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Maria Lane is back with a new release: “Crying In A CVS”

Maria Lane is an artist who developed a very personal and one-of-a-kind twist on her sound and lyrics. From the energy of indie-pop to the intimacy of acoustic music, Maria Lane is all about keeping an open mind and avoiding getting stuck in the usual categories and genre definitions.

“Crying In A CVS” is the title of Maria Lane’s recent studio work, and it serves as an excellent introduction to the sound and feel of the artist. On one hand, the song features a huge, vibrant tone with so many details and interesting sounds. On the other, this is a very instinctive, relatable piece of music that the audience is certainly going to connect with on a much more personal level, highlighting Maria Lane’s songwriting skills. This is highly recommended to fans of artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Francis Moon and Daughter, among others.

Find out more about Maria Lane, and listen to her recent release, “Crying In A CVS”, which is currently available on Spotify.

Wacko Fest presents: “This Is Fine.”

Wacko Fest is a project with a truly one-of-a-kind sound and style. What makes the artistry of this musical act so special is that it all started in a very serendipitous way, just from friends having fun and jamming together. The spontaneity at the heart of Wack Fest is still a huge and vital component of this release and a really good example of why their formula is so exciting and always connects with people. Wacko Fest’s most recent work, “This Is Fine,” drops on November 25th, 2022. This is a great introduction to the band’s music and a fantastic example of the broad scope that fuels its artistic endeavours overall.

This release is highly recommended to fans of jangly, melodic and energetic indie rock.

Find out more about Wack Fest:

Spotlight Feature: Brooklyn beats meet southern trap grit in Superstar Freddy & Low Patcho’s alchemically dynamic collaborative single, Move

Alone, Brooklyn’s Superstar Freddy and Southern Trap artist, Low Patcho, are forces to be reckoned with. With their contrasting sounds sparking urban sonic voodoo while they pay homage to their Haitian roots in their joint LP, The Curse, they are inexplicably hot.

The standout single, The Move, carries all the motivation of an archetypal hustler hip hop anthem and none of the cliches that usually revolve around motivational tropes. The high-octane hit permits the instrumentals to conjure urban devilry about the blazingly dynamic bars that will leave you galvanized before the first verse has stormed through.

Fans of Travis Scott, Pop Smoke, and Pierre Borne won’t want to miss the colossal track that came to life in Anchour Studios in Maine.

“The Curse album is a collaboration of Superstar Freddy’s upbeat hip hop style with Low Patcho’s Southern trap music. The mixtape was inspired by our Haitian heritage. Voodoo and magic are always associated with people from Haiti.

I wrote the song Move after a trip back from my hometown, Brooklyn, NY. The song illustrates my desire for continual success and elevation. It shows you can’t fall off, no matter what. You’ve got to love what you do and flaunt it when necessary but never sell out. I love the cash sound when my phone dings and I know it’s coming in all day. If you ain’t moving toward your idea, then someone else will manifest it so get going today.”

Stream The Curse on Spotify, and follow Superstar Freddy on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to stay up to date on his future releases that are set to mark a shift in his sonic style from this ground-breaking LP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Someone Else: CREDLE knows he put himself in this wind-swept Storm

Fighting through the depression and wishing for peaceful days with an ideal lover, CREDLE hopes for better days away from the current loneliness on the remarkably striking single Storm.

CREDLE is a South Jamaica, Queens in New York City-based indie hip hop artist who is reppin’ Credle Entertainment and breathes fire on the mic.

After 7 years of production on his much-awaited debut album Tales of the Sad & Lonely, CREDLE is rather impressive on this vocally stunning song about missing someone so special. Layered in so much smoothness and total honesty, this is a terrific anthem for anyone who needs some comfort, rather quickly.

Storm from New York City-based indie hip hop artist CREDLE is a memorable soundtrack for many who reminisce about a moment that permeates the mind like it was yesterday. Sung with a magnificence blend of emotional excellence, this is surely a soundtrack that will furnish our hearts with so much reflective true love to cherish forever.

Listen up to this new track on YouTube and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Emanuele Tozzi sends us back in time on the joyful Cristina’s world

With silky skills which are rather easy-to-hear, Emanuele Tozzi trains our ears on the real prize that is the quality single to be inspired by called Cristina’s world.

Emanuele Tozzi is an Abruzzo, Italy-born New York-based indie jazz composer who studied at Scuola Civica di Jazz in Milano and is known as one of the underground legends in the local music scene.

In addition to his musical skills, Emanuele holds a Law degree, an LL.M, and a Diploma of Sommelier. He completed two New York marathons and two New York Triathlons.” ~ Emanuele Tozzi

Showcasing his marvellous skills for the world to find true peace inside, Emanuele Tozzi sends a shiver down the spine with a precise performance, which is such a blessing to hear in this inhospitable world.

Cristina’s world from Abruzzo, Italy-born New York-based indie jazz composer Emanuele Tozzi is such a magnificent song which will heal the ears of so many. Smooth in texture and brimming with a harmonious nature, this is exactly the kind of song the world needs more of.

Listen up on Spotify and see more info on his website here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hayley Brooks has just released a brand-new studio work: “Shadow Reminder”

Hayley Brooks is an artist with a focus on making groundbreaking music that blurs the lines between different genres and styles. As a result, the artist is always able to make catchy music that still retains an open mind and a very broad creative range. Her most recent studio release, “Shadow Reminder”, is actually a fantastic example of what it means to set the bar higher in terms of production and performance quality alike. The vocals soar right on top of the mix, without overpowering the other instruments, making for a very balanced tone. In addition, the lyrics have a personal touch, which highlights the artist’s genuine connection to her work. After all, songwriters are storytellers, and one of the ways in which people like to connect with songs is through great stories, whether they’re about personal experiences or simply fun lyrics to sing along to! In this case, Hayley Brooks managed to share something deeper about herself, while also providing something that’s really fun and engaging for the audience.

Find out more about Hayley Brooks and listen to “Shadow Reminder”, which is currently available to stream here.

Honeyyycrush has unvelied her confessional piece of Southern Gothic Slowcore, Belly Empty

Brooklyn-based Singer-songwriter, Honeyyycrush (Alexandra Antonopoulos) established herself as one of the most underrated artists of her generation with the launch of her hauntingly soul-stirring single, Belly Empty.

The dark Southern Gothic meets alt-pop single entwines shoegazey guitars with ritualistic percussion and, of course, the evocatively efficacious nature of her ephemeral vocal timbre that meanders with the grungy slowcore melodies.

By building Belly Empty into one of the most arresting crescendos I’ve heard in a long time after grippingly raw lyrical confessionalism which features a vulnerable reprise of “you don’t know me like I do”, this progressively beguiling single is one born of understood isolation and sheer innovation. We can’t wait to hear her forthcoming EP, Milk Teeth.

Belly Empty will officially release on November 4th. Check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

She Love Me: C4$hie returns with the catchy street track Gone For a Min

Knowing that his style is loved by many ladies because of his likeable charm and impressive performances when it counts, C4$hie is at his honest best with a story many will smile at on his latest track Gone For a Min.

C4$hie aka THE BIG DUB is a 25-year-old indie hip hop artist who lives deep in the legendary city of Brooklyn, New York and charges up that lyrically advanced manuscripts for others to learn from.

He talks about entrepreneurship, independence, being a single father, overcoming his insecurities, and the various obstacles he faced to reach his full potential. While giving you the motivation to do the same, using his personal experience to let you know you’re not alone.” ~ C4$hie

With influences taken from legends such as Big Sean, Jay Z, Outkast, J-Cole, and Eminem, C4$hie shows us his witty technique and teaches the kids how this fickle rap game rolls with realistic stories to snack on.

Gone For a Min from Brooklyn, New York-based indie hip hop artist C4$hie is a vibrant effort from a wildly talented rapper who seems to make everything look so easy. His personality shines as hard as his bars and this is a bona fide speaker shaker for those all-night parties which never seem to end.

Even when you go away for a while, you can always elevate if you want it enough.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NY rapper and producer, Jon Harris is rich in lyrical gold after his latest hip hop release, Great

NY rapper, songwriter and producer Jon Harris tore up the rulebook in his latest old-school-meets-nu-skool single, Great. After a cinematic intro that will speak to the senses of any Tarantino fan, the single moves into more familiar hip hop territory through Harris’ down-to-earth versing style, inspired by the visionaries, Eminem, Kanye and Jay Z, while the instrumentals work melodic magic in the background.

With bells chiming in place of the usual 808s and plenty more ingenuity written into the rhythmic works, Great is an arresting feat of urban innovation. And that’s before we get to the cutting wit that puts all of the wannabe rappers in their place with solid lines that get stronger with every repeat hit of Great. Which is everything it says on the tin.

Every lyric is quote-worthy, but “I’m the bad guy for trying to speak up, constantly telling me to shut up and stick to music, well, guess what bitch, now you gotta listen to it”, may just cut slightly above the rest.

The lyric video for Great premiered on October 22nd. Catch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Right There: Jennie Thomas stands the test of time on Bending

Taken from her recent 4-track EP, Jennie Thomas is at her superb best with a vocally spectacular performance that will alter the mood of all who listen on Bending.

Jennie Thomas is a New York City, USA-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter who is known for her beautiful music which is truly made from the heart.

With a long history of live performances in the world of musical theatre, including creating her own one-woman show, Jennie set herself apart as a serious music artist in 2021 opening with her original songs for the international jazz band Angwa in a private rooftop concert in Manhattan live streamed globally.” ~ Jennie Thomas

Settling us into that rocking chair and seeing that puff of smoke flow into the room, Jennie Thomas transports us into a world that seems so far away, yet so fascinating and safe.

Bending from New York City, USA-based singer-songwriter Jennie Thomas is a cinematic experience which might cause a few tears to be shed. There is a glorious tone of love here and a sweet story so kindly detailed for us all to learn from. Soaring high into the sky to guide away from anything fake, this is a special song that steers us into true serenity.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen