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He’s Ready: Southern Californian rock artist Rudy G drops debut single ‘Finally An Escrow Jay’

As he turns the page on the past and moves up to the heights which he wants to reach, Rudy G sounds rather inspired as he flies freely after being caged up for too long on ‘Finally An Escrow Jay‘.

Rudy G is an experienced Southern California-based indie rock artist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. After being involved in various projects over the past decade, he is ready to kick-start his solo career and sounds in inspired form here.

His passion began when he discovered the electric guitar in high school, the high-energy antics of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the emotionally intense artistry of Nirvana, later discovering the creative forces of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.” ~ Rudy G

As he sings with an unwavering purposeful vigor, this is a skilled musician who performs like a man on a mission. Each lyric is meaningful and his soundscape is one that is clearly influenced for his love of all things rock and punk. It feels like Rudy is keen to make up for lost time – as he plays with a strong-willed style – that is full of gutsy perseverance, which streams like a gushing lake all over this debut release.

It’s a metaphor that entails the side of us that always wishes to break the mold that binds us to complacency. We need to build the courage within us to pursue our dreams and passions. We need to do what we believe is right, despite the opposition.” ~ Rudy G

Finally An Escrow Jay‘ from the highly motivated Southern California indie rock solo artist and music producer Rudy G, is a track with renewed energy from an energetic artist with an extra bit of fire in his belly. He sings and plays with that unflinching style which totally enhances his aura, as he pertinaciously explodes into our minds to show us what is possible if you want it enough.

Believing in what is right, is the way to feeling free inside your soul.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Gold Supply have made their ethereal debut with Completely Underwater

The recently formed avant-garde powerhouse, The Gold Supply, consists of ex-major label artists exploring outside capitalist confines; their debut EP, Completely Underwater, unravels as an ethereal art-rock-meets-trip-hop masterpiece.

The catharsis-laden standout single, Cold Water, sonically sits between sounds you will be accustomed to from Radiohead, Portishead, Interpol and Trent Reznor. What you may not be used to is the meditative effect of the tranquil electronic soundscape and the chilling vocals that give Cold Water even more cold dark atmosphere for the listener to swim through.

The Gold Supply formed during the pandemic, with the intent of reflecting the turmoil of the world at it through ambient sounds; depending on your current mentality, it will either comfort or disturb. David Lynch would be proud.

Delve into Cold Water yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Can’t Expect To Run Far: Richie Madewell flips direction with new Bond-esque single ‘There Is No Time to Die’

Inspired by the late great Chris Cornell’sYou Know My Name from Casino Royale, Richie Madewell gets his 007 suit on with his new single all about spreading your wings and not relying on anyone else with ‘There Is No Time to Die‘.

Richie Madewell is an indie alternative rock singer-songwriter, cat lover, and voice actor based in Incheon, South Korea.

His lyrics cover topics such as love, loss, politics, hope, and dreams and he continues to expand his musical repertoire.” ~ Richie Madewell

Sung with a real gritty meaning and heartfelt intent, he tells us to avoid the negative lies spreading around the world and to break through all self-doubts. Only we can save ourselves after all, and we are the only chance to actually fly up and take charge of this world, which wants you to fail.

He released his debut album, ‘The Colors in My Dreams,’ in 2018 and is currently working on his second album.” ~ Richie Madewell

There Is No Time to Die‘ from the South Korea-based indie rock voice actor/singer-songwriter Richie Madewell, is the story all about hiding away from death and just getting on with what you need to do. No matter what happened in the past, where you have been or what you have seen, if you push through and believe in yourself, anything is actually possible.

Made with a 007 inspiration, this is an exciting song to get you off your cozy chair and into the world again.

Hear his new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Maitlands have dropped their brooding double A-side Diving in at the Shallow End / Bobby Driscoll.

If you could imagine what it would be like to experience Desert Mountain Tribe, Oh Sees, the Fall and the Jim Jones Review simultaneously, you still wouldn’t come close to anticipating the brooding eclecticism of The Maitlands’ freshly cultivated sound in their first release of 2021.

With their double A-side, Diving in at the Shallow End / Bobby Driscoll, they’ve thrown a significant proportion of their humble indie rock swagger to the wayside to find more room for their artistic fortitude.

Mark Winterburn’s (Nine Black Alps, Plan B, Don Bronco, The Script) production, engineering and mastering brought a cinematic flair to the singles with symphonic motifs decorating the signature affably despondent style from their earlier releases. But honestly, I feel like I’ve just experienced the darkest post-punk glow-up imaginable.

Diving in at the Shallow End starts with desolate desert rock tones before the percussion starts speaking to you on a primal level, and discord starts to amass in the psychedelically arranged single until it breaks into a frenetic feat of dingy garage rock n’ roll.

Bobby Driscoll is a conceptual exploration of identity, loss and tragedy inspired by the story of the Disney child actor who wound up in an unmarked grave. It starts by stripping hubris away with the simple yet disarming question, ‘Do you ever feel like you’ve become a caricature of yourself?” As someone who frequently navigates the world in a dissociative state trying to uphold the image I project, it’s safe to say the compassionate narrative hit hard as it unfolded around the walls of shoegazey guitars and percussion that thrashes its way through, managing to reflect the inner turmoil that anyone with a hint of self-awareness feels.

Both singles released on September 3rd; you can check out the singles on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes via this link or connect with the Maitlands via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Metrophobia chase ghosts in their Alt-90s inspired single, How Long

If Metrophobia’s 2021 debut album, Silent Treatment, was marketed as a lost relic from the alt-90s, I’m fairly sure that no one would raise an eyebrow. The best introduction to their sonic palate that amalgamates shoegaze, noise, indie and grunge is the nostalgically ethereal single, How Long.

Around the catchy hooks, the tender vocals fall into the discord that spills from the scuzzed-up over-driven guitars, allowing you to see a softer side to the discontent How Long was inspired by.

The two forming members of Metrophobia met in Geneva, Switzerland; they worked on various projects together before turning their attention to their bitter-sweet cocktail of alt culture that will be a hit with fans of Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub and Sebadoh.

Metrophobia’s debut album is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Life Is What You Make It: San Fernando Valley hard rock band Control Shift turn in quality debut single ‘Welcome’

With their debut album called ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra‘ (through hardships to the stars) on the way in early 2022, Control Shift rev up our soul engines with their first track that brings us a kindly loud ‘Welcome‘.

Control Shift is a high-octane packed hard-rock band from the beautiful San Fernando Valley, California who have a post-grunge and progressive rock style, that heartily swarms the speakers rather eloquently.

Control Shift was founded soon after the pandemic started as this was a period where Ali was intensively creative and wrote a ton of brand new songs. Soon after, he started his search for a vocalist who could express the essence and power of his material, and he connected with MT Letsinger, another experienced performer in the industry with many releases to his name.” ~ Control Shift

With sensational vocals and a hardcore soundscape which easily lifts the volume button by itself and certainly wakes us the pesky neighbors who are in for quite the shock, this is a more-than solid first outing for a band who are clearly on a mission to succeed.

The lift-off here is mightily genuine and with a stunning chorus that gets you in the mood to get things done, this is a new act who are surely going places with this type of output.

Welcome‘ from the San Fernando Valley, California-based indie hard rockers Control Shift, is a powerful track all about embracing that pain and really going for it no matter what. Life is too short to have excuses, so holding hands and pushing through is the only way to truly win.

Made with a rampaging sound that might break your glass windows into shattered smithereens, this is a single to be enthralled by, as they start their music journey to the top. A terrific start indeed, as first impressions really do last.

Hear this new track on their Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like A Book With A Missing Page: The Killing Tapes sees them losing control on ‘Dancing With The Devil In You’

Bringing us a haunting tale which is so striking into your knowing soul, The Killing Tapes sing with so much significant meaning on their latest song all about watching another person grow far apart from you, right before your watching eyes on ‘Dancing With The Devil In You’.

The Killing Tapes is a Sweden-based indie alt-dark rock/electronic duo band. They make that movie-like music which has you floating into another word entirely, due to their emotional creations which has you sensing that they are onto something rather unique.

Shortly into the writing process they both realized that the songs were of such quality and importance, they begun the writing and recording of the album Black.” ~ The Killing Tapes

This is the relevant story that hits home hard. You are with someone who you thought was special, as you see that they can’t control themselves and give up too easily in the face of internal conflict, You then agonizingly watch them destroy, the very beauty which made them so wonderful in the first place. Sung with such a rare intensity and backed up with a memorable background sound to truly remember, this is a dark-lit song of truth.

Dancing With The Devil In You‘ from the Swedish alt-rock/electronic duo act The Killing Tapes, sees them witnessing a loved one swimming into the lake of blood and unfortunately turning into someone else. This is the sad story of being around someone change so much, so fast, as you wish you could help them change but know that its probably over.

Made with an 80’s type ambiance, this is a cinematic soundtrack if there ever was one.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Know We Belong: Courageous Chicago indie-rock trio Jacks and Atoms inspire us to join together as one team on ‘We Stand’

After starting the song and coming back to it as the pandemic ravaged the world like an angry fire that wouldn’t go out, Jacks and Atoms bring us much-needed peace with a wonderfully created new single all about growing despite the wicked fear around during these savage times with ‘We Stand‘.

Jacks and Atoms is an entertaining Chicago, Illinois-based indie-rock trio. They make an elite blend of looking-deeper music which touches on real topics we can all get behind, as they bring a likable energy to this confused world.

With a true story all about doing what is needed to move the suffocating boulders which have taken over our deepest thoughts, this is a fantastic single which has you thinking much clearer than before. Featuring crystal clear vocals and a stunning guitar background to dance the doubts away into the woods, you somehow feel rather reinvigorated after cleaning your soul with this excellent effort.

We Stand‘ from the highly enjoyable Chicago-based indie-rock trio Jacks and Atoms, is an important story all about standing up for yourself and not being afraid to rise up tall when needed. They sing with such an uplifting energy, which has us building our mind bridges and staying strong, lifting above all the hate and confusion.

This is the message we all needed to hear, as they bring the world a hopeful effort to all join hands to. As one team.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see their exciting journey on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LIVE REVIEW: A histrionic evening with Mercury Machine

The Deaf Institute became a welcome sanctum away from the culture-blind chaos that spilt from most venues on bank holiday Saturday in Manchester with the sublimely curated line-up featuring The Last Clouds, Woman You Stole and Mercury Machine.

The Last Clouds kicked off proceedings with their confessional lyrics, imploring vocals and dark indie electronica stylings that will be familiar with any fans of Covenant, VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk. If any artist can prove there is an intrinsic beauty in vulnerability, it is the Last Clouds. Their recently released single, How to Get Up From This, was all it took to allow my curiosity to transpire into fanatic adoration. The theatrical atmosphere of the single wouldn’t be out of place on the end credits of an apocalyptic blockbuster. Yet, it was the heart-wrenching lyrics, “I tried to speak but it is hard because nobody cares/ I’ll tear the books from my shelf just to lie in the words of somebody else”, that cemented a place on my radar for the criminally underrated act.

If anything can spice up a line-up, it is the je ne sais quoi of Woman You Stole. They set themselves apart by an avant-garde mile with their lively debonair set that easily commanded the crowd into feeling what was orchestrating between them – even if it was fascinatingly unpredictable from one progression to the next.

Their capriciously experimental style is arresting on record, seeing it first-hand is something else entirely. Describing Woman You Stole as entrancing may sound hyperbolic but their sophisticated originality that emanates from their authenticity and mind-blowing talent, rather than through diehard determination to find obscurity, is something everyone should make an effort to witness at least once.

It almost seems needless to rave about Mercury Machine; the band that falls outside of the Manchester post-punk assimilative trap and find themselves in far darker territory, one that made me pretty nostalgic about the soundtrack to Cradle of Fear. The Manchester-based dark indie electronica five piece’s set instantly made it obvious why most of the room were sporting their t-shirts and why why so much hype has amassed around them since the release of their critically-acclaimed debut album in 2019.

Their lyrics are too efficacious in allowing you to explore the fucked up avenues of the human psyche while the pace of frenetic rhythms allow you to find euphoria through defiantly dancing to depictions of our mental precariousness. I couldn’t have asked for a better hit of post-lockdown catharsis.

Bands should always be judged by how much they move you emotionally and how much they can make you move; as Mercury Machine got the first post-lockdown dance from me, I can’t give them much higher praise than that.
Their inhibition-stripping histrionic sound still finds space, occasionally, for Marr-style guitars that add even more energy to their caustic industrial sound could fill stadiums. If goths felt more inclined to leave their bedrooms, that is.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Looking At You: Australian artist Scott O’Hara misses the normal days away from the ‘Zeroes and Ones’

With the lead single from his debut solo album ‘Clutter‘, Scott O’Hara wishes that the fun days could return of seeing your loved ones face to face, rather than on a lonely screen with ‘Zeroes and Ones‘.

Scott O’Hara is a talented multi-instrumentalist, guitarist for BathTub Orchestra and indie rock singer-songwriter based in Bath, UK and also Sydney, Australia.

As a Tasmanian teenager he developed a reputation as a great blues guitarist, which led to jamming with Son Terry and Brownie McGee. He cut his teeth in high school bands with members of Devils in Heaven before forming Evolution and The Funky Phantom. In the 90s he traveled the world playing guitar in the US with Tate & the Million Dollar Band in Chicago, home of the electric blues.” ~ Scott O’Hara

His vocals are gritty cool, with guitar playing of the very highest order that sizzles hungrily through your curious ears. He is the old school storyteller who has seen most things in this world from his travels, and plays with a sterling soul which takes you places you forgot existed. This is a singer who has a rare ability to lift you into a different world, as his quality shines through here with a terrific new single.

Zeroes and Ones‘ from the Australian/UK-based indie rock artist Scott O’Hara, is the real story of longing for normality to return. After being stuck inside for so long, he misses the human interaction as the video calls have grown tiresome, as he wishes there was a better way to connect. Sung with a real vigor and true experience, this is a reflective track that we can all relate to.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen