pop Folk

“25 in LA” is the 9th single released by the up and coming recording artist Claudio Parrone Jr. With his jazzy undertones, stripped back acoustic style and quintessentially Pop Folk sensibility it’s safe to say he’s created yet another hit.

Whilst there is certainly no shortage of artists attempting to master the soundscapes only to come off sounding like a poor carbon copy of Ed Sheeran, Claudio is irrefutably an exception to this rule with his radio-ready harmonious edge. The experimental instrumental arrangements sat tightly against Claudio’s mesmeric vocal capacity as he versed raw and honest lyrics steeped in romanticism. I have no doubt that with such an accessible sound he won’t stay on the underground for too long.

You can check out Claudio Parrone’s single 25 in LA by heading over to Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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