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That New World: Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od defies the norm with the incredibly beautiful ‘6iX’

Returning with more outstanding music to helpfully expand our previously confused minds into another stratosphere, the prolific 8udDha bl0od has us all closing our eyes to imagine a peaceful universe that is safe to live in with ‘6iX‘.

8udDha bl0od is an incomparable William Orpen-lead Brighton, UK-based indie psychedelic alt-rock infused act who seem to time travel through genres like in an episode of Dr Who.

After the wonderful five-track EP called ‘V‘ which includes a song so marvelously named ‘SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5‘, we are once again blessed with an ear-warmer of a track that seems to drift you in and out of consciousness.

You feel an aura of calm filtering all around you as the peaceful nature-filled ambiance has a fantastic balance to everything, as you put down your distracting phone and truly open up your imagination to what could be possible. The riff is stupendously excellent, the sky above seems to spark bright and everything seems okay again after all the unexpected anxiousness.

6iX‘ from the mysteriously brilliant Brighton-based 8udDha bl0od, is an exciting explosion for your whole soul to swim merrily into. The instrumental genre-less experience is a real gem on the soul, as you feel like this could be at the start of a movie that is going to be rather special. This is another true masterpiece from one of the most criminally underrated artists around, who prefers to let his music do the talking.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Might Be Lost Forever: London’s Boohoo finds that long-awaited bliss on ‘Both’

As he moved past the dark clouds that have sapped the much-needed energy away from his soul for too long, Boohoo finds the kind smile that makes the heart whole again with ‘Both‘.

Boohoo is a London, UK-based indie pop artist who makes those nostalgically slow and emotionally sad songs to get your heart in a vulnerable state to move on after heartbreak.

Making sad music for sad people.” ~ Boohoo

Featuring an electrically charged hair-dryer beat half way through, you feel the sweet energy pour through on such a lovely quick-fire track full of emotions. The vocals are made with love and sung with so much care – as the story unfolds from sadness to contentment – with a catchy beat that has you mightily fascinated with the texture wrapped inside.

Both‘ from the London, UK-based indie pop artist Boohoo, is a terrific song that has you feeling a wide set of feelings. At first things seemed gloomy, but then the light appeared so that you may find true purpose again. The journey was so tough and at times you thought that you could never let go of the bad energy that engulfed you, as you finally let go and found a true spark of life again.

Just like in life, you have to go through the bad to truly appreciate all the goodness.

Hear the audio on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Did I Mess Up: Exciting Long Beach pop/punk band Blonds truly hates the image in his head on ‘Crazy Dreams’

As he wishes that they would still be together and not on that dreaded break, Blonds feels like his hopefully-not-former lover has already moved onto someone else and he can’t shake this horrible feeling off any longer with these ‘Crazy Dreams‘.

Luciano Thomas aka Blonds, is a Long Beach, California-based indie pop/punk artist. Featuring touring members Nick Rangel, Hugo Hernandez, Marc Encabo, they form a dynamic team that makes that easy-on-the-ear vibe that has you feeling alive inside.

Passionate about guitar, mental health, and making good pop music.” ~ Blonds

This is the articulate picture that so many have painted – you are wildly in love and then something changes so quickly – as you wonder what happened and lay in bed so down about it all. Your relationship is in tatters and you can’t stop wondering if someone else is in your bed, while you try and forget about those wild dreams that are annoyingly keeping you up late at night.

There is much to like here on an action-infused single with a catchy riff and energy aplenty at every turn – as you admire the gusto and lyrics which are sadly familiar – in this world of click-quick and swipe right or left.

His recent releases have been very guitar driven, rock influenced, genre bending pop songs, sometimes tackling social issues. Prior to this current trend, Blonds released more chilled self reflective electronic pop songs.” ~ Blonds

Crazy Dreams‘ from the fast rising Long Beach pop/punk band Blonds, is that true story about knowing that you need to trust your gut about what is unfolding before your eyes. Your love towards your partner hasn’t waned and you still desire this sweet love, as you wonder if everything will be the same. Sung with a passionate energy – this is a dance-heavy track full of that world class style – which makes this one of the more exciting indie bands out there currently.

Check out this brand new single on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Dream Of You: Somerset’s Kirsty Cooke sends fitting tribute on memory-soaked single ‘Heydays’

After more than a decade away from her true love of creating special sounds that transforms time, Kirsty Cooke returns graciously with a true story about her beloved Dad who sadly passed away on ‘Heydays‘.

Kirsty Cooke is a Somerset, UK-based indie pop artist, film music student and music producer. Mixed and co-produced by Sam Inglis, this is a more-than fitting tribute to a loved one who shall be dearly missed.

After 15 years away from music she has picked up the headphones again and started producing her own original tracks in March 2021.” ~ Kirsty Cooke

With a melancholic ambiance that is so beautiful and touching – that includes stunning vocals – which has a small tear emerging as you feel her pain from this heartbreaking loss. Times were tough and rocky with a condition that is hard to deal with for many, however her grace is so inspiring and truly admirable.

I wrote this song in memory of my Dad, it is about loss, nostalgia, and the complications of loving someone with bipolar. Obviously it is very close to my heart.” ~ Kirsty Cooke

Heydays‘ from the returning Somerset, UK-based indie pop solo musician and producer Kirsty Cooke, is a tear-filled single that gives you a shake of the heart and has your memory going back to those who you love and miss dearly. She sings with such a lovely style, that is indeed memorable and gives her late Dad a stunning tribute which he would be surely so proud of.

See this wonderfully elegant music video on YouTube and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Get Me Wrong: Berlin’s State Space reaches for his dreams on synth-filled single ‘Saint’

As he skillfully boosts up the engine packs and slides smoothly into our fascinated minds with a positive message, State Space returns with party boosting dance hit with a I-won’t-leave track that has you believing that anything is possible on ‘Saint‘.

Vova Tumasiants aka State Space, is a free-thinking Ukraine-born indie dance artist who likes to transcend genres and is based in Berlin, Germany. He makes a blend of classic Synthwave sounds with modern EDM beats attached, that are packed with tasty chocolate treats of 80’s-style alt-pop to nibble on hungrily.

Growing up Vova was heavily influenced by the Pop and Dance music of the day. However, the 90’s Brit-Pop and Alternative Rock of artists like Oasis ultimately inspired him to seriously pursue music.” ~ State Space

You feel that extra zest in his step – as the liveliness swarms over your speakers – the catchy dynamism engulfs your soul and has you flowing with an energy that has your heart beating rather quickly.

I think that there should be no genres anymore, because they limit the imagination and the flexibility of many artists, who don’t want to care about genres but do want to create whatever comes in their minds.” ~ State Space

Saint‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie dance solo artist and electrical engineer State Space, is a transfixing star-like mesh of delightful which takes you on a rocket-ship journey above the clouds, that is full of lights and action. He sings with an expressive nature that is exciting and fresh – as you feel his enthusiasm-soaked passion – that is easy to like and dance to all night long with a smile on your dial.

Check out this new track on Spotify and see more stories on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

There’s Something About You: Toronto’s Marlon Chaplin drifts where air isn’t necessary on ‘Slipstream’

As he carefully looks for a break from this suffocating world that is full of toxic energy that is ultimately bad for the fragile soul, Marlon Chaplin takes a trip into a different dimension for a short time with the love of his life on ‘Slipstream‘.

Marlon Chaplin is a well-respected Toronto, Canada-based indie folk/pop solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and former member of Brit Pop-inspired outfit Broken Bricks, Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party, Suitcase Sam and Ada Dahli.

Since embarking on a solo career, Chaplin has accrued a notable list of accomplishments including touring and building a fanbase in NYC as well as on home turf, releasing 2018’s critically acclaimed full length “The Circle” and most recently inking a deal with renowned Canadian artist development company Nu Music Group.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

You feel his warmly coated embrace to go where there is no distracting vibes, as his crisp vocal style shines though here on a song that will put you in an altered state of mind from the normal, that can bore creative hearts cold.

Marlon has appeared and performed on Sirius XM’s That Eric Alper’s Show, CP24, Daytime Toronto, CHCH Hamilton, CIUT FM, CJRU The Scope and has had features in Toronto Guardian, Indie88, The Littlest Voice and was recently nominated for a Dropout Entertainment Canadian Independent Music Video Award.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

Slipstream‘ from the well-liked Toronto, Canada-based solo artist Marlon Chaplin, is a daze-filled daydream from an artist who is at the top of his powers. With a calming energy – he takes us to a world that is actually possible – if you find someone suitable to join you for the intriguing ride. He sings with such love and affection here with a relaxed tone, as he looks up and wonders about the sensational state of mind that is certainly possible with the right energy. This is a wonderful track made with a true care, from a rather stylish musician on the road to greatness.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spitta Zay has dropped his flawlessly facade-less downtempo hip hop track, TRST.

US alt-hip hop trailblazer, Spitta Zay, is proving to be just as much of an aural force to be reckoned with as Saul Williams, especially on the basis of his latest evocatively experimental single TRST.

With the alt-indie guitars wrapping around the solid 808 snares in the atmospheric track that teases you through spatial effects and unpredictable downtempo rhythms, you can’t help but be drawn in by the refreshing sonic palette. Yet, it is the façade-less expression in the lyrics and downtrodden-but-still-soulful vocals that make hitting play on TRST an unforgettable experience.

Tracks like TRST mark a pivotal societal change in the openness in our trauma and idiosyncratic behaviour. If more artists found themselves with the same unfiltered motivation as Spitta Zay, I can’t help feeling that the world would be far more empathetic.

You can check out TRST for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Phony Bedtime left us in a haze with their indie psych-pop single, Sundays.

Any fans of The Zombies will find themselves instantly enamoured by the hazily blissful tones in the standout indie psych-pop single, Sundays, from Phony Bedtime’s self-titled sophomore album.

Starting with gentle accordant guitars, intricate percussion and the low reverberating hums of the basslines, Sundays is as easy as breathing to slip into. Once the ethereal vocals drift into the bright and melodious soundscape, your soul would have to be defunct not to be captivated by Phony Bedtime’s sticky-sweet candour. Not every band can get away with being on the twee side of indie pop, but Phony Bedtime could give Neutral Milk Hotel a run for their money.

Sundays is now available to stream on Spotify along with the rest of the album.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Swimming deliver anthemic indie rock realism in their latest single, Sometimes Things Change

If you are yet to healthily embrace the inevitability of change, the anthemic indie-rock bop, Sometimes Things Change, from up and coming artist, Swimming, might be enough to push your perceptions in a more positive direction.

With tinges of angsty punk and an Against Me! vibe to their lo-fi sound, the energy in Sometimes Things Change comes with a sharp set of teeth. You won’t be left waiting for the hooks; you’ll already be hooked in the full-frontal emotion right from the intro. Swimming’s raucous vibe and conscious lyrics are everything that the airwaves need right now. The shift to disjointing proggy math-rock mid-way through the track proves that there’s plenty more to Swimming than their candour; they are a powerhouse in their own right.

You can check out the official music video for Sometimes Things Change by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Different Set Of Rules: Rising Miami hip-hop producer L8-08s finds the self-made road with ‘Ever Evolving’ (feat. Zayoncloudnine)

Taken off his terrific debut album release called ‘Angels Grief‘, L8-08s brings us an option away from the fumbling fools who dig for treasures that don’t last forever with ‘Ever Evolving(feat. Zayoncloudnine).

Axel George aka L8-08s, is an underground Miami, Florida-based hip-hop music producer with a seemingly firm sense of the past and what quality music should sound like in this overly copycat world.

I decided to take things seriously in 2018 when a friend of mine told me I had a good ear for music.” ~ L8-08s

With a thoughtful look into what is possible if you actually expand your mind upwards, this is a memorable story all about taking another look at things. The pursuit of partying, girls and money consumes so many minds its actually scary – as there is so much more to learn from this dazzling world – with so many possibilities if you are open to finding them.

Ever Evolving(feat. Zayoncloudnine) from the youthful and highly exciting Miami-based hip-hop music producer L8-08s, is that ear-warming beat that only gets better the more you listen to it. There is a truth here that is such a riveting listen – which is intrinsically mixed with a look to the future of where we should all be thinking – this is far away from the all-too-common lazy mentality and quick-cash attitude that never really lasts. Anything truly worth it, takes time after all.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen