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Lookin’ All Curvy: Jay N.D. sees her workin’ it on ‘Naughty Problemz’

Taken off his brand new 7-track album from November 2021 called ‘Lonewolf‘, Jay N.D. shows flirty appreciation on his latest steamy single that will have you edging closer to your new lover on ‘Naughty Problemz‘.

Jay N.D. is a Virginia, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, US military veteran, and businessman who makes that speaker-shaking music that is filled with sexy lyrics.

Back for the first time, his harmonically-layered messaging of longing relationships, romantic distance, and post-traumatic self-control is delivered over sensual melodic themes to undoubtedly eargasm those who salivate for lyrically intellectual urban compositions.” ~ Jay N.D

With a real aptitude for constructing the kind of music that will have you slow dancing all evening, Jay N.D is on top form yet again with a vocal masterpiece to really embrace with a cheeky smile on your dial. He sings with such intense emotion and is honest all the way, as he leads us into this romantic evening that has you closing the curtains.

Naughty Problemz‘ from Virginia, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and businessman Jay N.D is a hot new track that is all about spending a sensual night with someone who you really like but aren’t keen to be with long term. There is a catchy beat here that keeps you locked in the whole way, as you turn the lights down low and pour another drink. This is one of those 3 am tracks to play really loud when you feel like being close with your chosen lover.

Hear this new audio on YouTube Music and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Newfaces embraces the chaos in his glitchy EDM hip hop single, I Can’t Make You Love Me

Experimentalism has always been an intrinsic part of Newfaces’ creativity. Yet, with his latest alt electro single, the LA-based artist and producer moved into Avant-Garde territory with his glitchy serving of hip hop, Neo soul and RnB pop.

With stormy and tribal textures entwined in the artful arrangement, I Can’t Make You Love Me is touched by chaos as a reflection of torrid human emotion. While the driving momentum in the gorgeously layered single never lets any of the weight in the candid lyricism sit uncomfortably. If Saul Williams collaborated with Radiohead, the sonic result wouldn’t be all too different from the absolute triumph that is I Can’t Make You Love Me. Newfaces’ sound leaves you with no uncertainty around how he managed to garner so much hype. He’s definitely one to watch.

I Can’t Make You Love Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Look At Me: M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s can’t help but be impressed on ‘See Tha Way’ (feat. Senyon)

Taken off his newly released 7-track album called ‘V.i.b.e.s, Vol.1‘, M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s endeavours to fight the feeling of looking closely at her hips but can’t seem to move his eyes away from true beauty on ‘See Tha Way(feat. Senyon).

M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s is a London, UK-based indie rapper who loves to express his true stories about the adventures of life and all those vitally substantial lessons learnt.

Featuring the rising vocals of the spectacular East London RnB songstress Senyon, you feel the kinetic energy between these two artists who mesh so well together at every turn like an enthralling chemistry class. With the smooth style of M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s attached to the centre of this delightful track, there is much to like about this loving romance about two souls who feel like the vibrancy is just right.

See Tha Way(feat. Senyon) from London, UK-based indie rapper M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s, is a sizzling track that might cause a few blushes to appear out of nowhere. There is so much sensual tension as the eyes lock in close and the hands start wondering, with that smile you can’t help but beam brightly into the night. This is a track to play late at night with your lover, as you gaze close and let the evenings adventures unfold naturally.

Delve your spirit into this soothing new release on Spotify and follow his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

HayeWire promises ‘Better Days’ in their heart-wrenching debut single.

Up and coming Mississippi artist, HayeWire, has released his optimism-inspiring debut single, Better Days. The debut infuses hip hop, pop and RnB into the minor key melodies that are striking enough to leave you arrested in the introspection that was laid out as a means of connection.

The single starts with a minimalist melody and harmonic pop vocals before the rap bars and beats fully kick in, which brings plenty of gravity of track that caught us utterly broadsided with its ability to convey so succinctly the nature of depression.

HayeWire’s sole focus is dealing with trauma and depression in his lyrics to remind his listeners that they aren’t alone in their individual struggle. Notably, he hit the mark with Better Days which unravels as a cocktail of multi-faceted emotion that reflects the tight grip of depression and how sweet it is to break free from it.

Better Days is easily one of the most promising debuts we have heard during 2021. We can’t wait to hear how HayeWire follows on from this compassionate hard-hitter.

HayeWire’s debut single, Better Days, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pull Me Close: Kimberly Walker needs to know that all will be okay on ‘Feeling Myself’

Taken from her fresh 5-track EP called ‘Freckles‘, Kimberly Walker shows us her inner strength that shines through so brightly to inspire us all to never give up on anything or anyone we truly care for on ‘Feeling Myself‘.

Kimberly Walker is an irresistible London, UK-based, Staffordshire-born indie alt-RnB/soul artist, who effortlessly blends in elements of pop and jazz, to soulfully enhance our moods with a ravishing presentation of pure class.

This release is for me and my journey. For surviving all the ups and downs and a reminder that I have the strength to make it through anything.” ~ Kimberly Walker

With an emphasis on the all-important thriving mental health that we all crave, Kimberly Walker leads us into her mind to show us what vulnerable humans need when they aren’t feeling like themselves. This is a brave soundtrack that opens up the previously-closed curtains, which encourages us all to speak up if things aren’t going too well.

An eerie, genre-bending story about mental health, the pressure it puts on relationships and the drowning feeling of being lost in your own mind. The track explores the difficulties in learning how to navigate through the darkest most vulnerable days and is a desperate cry for help to which many can relate.” ~ Kimberly Walker

Feeling Myself‘ from the London, UK indie alt-RnB/soul singer-songwriter Kimberly Walker, is a simply incredible effort that is made with so much love and honesty. Her world was crumbling but she stood up tall and brings us a mesmerizing track for us to sing with her.

When the walls are tumbling down, you need that rock to hold you tight and show you that everything will be alright. After all, you always know who truly cares about you when you are at your lowest.

Listen to this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Night Long: Reid Adams misses those vital calls on the extra-round new single ‘Same Damn Song’

As he wakes up with no recollection of why he ignored his phone and now has some random pictures he can’t explain, Reid Adams knows he is in trouble for neglecting his lover who feels understandably upset for not answering those calls on ‘Same Damn Song‘.

Reid Adams is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie hip-hop/RnB solo artist and multi-instrumentalist who makes that sumptuously enthralling music that is so appealing and elevates your whole essence into a new stratosphere.

When he was 11 years old, his family relocated from Providence, RI to Atlanta, GA where he began producing music and songwriting for local artists in the area. During that time, he worked on a variety of genres including pop, hip hop, R&B, country and more.” ~ Reid Adams

Reid Adams is in commanding form with his honest lyrics and smoothly-tipped vocals that have you feeling his inner pain – as the headache tablets are evaporated into his parched body – and reality strikes really hard as he starts to recall what went amiss with last nights festivities with some mates.

Same Damn Song‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based indie hip-hop and RnB solo artist Reid Adams, shows us a mightily creative artist who has woken up a bit groggy and feels rather embarrassed for letting his partner down. Performed with real vigour and a sense of regret, you feel that his memory will be shaken to the core when he is back home again. This is the type of track to nod to when you said you would just have one more, as the shots took your mind away and into a blurry world.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and check out his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Called Me Up: London’s Ary Kumar wonders why they get in his way with ‘A Song Not About Love?’ (feat. Daniel Adams)

As he wonders why a lover always drives him so crazy all the time, Ary Kumar brings us a candid look into his life right now on ‘A Song Not About Love?(feat. Daniel Adams).

Ary Kumar is an 18-year-old London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He integrates various aspects of pop, RnB, jazz, electronic and more, which makes him such an effortlessly exhilarating artist to relish.

As he conducts the piano, saxophone, drums, guitar, bass, strings and vibraphone like an experienced veteran, it feels like we are witnessing a truly special musician who is now ready to fully realize all that potential he possesses. It feels like Ary has been assembling steadily for this precise moment, with a truly authentic display – that features amusing live elements with the creative process – on this freshly shaken new single.

Through this album, he intends to explore diversity in music, delving into many different genres, such as pop, RnB, rock, jazz, electronic music and many more, taking influence from artists such as Daniel Caesar, Still Woozy, Loyle Carner, Joji and Jorja Smith.” ~ Ary Kumar

A Song Not About Love?(feat. Daniel Adams) from the youthfully-talented London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ary Kumar is a quick-fire single that has you wondering about the complexities of love and what it all means after all. Sung with a raw but crisp style that shows you his gameness to take risks – and be totally original about his music – this is a promising artist that we all need to take a closer look at as there is so much potential soaked into his veins.

Hear this contemplative new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: Sam Handy is ‘Done’ in his soul-fix of a pop hit

Reading UK-based solo artist, Sam Handy, has been lauded by Jeff Beck, the BBC and everyone lucky enough to catch his soul-spilling sound live. After his latest single, Done, he’s set to take his career to even greater heights – the world can’t sleep on this.

Like all of Sam Handy’s recent releases, Done was produced by Ed Stokes. Discernibly, Stokes shares Handy’s passion in keeping the focus on stellar songwriting and instrumental ability; instead of over-producing the raw elements out of the track.

With the funk of Nile Rogers in the light instrumental hooks, the raspy, harmonic neo-soul vocals that carry reminiscences to D’Angelo and the sniping lyricism, Done becomes so much more than a sum of its parts. The single that explores toxic relationships is an intoxicatingly all-consuming track that allows the instrumentals to bring the warm catharsis while the lyrics prove that soul and resilience go hand in hand. In an emboldening way, Done reminds you that everyone deserves a backbone. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Done is now available to stream on Spotify. To keep up to date with new releases, follow Sam Handy on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Spotlight Feature: NIA paints a portrait of inner turmoil in her downtempo alt-RnB single, Distant Colors

‘Distant Colors’ is the latest compassionately composed single from the New York-born, Philadelphia-based alt-RnB artist, and producer, NIA. Her signature spiritualism weaved its way into the downtempo release that explores inner turmoil for the emotionally attuned. For anyone who has ever cursed the depth of their emotional intellect, Distant Colors will act as an olive branch of empathy. As NIA’s light vocal timbre falls into the echoey and reverb-drenched shimmering guitars, the solid, steady drumbeats give the track enough structure while letting the ambience breathe through. The single was written, recorded and produced at NIA’s home studio; before being mixed and mastered by Tito Orjih at Oscar’s Greenhouse.

Here’s what NIA had to say about the release:

“My single, Distant Colors, expresses the raw emotion of being in tune with our inner struggles. Not only does this downtempo R&B tune tackle the feeling of isolation; it also represents the realness of the relationship that we have with ourselves.”

NIA started songwriting at an early age; on her journey to adulthood, she’s continued to hone in on her inexplicable talent that will instantly pique the interest of fans of Sade. Shortly after graduating from Shippensburg University, she established her record label, Chill Room Records and formed her band, The Chill Room Band. With new material in the pipeline, she’s definitely one to watch.

Distant Colors is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take Me Back: Noah Fabray misses that cosy neighbourhood on ‘Good Old Days’

As he thinks back to a warm place where he felt so understood and was wildly in love with that special human he can’t quit fantasizing about, Noah Fabray sings with a kindhearted sentiment that has you feeling rather dreamy on ‘Good Old Days‘.

Noah Fabray is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based indie RnB/soul solo artist who makes a brightly flavoured flamboyant type of music that has your fingers clicking for hours.

Starting his career off in 2019, Noah has garnered over two million streams and self-written and co-produced all of his music to date. Whether it be in his bedroom or one of the nation’s top recording studios, Fabray considers himself a songwriter above all other things.” ~ Noah Fabray

With a purified voice that has your captivated speakers shivering in ultimate bliss, Noah Fabray leads us into the candle-lit picture of when he felt most at home. In a weird world that is so often cruelly insensitive and irritatingly artificial, there is a sense of regret here that this moment had to end so quickly as he misses those sensual touches that his brain refuses to forget.

Good Old Days‘ from the spirited and multi-talented Scottsdale, Arizona-based indie RnB/soul solo musician Noah Fabray, is a heartfelt look back at a time where he felt most at home. There was a pure love soaked onto the walls and a kind smell which he will never forget. Sometimes in life, you just remember those sweet times with a past lover, who made you feel so safe and genuinely desirable.

Listen to this nostalgic feel on Spotify and get a sense of the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen