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Jess Fuller lent her jazzy RnB etherealism to soulful realism in her post-breakup redemption arc, My Enemy

Jess Fuller’s seminal single, My Enemy, taken from her debut EP, Alchemy, unravels as a mesmerising blend of jazzy R&B grooves and soul-aching poetry. It’s a luxurious auditory journey, guided by Fuller’s smoky vocal timbre, her masterful command of the keyboard, and the equally as sharp command she holds over her audience as she keeps them captive to her luxe aura.

Fuller, a Los Angeles-based maestro of melody draws inspiration from eclectic influences like Hiatus Kaiyote and Stevie Wonder before crafting soundscapes that are as dreamy as they are grounded in soulful realism. The Jess Fuller Trio, with its rhythmic versatility, adds layers of depth to the track, making it resonate with anyone who’s ever navigated the turbulent waters of love and loss.

My Enemy delves into the complexities of affection turning into affliction. Fuller’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of the post-breakup journey. From the ashes of a relationship marred by control and power play to the triumphant stride into newfound independence and regained strength. The production is a cinematic masterpiece, directed by dreamy vox and catchy melodies. Yet, it is the fatalistic shots fired towards the protagonists who need to deplete your power to hold any of their own over you that become the defining feature of this scintillating redemption arc.

Stream the Alchemy EP by Jess Fuller in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Supa Philly – PERCOLATE: A Retro RnB Revival with a Modern Heartbeat

Supa Philly, a band seasoned by decades of musical evolution, returned with their latest single, PERCOLATE, a track that masterfully interweaves the vibrant essence of ’80s synth-pop, funk, and disco into the fabric of R&B.

The song’s essence, deeply rooted in political inspiration, resonates with a message of love and unity, a beacon of hope in today’s fragmented world. Its lyrics, “Life is short… No more hate… Show your love… Percolate,” echo as a mantra for our times, urging listeners to embrace a brighter, more harmonious path.

Supa Philly’s rich heritage, having shared the limelight with legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Monkees, infuses PERCOLATE with a depth and authenticity rarely found in modern music. The blend of experienced voices with fresh, dynamic tones creates a vocal synergy that is both stirring and soulful.

The honed songwriting chops lend a refined yet spirited character to the track as the production melds classic synth lines with contemporary rhythms, crafting a soundscape that is both nostalgically familiar and thrillingly new. The gospel-influenced backing vocals add a layer of majestic depth, reminiscent of the soulful echoes of R&B greats.

As we eagerly await their upcoming release, ANOTHER FOOL (On a Hill), it’s evident that Supa Philly continues to redefine the boundaries of music. This track is an essential listen for those seeking a rejuvenating musical experience and a reminder of the enduring power of unity and love.

Get into the groove with PERCOLATE via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ethan Martin created an open line of communication with passion in his latest dreamy RnB single, Okay, Love

Ethan Martin’s latest single, ‘Okay, Love’, is a soulfully realistic exploration of love’s complexities. This Las Vegas-based R&B artist, reminiscent of Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean, delved into the intricate emotions of love, fear, and vulnerability in a way that deeply resonates.

The track is a masterful blend of soothing vocals and stirringly ethereal instrumentals, showcasing Martin’s skill in self-producing, mixing, and mastering his work. His unique style draws you into a world where love’s idyllic image is gently unravelled to reveal its more profound, often challenging reality.

‘Okay, Love’ navigates the nuanced terrains of the heart with a rare authenticity. The bassline pulsates through the song, setting a rhythm that complements the dual vocals. These elements together create a dynamic soundscape that reflects the song’s thematic exploration of love’s dual nature – its joys and fears, its light and shadows.

Martin’s lyrical ability is a highlight of the track as he speaks to those who feel the scars of previous relationships, are haunted by their anxious attachments, or simply feel the dread of loss when falling into the arms of another.

As Ethan Martin continues to attract a dedicated fanbase, ‘Okay, Love’ stands as a powerful example of his artistry. For those yet to discover his music, ‘Okay, Love’ is the perfect introduction to Ethan Martin’s world – a world where the soul’s deepest echoes are beautifully brought to life.

Okay, Love will drop on January 26. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jones pushed the boundaries of RnB with his latest serenade, Rush


Jones, an artist who needs only one name to make an impact, went where no RnB artist had ventured before with his latest bold declaration of individuality, ‘Rush’. From the deep south’s heartlands to the pinnacle of musical innovation, Jones has come a long way from the early days of sparking his passion for soulful sonics.

Rush is a masterclass in balancing the old and the new. The track is imbued with echoes of 90s RnB, a nod to the classics that shaped Jones’ early love for music. Yet, the way he weaves these influences into his experimental, pulsating melodies to create an almost discordant backdrop which harmonises perfectly with the smooth, flowing cadence of his vocals is visionary. It’s this juxtaposition that makes Rush a standout track that will capture your consciousness for long after the final note has faded.

Jones’ voice is a revelation as it soulfully pays homage to his church choir days while inscribing sensuously soulful poetry that nods to his determination and passion. His ability to stay true to his roots while pushing the boundaries of RnB will see him go far in 2024 and beyond.

Rush will hit the airwaves on January 26; stream it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Suli Hyuga orchestrated the ultimate soundtrack for seances with the soul with the luxe ambient garage house grooves in his seminal track, +24. BLEED+

The timbres and textures within Suli Hyuga’s latest release, +24. BLEED+, may feel comfortingly familiar, but the London-based artist’s approach to synthesising UK Garage with House and Rap pushes the sonic flavours into arenas that few other artists have seen the potential within.

Perfect for late-night seances with the soul, this seminal release is a reverberation of pure incandescent hypnotism, with every progression, a new subjugation to its luxe atmosphere. With Suli leaving no one else’s imprint on his work as the sole architect of his soundscapes, the mark he will leave on the UK Garage landscape will be definitively his distinctive own.

+24. BLEED+ is the title single pulled from Suli Hyuga’s 5-track EP, which promises to dive deep into a cavern of cathartic dance-influence hip-hop. With rich resonance set to spill from the atmospheric synths between his smooth vocal flows as they groove through dynamic bars and around alchemic arrangements of raw basslines and intuitive percussion, the EP is primed to become an aural phenomenon in its own right.

Stream +24. BLEED+ on all major platforms, including SoundCloud, from January 19th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Embrace the Chaos of the Soul with Wayne Wei’s Instant RnB Classic, Out of Control

Wayne Wei’s single Out of Control is a timelessly engrossing neo-pop masterpiece. With its staccato chords that luminously shimmer and pop and the enrichment of Wei’s vocal lines which draw you into a world where romanticism and retro timbres coalesce, the track is a testament to Wei’s organic magnetism as a sonic expressionist. The bluesy waltzing melodies lift the spirit beyond any known construct, embodying the essence of Wei’s unique musical vision.

Each element of Out of Control contributes to its overarching allure. The song is a standout track from Wei’s debut EP Cloud Chaser, which encapsulates the beauty found in life’s chaotic moments. Wei’s role as a multi-instrumentalist and producer shines through in this self-produced triumph, highlighting his ability to craft a sound that is both intricate and emotionally resonant.

Describing Out of Control as perfect might seem like hyperbole, but its impact on the mind, soul, body, and rhythmic pulses is undeniable. It’s a track that transcends the boundaries of conventional music, leaving the listener in a state of awe and admiration. Wei’s skill in blending high-calibre production with organic musical elements results in a piece that resonates with the listener long after the final note has played.

Rich in texture and depth, Out of Control promises a bright future for the NY-based Chinese artist. His ability to stay true to his romanticism of retro sounds, while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music, makes this track a must-listen for anyone seeking a truly unique musical journey.

Stream Out of Control as part of the Cloud Chaser EP, which hit the airwaves on January 5th on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London’s Immy Odon gave us the live lounge-y version we never knew we needed of Nelly Furtado’s Say It Right

Stripped-back and soulfully reimagined, Immy Odon’s acoustic RnB pop version of Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say It Right‘ is a revelation; the previously keyboard-driven single, now infused with the warmth of acoustic guitar chords, is elevated to new heights of emotional profoundness. Odon’s rendition is more than a mere cover; it’s a visceral reinvention of every harmony, showcasing her outstanding vocal performance.

Odon achieves what seems impossible: her version of ‘Say It Right’ outshines even the idea of Furtado herself performing it in a BBC Live Lounge setting. The success of Odon’s most popular single to date, ‘Unfreezing’, with over 384,000 streams on Spotify, speaks volumes about her talent and the impact of her music. Her rendition of ‘Say It Right’ is a testament to her unique ability to transform a well-known track into something entirely her own, and something that deeply connects with the listener.

Immy Odon is clearly an artist on an upward trajectory. Her upcoming releases, including several dance tracks, are eagerly anticipated. If they contain even a fraction of the magic found in her version of ‘Say It Right’, they are sure to elevate her status even further in the music world.

Stream the acoustic rendition of Say It Right on Spotify, which was first transmitted on the airwaves on January 12th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Suedejazz Collective broke jazz-fusion boundaries with ‘Spinal Chord’, ft Louie Le Vack & LEYLAH

Suedejazz Collective assembled once more to create their sophomore single, Spinal Chord and brought Louie Le Vack & LEYLAH into the fold to orchestrate an unflinching foray into the darker side of contemporary jazz-fusion.

The intro sees piano keys sway against the rigorous drum fills and fervid horns before sultry RnB vocal lines, perfectly pitched by LEYLA, become a demure anchor in the track, but it isn’t long before there’s another seamless yet breakneck transition in the exhilarant feat of genre fusion. Hip-hop often borrows timbres from jazz, but Suedejazz Collective reverse-engineered the fusion by bringing in Louis Le Vack’s rap bars that bite down hard on the psyche over the synthesis of electronica fervour to effortlessly complement the ensnaring alchemy which grooves through the release.

There aren’t many jazz-inclined outfits that can transcend the fusionist flair of Melt Yourself Down and Acoustic Ladyland, but the energy and attitude which charges through Spinal Chord is set to seal the London-based multicultural collective’s fate as unrivalled conduits of experimentalism. The uniqueness of their sonic blueprint goes beyond edgy pretension. It opens up viscerally constructive arenas of sound that you’ll want to feel the heat of time after time. Forget the smoky jazz you’ve inhaled before. Spinal Chord is a wildfire in the form of a riptide.

Stream Spinal Chord on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get lost in the twilight reverberations of TayFiinesse’s RnB-trap heartbreak anthem, The Party’s Over


The sun set on the conventional boundaries of RnB, pop, and trap as TayFiinesse emerged with ‘The Party’s Over’, a track that doesn’t just ride the wave of genre fusion but creates its own tsunami. This 18-year-old prodigy from Memphis, Tennessee, who grew up absorbing the rhythms of Soul Train and the genius of Michael Jackson, now channels his eclectic influences into a sound that’s uniquely his own.

‘The Party’s Over’ is a journey through the labyrinth of heartbreak, where each turn is a new shade of emotional depth. TayFiinesse doesn’t just sing about heartache; he makes you feel the shards of a shattered heart with every beat. The track is a bold foray into the realm of experimental sound, where the artist’s raw, unfiltered emotions are laid bare against a backdrop of innovative beats and rhythms.

The genius of TayFiinesse lies in his ability to blend the familiar with the unexpected. His influences, ranging from The Weeknd to Andre 3000, Dua Lipa to Prince, are woven seamlessly into his music. ‘The Party’s Over’ is a testament to this, with its smooth grooves and sudden, jarring transitions that mimic the unpredictable nature of love and loss.

Perhaps the most striking element of the track is its closing, where TayFiinesse daringly samples a monologue from ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. This unexpected twist adds layers of complexity to the song, turning it into a crafty, multifaceted soundscape that lingers in the mind.

As TayFiinesse prepares to take on New York and beyond, one thing is clear: the party may be over, but for this trailblazing artist, the celebration of music has only just begun.

The Party’s Over will call time on serotonin on January 15. stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ilustrado painted in love’s luminous tones in his latest soul single, Incognito

Illustrado became a conduit of soul as he tapped into the tendency of cupid’s arrows to bathe your world in luminous colour in his latest release, Incognito; every note resonates with the genre’s rich heritage. Slip into the single and find yourself in a world where gratitude is as tangible as the air you breathe and the coffee which slips past your lips.

Incognito is a masterful blend of classic soul and contemporary flair; Illustrado’s roots in opera and musical theatre shine through, lending a unique depth and sophistication to the track which subtly evolves by bringing in staccato guitar chords, reminiscent of Nile Rodgers’ iconic funk, to create a rhythm that pulsates with life. By the time the outro rolls around, the vocal harmonies reach skyward to touch the sweet spot and lift the listener to new emotional heights.

Even though the world may be more divided than ever, this personal narrative speaks to the universally transformative power of love and inspiration, resonating across borders and cultures. As Illustrado continues to chart his course in the realms of rock, soul, and dance, one thing is certain: his future is as bright as the melodies he crafts.

Stream Incognito on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast