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Linden Tyson brings the ‘ENERGY’ with his latest boom-bap track.

Fiery trap, 90s RnB, boom-bap, and jazz hip hop pull together as the cornerstones in Linden Tyson’s latest single, ‘ENERGY’. The New York-hailing artist brought that definitive NYC sound into the mix and plenty of his honesty through the lyrics that allow you to prize inspiration from Tyson’s hard-fought-for introspection.

The sharp and playful bars groove along with the boom-bap beats that come with a touch of classic RnB in the keys. ENERGY is practically an aural orgy of urban 90s sounds that will bring plenty of nostalgia for 90s kids.

Since 2017, Linden Tyson has been making heads spin with his dizzying canter and soul-filling 808s as an independent artist; it is only a matter of time before he gets scouted by a major label. Watch this space.

Linden Tyson’s latest single, ENERGY, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

We Go Through Hell: AM takes our minds to a striking story about how ‘Life Is Unfair’

As he sings with a worrying somber tone that might have you feeling rather introspective, AM sings with a honest energy on the well-constructed new single called ‘Life Is Unfair‘.

AM is a wildly underrated New Jersey-born, New York-based indie folk/pop/rock singer-songwriter and artist. He makes that authentic music that helps others deal with their sadness, as its an escape away from all the loneliness that can chomp you down like a character on Pac-Man.

” It is simultaneously a deeply personal and incredibly detached record. A contradiction of fact and fiction blended together to illustrate the focused yet blurry perspective of the unconventional artist. It’s just me, my guitar, and overdubs galore.” – AM

With such an honest voice and reflective lyrics, we are placed inside his quick-thinking mind that has seen life for its lows, as he struggles to get out of the lull and to starting thinking with more of a positive edge. His mindset shows us one that mirrors that of so many others — who are battling to dig themselves out of the slippery hole — that seems so hard to get out from.

Life Is Unfair‘ from New York indie singer-songwriter and artist AM, shows us the truth into this basement that has been his home during this extended isolation period of discontent. He sings with a movie-like style and has you thinking about how those bumps and bruises have brought you down for a reason. The challenge now is to climb up again and strive to change the swing of life, to make sure that it is now going your way.

Stream this new single on Spotify and follow his social journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Like It Out Here: Williamsburg’s Dickie Garcon shows us the life of the lost on ‘Unknowing’

Taken off his latest street-hop mixtape called ‘4th Floor Sessions, Vol 2‘, Dickie Garcon gives us a stark warning about what the world is looking like from his vantage point, on the striking new track ‘Unknowing‘.

Dickie Garcon is a Brooklyn, New York-based emcee/producer and sound engineer. He flows like one of the emerging underground young artists from 90’s — as he opens up the door and raps about how wild life is right now — in this lonely and detour laced world.

He flows with an edgy style, looking around to make sure that its okay to walk outside, his confidence is high personally but he definitely doesn’t trust the world outside, as it is full of harrowing holes and sticky swamps that will suck you inside so quickly.

This is the true story of what its like being young and being so restricted from what should be care-free days, as the pulsating beat has your heart beating a bit extra quick, while you look for an exit from all this madness.

Unknowing‘ from the quality Williamsburg, Brooklyn hip-hop artist Dickie Garcon, leads us vividly us into a mind that is trying to process what things are like in this mask-filled world, from a bad movie that just won’t end. He doesn’t like what he sees out there and looks for better days ahead, with a lighter ready to spark up and to quickly forget about current times.

Stream this new street single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pray4Diego just can’t ‘Forget You’

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC, Pray4Diego is an independent recording artist and producer; new single ‘Forget You’ is a great mix of higher-tempo, hi-hat-focussed beats, tenderly picked electric guitar, and gentle, laid-back rap groove from Pray4Diego’s chilled, controlled delivery. Lyrically, it’s a plea to an ex-lover, where regret mingles with hope and a plea for another chance to make things right. It’s a well put-together track, nicely balanced between upbeat and longing, entreaty and repentance, all set to a simple backing of bass, hats, and that cute little repeating guitar line. The simplicity of the music and melody makes the track work, focussing the listener on the vocal line and lyrical flow, encouraging us to listen and take in Pray4Diego’s appeal. It’s tidy, it’s tasty, and it’d genuinely got soul.

You can hear ‘Forget You’ on Spotify; find Pray4Diego on Instagram and SoundCloud.

Review by Alex Holmes

Had To Survive: Atlanta rapper Ant earns that street ‘Respect’ (feat. MJ)

As he flows hard with such inner determination and rising confidence raining down on each busty bar, Ant strongly shows us what he has been working at achieving with the bass-heavy ‘Respect(feat. MJ).

Blake Chubb aka Ant, is a thriving Georgia, Atlanta-based indie hip-hop who started rapping when he was just eleven years old. He cleverly uses his wisely gained experience to totally enthrall the listener with gritty stories about live growing up, and what you have to do to survive and thrive.

With the impressively fierce and lyrical dominant Brownsville dynamo MJ on this track, these two skilled emcee’s connect like electricity bolted together when there is a lightning storm outside, as their raps are straight to the point like a double sided knife and full of cutting edge vigor.

This is the movie-like story of finding a way to get it done no matter what, as the mic gets hot with two rappers on a real tear and in the mood to get paid right now. The ominous beat draws you in like a finely tuned pencil, as they write their names up there with the legendary artists who are known to who really matters. The real fans.

Respect(feat. MJ) from the top notch underground Georgia hip-hop artist Ant, shows us that you can indeed earn what you deserve, but only if you are willing to consistently put the work in day after day. This is that street-hop cruise music that is hot on the streets — as they rampage willingly in with a track that shows you straight up — what is needed to eat like a King, in this crazy world full of devious characters, lurking everywhere to stop you from succeeding.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the FB for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tune into KiDD RicH’s new hip hop track, ‘T.V.’

With his motto of, “Being at the bottom for so long teaches you there’s only one place left to go”, fans of inspirational hip hop won’t want to look past KiDD RicH’s 2021 sophomore album for invaluable introspection.

The standout track on the Brooklyn-born and raised artist’s album, ‘T.V.’ is a mash of urban culture with everything from RnB to Reggae to Pop to Trap written into the contemporary mix. After an atmospheric and melodic intro, the track kicks into full gear to run through as a grooving sun-kissed mix which will freshen your summer hip hop playlists.

With his organic, minimally-produced vocals, the ease of the grind, and the sticky-sweet lyricism, you’d struggle to find high-vibe hip hop that will take you higher.

The Statement, Vol 2 is now available to stream in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Struggles in America: Tre. Charles brings us a real enlightening gem with true story debut track called ‘Stressin’

With a haunting beat that mellows in quietly at first, before then stretching your curious imagination like a fragile rubber band that is about to break in mere seconds, Tre. Charles drops his much-anticipated debut single that will have you in a highly reflective mood about current times with the aptly-named ‘Stressin‘.

Tre. Charles is a soulful indie singer-songwriter who brings forth the truth about life in America as he sees it, with a blend of chilled sounds, that has you in awe of his tremendous raw talent.

He grew up all over the place — from Upstate New York to Birmingham, Alabama — so his music is varied and with so many different genres infused inside his voice, such as alt indie-soul, RnB, indie rock and southern soul.

This is the story about not wanting to run away from the carnage again, being profiled has had its time and needs to finally end for good — and we need radical reform to happen fast — before more lives are lost for no reason. This is the call for it all to flip into a new world, as he is tired of the unnecessary hate and running away from it all.

He sings with such purpose on this incredible anthem, each word is felt with such sadness in your heart as you pray and hope that things will get better quickly. The cinematic production takes you to a place where you are sitting up above watching the madness unfold, as you wish you could have the power to wash away the hate and replace it with only love and hugs.

Stressin‘ from the magnificent talent of Tre. Charles is a story about how tough if can be being a black man in America, with all the divisiveness and the clearly wrong systems locked into all facets of society, that need to be changed immediately so that its citizens feel free and fairly treated. We will find a way to help the world be better. We must be better.

Stream this deeply important single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Together: New York’s Donald Leka urges us to keep on ‘Rising Up’

With a gritty guitar soundtrack and highly likable vocals that seems to echo into your mind like he is just around the corner, Donald Leka takes us for a ride to encourage us to keep on speaking up for what is right, no matter where we are from with ‘Rising Up’.

Donald Leka is a skillful Manhattan, New York-based futurist, tech innovator, entrepreneur, author and indie alt-rock musician, who founded Jumptuit. He makes that sound which varies constantly in style and genre, as his work travels and evolving mindset matches his music output.

This energetic beat is so catchy and has you bouncing along in utter adulation, as you sing with the chorus that takes you to such a thoughtful place about this beautiful planet, that has been let astray somehow. He brings us our thoughts back to what we can do, as the fat cats eat and forget about the hungry who just want to work hard and live a comfortable life in peace.

Rising Up’ from New York multi-talented musician and tech expert Donald Leka, is a call to keep on doing what makes sense and to be smart about what we see, watch and consume. The whole world is watching extra close these days and when we join our hands together as one team, there is no way we can fail if we don’t give up.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and see news more on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jake Inzerra blasts off with his 80s dance pop track, ‘Rocket’

Plenty of pop artists explore the interstellar with their sound, but with Jake Inzerra’s grooving single, Rocket, you’ll feel the ascension as your dopamine levels get a top-up and the 80s-influenced infectious melodies choruses take hold and bring the energy.

The Connecticut-born singer-songwriter and producer takes inspiration from pop icons from across the ages, and it shows through the timeless euphoric vibes in Rocket. But there’s plenty more to Inzerra’s connectable presence on the airwaves than his influences; he turned to music and dance after receiving homophobic abuse in his narrow-minded hometown before moving to NYC and finding the freedom to be inspired by 80s-style androgynous male glamour and harness his own creativity.

As a firm believer that androgyny is the future, there’s nothing more satisfying than encountering an artist bold enough to defy convention and be unapologetically, authentically sensational. Inzerra’s music is an irresistible invitation to live your own life, not a life of downtrodden assimilation that the illiberal prescribe.

Rocket released on April 23rd; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Super Love hit peak relatability with their alt-synthpop track, ‘Bored’.

Super Love

With their tendency to consistently switch up their sound, Super Love’s new releases always explore another facet of their expressively creative talent; their latest single, ‘Bored’, is no exception.

After the scuzzy NIN-reminiscent intro, the soundscape shifts into a funk-brandishing feat of alt-pop that allows Super Love to stay true to their NYC roots. With elements of indie-pop-rock and 80s synthpop, Bored unravels as a refreshingly relatable track that captures the frustration of lockdown boredom without ever resonating as melancholic or piteous. Instead, it speaks to listeners facing brand-new levels of boredom as they realised that the phrase, ‘only boring people get bored’, really doesn’t apply during lockdown times.

Next time you feel like you’re going to be *that* person and complain to your friends, hit play and get the compassion from Super Love instead.

You can hear Super Love on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast