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Blood On The Carpet: Captivating California-based emo-folk artist Kiera Lyons watches her sad heart break into pieces again on ‘For You’

With a mind-blowing elegance which has the hairs on your arms standing up and a free-flowing style which is mightily sublime, Kiera Lyons sings with so much splendid angelic grace on her new single all about fixing your shattered heart on ‘For You‘.

Kiera Lyons is a prolific eighteen years young Boston, Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles, California-based, self-proclaimed twitchy witchy girl, emo-folk/pop artist, poet, visual artist and multi-genre creative. She loves to make meaningful music that explores her vivid mind, as she takes ideas from her dreams and turns them into reality.

Her lyrics grapple with our youth’s bitter burden: a world of decay, anxiety and depression, of alienation, heartbreak and longing at the core of Gen Z’s struggle. Her raw, unapologetic vocal performances capture the authentic spirit of her peers, while offering a powerful insight into their experience for others.” ~ Kiera Lyons

For You‘ from the wonderfully dreamy and multi-talented Los Angeles-based emo-folk/pop artist Kiera Lyons, is an absolutely outstanding song from a young artist who sings with a real love and stupendous vigor. She is a hard working musician who has been creating so much brilliant content during this horrific pandemic that doesn’t seem to want to go away – and makes a sterling effort here – which is stacked full of an honest story, most of us have felt before. This is class personified.

The heart can take a few breaks but each time it is a bit longer, until you can fully love in unison again.

Hear this expressive new single on Spotify and follow her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Hurt: Enchanting Simona-Valentina reminds us that life has a real purpose when we love on ‘Whispers’

After affectionately sending a fitting tribute to her much-beloved Grandmother via her stunning ‘Snowflakes Fall‘ from December 2020, Simona-Valentina shines a superb light on the true value of that all-important love which we all need and treasure on ‘Whispers‘.

Simona-Valentina is a terrifically talented indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, one half of SVRPoole, painter, and dancer born in Victoria, Transylvania, who is now based in busy London, England.

Inspired by the dusty cassettes and classic vinyls she heard whilst growing up, she makes that dreamy love-filled, break-up packed soundtrack, which has so much elegance flowing from each note sung.

A song I wrote after contemplating on the meaning of life and love. We are like whispers in the dirt or tiny specs of dust floating around with meaningless and painful blisters, broken bones and painful wounds, until we discover the true and immense value and power of love that gives sense to this life and our living on this Earth. Love is everything.” ~ Simona-Valentina

Whispers‘ from the sensational Romanian-born, London, England-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, dancer, and painter Simona-Valentina, shows us a hauntingly beautiful piece of art that holds you close, as you get out of the cold and move inside to feel the warmth again.

Made with a genuine care which is so sadly rare these days – this is a marvelous single with so much exquisite grace wrapped subtly all over to make you smile – and certainly touches your fragile heart just right. Its easy to see why this is such a highly respected artist, who sings like an angel sent from above.

Hear her latest beautiful work of art on Spotify and see more of her lovely creations via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Le’Ridge Stereo has released their inspiring folk-pop debut with ‘Another Sun’

Le'Ridge Stereo

New Jersey-residing instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Le’Ridge Stereo’s debut single, Another Sun, was created to instil optimism in a time of collective despair; it is pure tonal bliss.

An arcanely soulful air breathes between the folk-pop instrumentals and the richly layered harmonies that will allow you to imagine what ABBA would sound like if they veered into the realms of New Age Folk. The track possesses gentle yet extremely powerful instrumental hooks that pull you into the heart of the inspiringly serene single that extends compassion to anyone whose loneliness and anxiety amplified during the pandemic.

The lyrics strip the shame out of the acknowledgement that we are fallible humans with a proclivity towards painful empathy and melancholy before shifting negative perceptions to brighter ones. We have only good things to say about this stunning collaboration between Le’Ridge Stereo, Rebecca & Diwas Gurung.

Another Sun will officially release on August 6th; check it out via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Care: Dallas punk band Die Strömms kick down the speakers with the honest ‘Makes Them Money’

Taken off their new thirteen-track album named ‘Vinum, Et Domina Canticum‘, Die Strömms are at their unique best with their new single that tells the true story about how some people only care about their bank accounts on ‘Makes Them Money‘.

Die Strömms is that Dallas, Texas-based Southern Celtic Cow Punk band you need in your life. They make a sterling blend of powerfully developed music with soul, which is full of creative juices that gets you in the mood, to happily shake your body around in recklessly innocent abandon.

Die Strömms is band that has a unique blend of folk punk rock with acoustic and electric instrumentation.” ~ Die Strömms

As the gritty vocals gust through into your awaiting ears with so much intrigue and value – you sense the wholehearted integrity shining into the light – with a quality band who bravely leave it all on the line, with an absorbing soundtrack to warm our healing hearts with welcoming hope.

Makes Them Money‘ from the highly unique Texas southern-rock/punk/folk act Die Strömms, is the true story about how many greedy rich folks will do whatever it takes to add that precious paper to their bank cards. Without much forward thinking to the future and what their actions are doing, they actually make it harder for those honest folks who are just trying to make ends meet.

On a likable beat with so much punchy engagement – you instantly feel this fresh air flow of a single – stream though fantastically, as a terrific effort with so much satisfying vigor.

Hear their new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Emancipate Yourselves with Sh’Bang’s Alt-Rock Hit, Bail Money

Philadelphian alt-rock 4-piece Sh’Bang defines themselves as sweeter than punk and heavier than rock, based on their single, Bail Money, taken from their 2020 EP, The Woman Who Changed the World, we affably agree.

Any fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, AJJ, Harley Poe and Amigo the Devil will get caught up in the soulfully eccentric eminence of the single that carries the energy of punk paired with their pretence-less passion that makes no bones about utilising abrasively honest expression.

If you turn to artists such as Social Distortion for your serotonin, you won’t know what has hit you when you hit play on Bail Money. The volatile single delivers the efficacious reminder that eternal conflict is perpetual in many minds; your angst doesn’t alienate you; it offers commonality.

Check out Sh’Bang’s latest EP, The Woman Who Changed the World, via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Apres Pompeii has released his poetic folk-rock single, Clay.

‘Clay’ is the latest poetic folk-rock single released by singer-songwriter Apres Pompeii. What starts as a conceptually intimate and bleary soundscape seamlessly builds into a sonically choral indie hit with sweet psychedelic kicks in the percussion and plenty of colour in the artfully crafted melodies.

After a sonic crescendo of angular indie guitars, the Pittsburgh-based artist brings the tempo back down to conclude the single on a note that will enamour any fan of Violet Femmes, Frightened Rabbit or Manchester Orchestra. If you are always on the lookout for the Elliott Smith of our generation, hit play.

Check out Apres Pompeii’s latest single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Time To Fly: Ohio singer-songwriter Zack Fletcher urges us to live for those who are sadly gone on ‘The Traveler’

Peacefully blessing us with the first release from his much-awaited five-track ‘Ohio Reveries‘ series, Zack Fletcher sings with such meaningful grace on the reflectively brilliant story about living for now on ‘The Traveler‘.

Ohio-based indie-folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zack Fletcher, performs with a deeply rooted soul and is the type of artist who you turn up loud, as his calming voice is lathered with such haunting emotion.

Throughout the years Fletcher has continued to perform and write, often out of necessity. Music is his way to filter his experience, to process the trauma, relieve the burdens, and celebrate the beauty.” ~ Zack Fletcher

This is the true story of living for today and appreciating those who have been sadly lost in such a short space of time. After losing a few really close friendships recently, this is all about being in the here and now, no matter what. Life is so scarily fragile and you need to be in the moment, before its all over in a flash.

Fletcher’s musical focus in recent years has been as the creative force behind Moths in the Attic, but he has been honing his skills since his early teens by performing with various ensembles, including several years as lead guitarist for the hard-rock quartet Flaming Hot Marbles.” ~ Zack Fletcher

The Traveler‘ from the world class Bowling Green, Ohio-based indie folk singer-songwriter Zack Fletcher, is such a beautiful song from a truly incredible artist, with that rare soul. He sings with a beautifully worthwhile style – and this is a tremendous track which might cause a tear or two – made with that determined love.

Live for now, and appreciate who is in your life. Tomorrow might change everything.

Stream his new single on Spotify and see more of his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dave De Vita has released his panoramic pop hit, Control

Swiss-Italian singer-songwriter and producer Dave De Vita has given the airwaves a break from archetypal pop with the release of his feistily melodic folk-pop-rock track, Control.

With the same panoramic production style as the likes of Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers, the high-octane hit is instantly accessible without ever feeling assimilative. The emotion in the soundscape is cranked up just as much as the guitars when the infectiously euphoric chorus hits. Adding Control to your playlists is a sure-fire way to make them more eclectic.

Control is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Never Used To Give In: Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter Remy Sher misses that last dance in ‘Paris’

Following on from his terrific ‘Fool’s Gold EP‘ from 2020, Remy Sher is absolutely stunning on his latest single all about that sad heartbreak that just can’t be repaired like before on ‘Paris‘.

Remy Sher is an eighteen years-young soulful indie-folk/rock solo musician, nature lover, and impressive multi-instrumentalist from mountainous Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. He makes that classic sound from a peaceful place which is influenced from all the world class artists who have come from his area, as he sings with such a tremendously likable style.

A self-produced indie-folk tearjerker, Sher blends acoustic guitar with warm harmonies and synthesizers”. ~ Remy Sher

This is one of those warm and resplendent listens that shows you into his beating heart, as Remy Sher lovingly takes us on a road-trip through his understandable emotions – to a place which shows us what happened – when they were supposed to be together forever. The lost love blew away like the gushing wind, as he is left to pick up the pieces and mend his fences which have been broken from being let down, so that he may open up his soul again.

Paris‘ from the incredibly skilled and youthful Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles indie-folk/rock singer-songwriter Remy Sher, is the sad story about wishing you could of had that romantic stroll in one of the most romantic cities in the world. You recall looking for those elusive fairies together and being so close – however the long distance away from each other took such a heavy toll after a while – and you couldn’t quite bring it together no matter how hard you tried.

Love can be so harsh sometimes, especially if it means more for the one person than the other.

Stream this fab new single on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jane Allison proves why she’s the next soul-folk sensation with her single, ‘Don’t Spill Water’

Soul-folk sensation Jane Allison has released her latest single, Don’t Spill Water; with disco, funk, psych-pop and blues-rock written into the mellifluous mix, it’s impossible not to get swept up by the vibrant energy.

The Welsh singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress seems to emanate as much magnetism on screen as she does through her captivatingly narrative singles. She may stay true to the storytelling roots of Folk, but when it comes to her sonic style, that is where the bold experimentalism grips you.

Through the choppy staccato chords and rich ABBA-Esque vocals, Don’t Spill Water is an intoxicating invitation to strip yourself of the resentful weight you carry through life. That’s a reminder that we all need from time to time.

Don’t Spill Water is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast