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Set You Free: Christian Prior amazes our ears on spacey new single ‘Why Should I Care?’

With a reflective glance up to see this massive planet in its full glory, Christian Prior wonders about the magnitude of everything around us with this superb music video for his latest track which has recently got some well-deserved BBC Introducing love called ‘Why Should I Care?‘.

Christian Prior is a London, England-based indie jazz solo singer-songwriter, keyboardist, writer and music producer, who was born in a small town in the North. He has a vivid imagination which is always looking at what is possible, as he expresses himself through a wonderful array of dazzling music creations, which are certainly satisfyingly progressive.

Christian’s music brings together his love for jazz, rock, classical music, electronica, as well as traditional music from across the globe.” ~ Christian Prior

You sense that he is always looking for something new to bring into his music as he strays away from the boring norm, as a blend of contemplative thoughts come crashing into your fragile mind during this exciting new single. Each second feels like it is truly special and the old school video only adds to the nostalgic effect of imagination, which we all have hidden somewhere inside us.

Christian grew up in a tiny, remote village on the beautifully bleak moors of the North of England. Without much to do and nowhere to go, music became his companion and escape. His days became filled with it: writing songs, playing piano, singing, and listening to as much music as he could.” ~ Christian Prior

Why Should I Care?‘ by the London-based indie jazz artist Christian Prior, is a stunning track that has you thinking about everything around us. Made with a deep look up to our whole world which in turn has your mind alive with the power and possibilities we have in our fingertips, this is a song to feel inspired by. With vocals that has you feeling that you can indeed achieve something special if you put your mind in the right process, you might feel a different perspective after viewing this music video experience.

See this planet gazing new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Last One: Tamara Cañada wants to stop but just can’t yet ‘On My Mind’ (feat. Gxft)

Shot mostly in Canary Wharf Car Park and featuring a true-life anthem of speedily translucent thoughts that most of us can certainly relate to, Tamara Cañada wonders if she will ever conquer these pesky demons that are threatening her precious well-being ‘On My Mind(feat. Gxft).

Tamara Cañada (pronounced Canyada), is a highly promising indie RnB singer-songwriter from London, England. She is a tremendous talent who has captured the mood of those like her, who are looking for more meaning in this rather gloomy world.

This is the exciting story about trying to stay away from the easy-to-get-wrapped-into-temptations which can greedily destroy your sweet innocence and take it away forever, as you try and stay in the right mental lane. You are feeling the strain and just need to relax, as habitually you find yourself doing the same things over and over again.

With a freshly squeezed voice that has you feeling her honest vocals – the contemplative raps bust in and compliments the vibe completely – that has you in an evaluative mood, as you ponder if things will ever evolve into the dreams you have for yourself.

On My Mind (feat. Gxft) from the smoothly tipped vocals of London-based indie RnB artist Tamara Cañada, is that true story about the overload that has burnt most of us out like a tired match, as we look to recuperate but can’t help doing the things we know we shouldn’t. Sung by a youthful artist with the world at her feet, this is a well-made song with striking visuals, that has your over-stimulated mind dreaming about that essential holiday that is much-needed.

Resting up and re-invigorating the soul after so much to think about lately, is the only way to find that inner zen again.

See this vibin’ new single on YouTube and check out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want More: Kohzee patiently awaits that sensual signal to love again on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin’

As they quickly brush off the romantic feelings into the cold breeze but miss how warm and loving it felt almost immediately, Kohzee vividly daydream about that special someone who is all they really want in a partner, but know that getting attached will only cause more heartbreak on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin‘.

Kohzee is a fresh London/Brighton-based hip-hop trio and music producer team who combine elements of jazzy treats into their wonderfully catchy creations, via their cozy hidden home studio attic.

Rapped compellingly with a groovy vibe that easily gets the absorbed speakers uptempo and certainly alive, you sense their electric-blanket style which keeps you warm and thinking about if you will ever see your cute crush again. With intriguing vocals and a catchy beat, this is a really soothing track which is relevant during these lonely days and has you feeling that extra introspective about your own love life.

Like Sunshine On My Skin‘ from the emerging London/Brighton hip-hop/jazz trio Kohzee, is that quick recall of the sparked-filled feeling which is the moment you wouldn’t mind coming back. You try and tell yourself that its not a big deal but it actually is – as you definitely desire that tender touch again – and can’t get it out of your mind. Those cold nights only make it worse, as you wonder if they will ever come back into your life.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Henry Dukes wears his heart on his sleeve in ‘If I Die Tomorrow’.

If you spend your days wasting time, Henry Dukes’ summer love song, If I Die Tomorrow, might be what it takes to shake you from complacency.

The 17-year-old London/Wiltshire indie singer-songwriter released his debut single, Slow Down, for a mental health charity earlier this year. With If I Die Tomorrow, he created a hauntingly intimate narrative of introspection and romantic anxiety. There is always an inncecent need to know that our affection won’t just be a line in someone else’s story or a regretful blot on the page. Dukes perfectly captures this in If I Die Tomorrow.

With a steady heartbeat behind his acoustic guitar chords, when his vocals fall into the soundscape, they won’t fail to pull you in deeper. What starts as a minimal production with reminiscence of Tom Odell hits a sonic wall of shoegazey noise as it tumultuously brings in the outro.

If I Die Tomorrow is part of Henry Dukes’ upcoming debut EP, VoiceMail, which will be released via DukeVox on August 20th. Check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Air Outside Is Freezing: South London’s Prince of Sweden finds his true home on ‘As Good A Place As Any’

After blessing us with the visuals for ‘If You Speak to Her, Tell Her Thanks for Me‘ from the middle of 2020, Prince of Sweden returns with his unmistakably soothing style on his next gem called ‘As Good A Place As Any‘.

James Phippen aka Prince of Sweden, is a thoughtfully self-aware indie-rock singer-songwriter who hails from the calm countryside, who now calls South London in England his home.

Prince of Sweden’s influences range from the 60s infused rock’n’roll of the Arctic Monkeys, to the slow folk ballads of Leonard Cohen.” ~ Prince of Sweden

With a tranquil energy in much-abundance, you feel like you are listening to a true underdog who makes a sterling blend of music memories, which firmly fills the cold air outside, with a magnificent ambiance of warm contemplation inside your healing soul.

His voice is consistently excellent – as he takes us into a world of delightfully honest melodies – which has you feeling in a mellow-trance state of much-needed reflection.

Live from a dark room” was recorded and filmed in a day in a friend’s living room with gaffer tape on the windows.” ~ Prince of Sweden

As Good A Place As Any‘ from the soulful South London indie-rock singer-songwriter Prince of Sweden, is a soothing song which has you feeling so evaluative on what you truly value. Some want that excitement of travelling the world, whilst others just want to feel safe and happy in a calming place. This is that true story of just wishing for that ever-elusive peace, as you begin to think that where you are now, is actually just perfect after all.

Hear this superb effort on Spotify and see more of his journey on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jay Joe brought the best of UK hip hop with his latest release, Shaky.

London-born, Essex-based Rap artist Jay Joe dropped an instant grime classic with his latest single, Shaky. His energy, ensnaring. His lyrics, cutting, His beats, atmospheric; in usual drill hip hop fashion.

Fans of Tempa T, Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal will want to make Shaky a playlist staple for its garagey beats, the adrenalizing aggression in the rap bars and Jay Joe’s ability to leave you floored with his lyrical flex. He’s already a firm fixture on the GRM Daily YouTube channel, but we highly doubt that will be the highest of accolades applied to Jay Joe’s gritty, scathing signature sound.

Shaky was released on August 15th; you can check out the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Maria Manuel – True: A Veraciously Soulful Take on Love

London-based singer-songwriter Maria Manuel has released her soulfully luxe single, True, which takes RnB pop to an artfully ethereal level. With the moody pop atmosphere lingering around the pensive RnB melodies, Maria Manuel’s scorned ballad gives the evolution of RnB a brand-new trajectory.

The lyrics are as affectionate as they are ingenious and the soulful vocal timbre that brings a cinematic edge to the noir pop soundscape also makes sure that True emanates plenty of mainstream appeal.

True is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Like A Drunk Poison: Stefano drops debut track about that mysterious woman on ‘Lethal’

With a dance-filled music video that has you swaying around in such admiration for the prodigious artistic effect, Stefano wholeheartedly loves what she is doing to his shaking body as its suddenly feeling rather sprightly and ready for that much-needed action on ‘Lethal‘.

Dancer and Afrobeats artist Stefano aka Steffy Baby, is a wildly talented London, England-based singer-songwriter with Ghanaian heritage, who also blends in some tasty RnB to keep our lips licking in delight.

A new artist who has been craving to be more creative and push the boundaries on what is possible, he is in imperious form here and shows us what we have been missing out on.

This is the message that is easy to see, as he looks into her eyes and wonders what supernatural powers she has over him. Stefano is feeling urges that he has never felt before – as he smoothly takes off his stylish shirt – and shines brightly in the light with silky vocals, that has you reaching for the volume to hear it louder.

Lethal‘ from the London-based Afrobeats artists and well-known dancer Stefano, is the story of looking deeply into the striking eyes of a mystical woman who seems to have your heart in her soft hands, as she decides what to do with it. This is a sumptuously delivered single with so much oozing charm, from a singer on a mission to be more than just a dancer. He shows much class here – and gives us a remarkable debut to remember – that shows heaps of potential to turn into something rather special.

See this vibrant new music video on YouTube and see more from this stylist artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Hurt: Enchanting Simona-Valentina reminds us that life has a real purpose when we love on ‘Whispers’

After affectionately sending a fitting tribute to her much-beloved Grandmother via her stunning ‘Snowflakes Fall‘ from December 2020, Simona-Valentina shines a superb light on the true value of that all-important love which we all need and treasure on ‘Whispers‘.

Simona-Valentina is a terrifically talented indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, one half of SVRPoole, painter, and dancer born in Victoria, Transylvania, who is now based in busy London, England.

Inspired by the dusty cassettes and classic vinyls she heard whilst growing up, she makes that dreamy love-filled, break-up packed soundtrack, which has so much elegance flowing from each note sung.

A song I wrote after contemplating on the meaning of life and love. We are like whispers in the dirt or tiny specs of dust floating around with meaningless and painful blisters, broken bones and painful wounds, until we discover the true and immense value and power of love that gives sense to this life and our living on this Earth. Love is everything.” ~ Simona-Valentina

Whispers‘ from the sensational Romanian-born, London, England-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, dancer, and painter Simona-Valentina, shows us a hauntingly beautiful piece of art that holds you close, as you get out of the cold and move inside to feel the warmth again.

Made with a genuine care which is so sadly rare these days – this is a marvelous single with so much exquisite grace wrapped subtly all over to make you smile – and certainly touches your fragile heart just right. Its easy to see why this is such a highly respected artist, who sings like an angel sent from above.

Hear her latest beautiful work of art on Spotify and see more of her lovely creations via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its Never Too Late: London electronica artist James Greenfield finds the clues to redemption on ‘Returning’

Mastered skillfully at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, James Greenfield brings us a fantastic new single with a true-life feel that has such a personal soul-recovering touch to it with ‘Returning‘.

James Greenfield is a well-established London, England-based-based indie electronica artist, cat lover, neo-classical and mightily skilled multi-instrumentalist, who is making his singing debut on this fine new single.

After starting his music journey over twenty years ago whilst making tunes for computer games, this is an ever-evolving artist who is always looking to improve and be as genuine as possible.

This is the true story about finding your authentic self again after losing it in the haze of this weird world that we live in, with all the traps that can easily catch you up like mice on cheese, and keep you locked away in places you actually don’t belong.

Returning” is about how every single person on this planet has something unique and beautiful to them that underpins their true calling. We might not be conscious of it because our authentic selves get trampled by education systems that want to pigeonhole us, by people who tell us we’re not good enough, and by our own false narratives born from living in lack.” ~ James Greenfield

Sung with such class and knowing insight of a man who was once lost in the matrix, you feel calm and invigorated by his vocal delivery, which is such an ear-warming experience. With a relaxing energy which is made with scrumptious conviction – you sense that he is on an enlightening mission – to open the suffocating gates around the road to where he knows his consciousness should be.

Returning‘ from the experienced London, England-based electronic artist James Greenfield, is that follow-your-inner-intuition type of track that certainly has thinking about your own journey. This is a terrific effort and one that shows you into his new path as a vocalist, challenging himself like an Olympic athlete to break down barriers, as he helps us open our eyes to where we need to be.

You can find your destiny, if you want it enough. Being real is the only way to live and heal after all.

Hear this fine single that full of true stories of wisdom on Spotify and follow him on IG for future live show news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen