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Like Your Booty: Mr Relax (feat. D-Fish) wonders if she is actually the one with ‘Prisionero De Amor’

Translated from Spanish as ‘Prisoner Of Love‘, Mr Relax brings us a summer track to turn on loud as you show your new lover that your heart is in a flutter that has never been experienced before with ‘Prisionero De Amor(feat. D-Fish).

Mr Relax is a Colombian music artist and owner of SSL ProRecords who makes an entertaining blend of ravishing Latino melody that pulsates your whole body into a frenzy.

Featuring the Dutch/English manager/rapper and songwriter D-Fish, there is lust-lit energy here that has a bouncy beat included to really get involved with throughout this new sexy single.

The party-master himself Mr Relax returns with another glowing experience that has you wondering why you have fallen head over heels with someone so quickly. He lathers our mind into a world where anything is possible if you want to believe that your soulmate is there waiting for you to make the first move.

Prisionero De Amor(feat. D-Fish) from the well-known Colombian artist Mr Relax, is a loving track that will be relevant for so many who aren’t looking for a long-term romance at first but feel that they have met someone extra special. With that signature Latino flavour that makes everything better, this is a hot release that has you daydreaming about that girl who has left a real mark on you already. The problem is, however, is that she has left already and the chase is on to find her again.

Listen to this catchy new single on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

For The Last Moment: Pedro Meyer thinks back to those long-lasting moments on ‘Please Remember Me’

With his dark long locks flowing into the gusting breeze as he looks deeply into the sky above, Pedro Meyer wonders if his memory will live on forever with his profound new single called ‘Please Remember Me‘.

Pedro Meyer is a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-born, Denver, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who fuses in his own original combination of funk, blues, Americana and folk.

With particular attention to lyrics and composition, his music aims to find the balance between the moods that sways the listeners and lyrics, drawn from his personal life and observations, that everyone can relate to.” ~ Pedro Meyer

As he guides us into this deeply intimate story that has you gazing into the mirror, Pedro Meyer is in a calmingly contemplative mood as his gritty vocals show us his ever-rising quality. This is an artist who certainly isn’t afraid to write completely honest lyrics, that has you in a quietly thoughtful and nostalgic mood.

Please Remember Me‘ from the Brazilian-born indie Americana/folk singer-songwriter Pedro Meyer is an emotional track that sinks you into the bubble bath of your churning soul and with a concerned look on your dreamy face. You feel that this is all that you want, as you look into your memory and hope that you have lived for a purpose. Having your name live on even when the darkness comes, is so vital as you ensure that you have not wasted your time on this planet.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Slow Lightning: Mexican band Park Praga drop mesmerizing sky-filled single ‘Tardi Fulgur’

As they glance up above and show us how pretty everything actually is if you look adequately, Park Praga have our minds gazing into that pure beauty that so many people dismiss quickly for some unknown reason on ‘Tardi Fulgur‘.

Park Praga is a mysterious Ciudad Satelite, Mexico-based indie coldwave/shoegaze band with a really mellow style that has you feeling so calm and rather thoughtful after sampling their vibe.

A mute cartoonist who teamed up with his high school ex-girlfriend’s second husband on his Badminton regional final against a runaway chimp.” ~ Park Praga

There are those rare times when you hear a band that fascinates you so much, you have to take a few listens. Park Praga are that band. Their vocals are hard to work out but it doesn’t matter in the slightest, as they soothe all the worries away that you have kept hidden away for too long.

Tardi Fulgur‘ from the Ciudad Satelite, Mexico-based indie coldwave/shoegaze band Park Praga, is a tremendous single that is so pacifying and has your consciousness taking a step back from all the over-stimulation that is so prevalent in current society. With so many of us focusing on our phones, tablets, televisions and laptops, this is a vital reminder to look up and take in the absolutely exquisite view that is often overlooked. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, just to support your minds relaxed state and comprehensively embrace that beauty entrenched into the deepest part of your heart.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Have To Ask: Silver Magpie needs that much-needed closure on ‘Before You Leave’

After gusting our souls away on his first single release in anticipation of his debut album with ‘The Storm‘, Silver Magpie returns with the dance-filled visuals for ‘Before You Leave‘.

Jesús Gutiérrez aka Silver Magpie is a prolific young Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie-rock singer-songwriter and poet who makes that highly reflective music that has you pondering the reasons for lost love.

Mainly influenced by post-punk/alternative rock bands with some shoegaze/dreamy hints. I’ve always had trouble fitting in, always the weird/nerdish kid at the back of the class.” ~ Silver Magpie

As he sings so intimately about a former love and unwraps his bleeding heart out for us to help him pick up and reconstruct again, Silver Magpie brings us a sad tale that so many will truly know what is like. He displays such honesty on this new release, that you can’t help but wonder if he will ever find that all-important closure needed to fly like a free bird into the sky above.

Before You Leave‘ from the Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie-rock singer-songwriter Silver Magpie, is a well-made music video that features some awe-inspiring dancing and his signature mellow tone. This is the story about wondering why it all ended, as you look for peace so that you may move onto a new love that satisfies your entire soul with such joy.

Keeping your delicate heart happy is ultimately the only way to that true blissful long-lasting romance after all.

See this emotional video on YouTube and view more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nostalgic Vibes: Brazil act The Daily Spreadsheets drop ‘Call It A Day’

After taking us on a trip through the 90’s with the previous single from July 2021 called ‘I Walk Alone‘, The Daily Spreadsheets are back with more exciting adventures on the new track named ‘Call It A Day‘.

The Daily Spreadsheets is the musical alias of 40-something Brazilian indie solo rock singer-songwriter Henrique Neves.

With smoothly toned vocals with that real grit and a funky riff to get you off your cozy seat, this is a tasty release that takes you back to a time which was far more simpler than current days. He has a vibrant style, the energy is high and there is a air of nostalgia here with an honest singer-songwriter who it feels like is at the peak of his powers.

Call It A Day‘ from the Brazilian solo indie rock artist Henrique Neves aka The Daily Spreadsheets, is a feel-good-track made with a glittering edge, filled with that Brit-Rock style from yesteryear and mixed with a modern twist to satisfy our hungry palate. This is a new single to fully immerse into, as he sings with a flourishing style that has you thinking about the oceans of life. A perfect weekend song to play loud after a long week, this is a thoroughly riveting listen.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blood On The Ground: Buenos Aires band Los Cozmatics are quite brilliant on ‘Tears’

Made in busy Buenos Aires with a true love, Los Cozmatics are in scintillating form with their new single which will have you shedding a few ‘Tears‘.

Los Cozmatics was formed by The Bronx-born John Acosta, who is an indie trip-hop/pop singer-songwriter and music producer.

Featuring Argentine-singer Daira Robin, guitarist/producer Ezekiel “Zeke” Vallejo, Pablo Guarnieri on drums, and Laura Corrazina on the bass with this incredible project, this is a stunning effort with so much soul.

She sings with such mesmerizing beauty and real class, with a caring soundscape which feels like you are being lifted into a rather sad story of mystery. There is blood on the floor and there are lots of people are looking, as you just wish that life was back to normal again.

This is a fine track with so much tranquilizing and striking atmosphere, which has your mind floating into a new world of intrigue. You are transported into an air of introspection throughout, as you turn up the volume to soak each word into your engrossed mind.

Tears‘ from the Buenos Aires, Argentina-based indie pop/trip-hop music project Los Cozmatics, is the story about looking away from the darkness and bringing in the light again. After a sad time, the healing needs to happen so that peace and love may return.

Sung with a true grace and featuring an assortment of clearly quality artists who seem to have that world class ability flowing through their souls, this is a real gem of an underground track to turn up and truly embrace.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get Moving: Chile music producer Cosme De La Cruz slides up the volume on ‘Body’

After briefly performing under the alias of ZEST, Cosme De La Cruz returns to his roots on his latest flamboyant track full of foot tapping trap combined skillfully with urban latin to soothe all our frustration-filled worries away into the wind called ‘Body‘.

Cosme André De La Cruz García aka Cosme De La Cruz, is a Coquimbo, Chile-based DJ and music producer. He makes that quick-fire dance music, that has been made to boost your mood to its maximum capacity.

This is a track that seems to take your mind back to those parties of yesteryear, with a creative beat which changes up without notice to stun your impressed senses. There is a real intention to get the crowds moving again after a long slumber away from those pulsating nights out like before, as he entertains massively here on this burning-hot track.

Body‘ from the well-respected Coquimbo, Chile-based DJ and music producer Cosme De La Cruz, is an explosive party-starter that has you busting out – and dusting off – those elite dance moves you have hidden away for ages. He displays a real skill on the decks and has put together a real ear-warmer here. There is a stack-full of variety and body sliding rhythm to bathe into heartily, to heat up the soul again after being locked inside for too long.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Puerto Rico Flavor: Farruco feat. Soundkraft and K Perez bring the party on ‘Pepas’ (San Juan Bass Remix)

Soundkraft and K Perez skillfully get our hungry bodies moving swiftly into enthusiastic action on the funky fusions and energizing rhythm they intended on ‘Pepas(San Juan Bass Remix), which was originally made by Farruco.

Puerto Rico-based tech house/pop music producer Carlos J. Morales aka Soundkraft (better known in the urban music scene as Hebreo) and fellow Puerto Rico artist and fellow producer K Perez, are usually reggaetón artists who are trying something new with a genre-bending tech house music tasty mixture textured with pulsating San Juan bass.

With a strong background in music production & composing, Hebreo has made his way into the world of urban music. His work with Puerto Rican artists like Ozuna celebrated rapper Hector El Father & Yomo — has garnered the industry’s attention, with Carlos’s multi-faceted talents being instrumental in producing chart-topping hits. Recently, he has teamed up with another celebrated Puerto Rican musician and producer, K Perez, to create a new genre of music they’re dubbing “San Juan Bass.” ~ Soundkraft and K Perez

You sense that these two good friends are on a mission to get their new sound on the world map, at they stomp down and get our whole soul connected into their vibe. There is a fresh feel here and it tastes so scrumptiously intoxicating in your lip-licking mouth, as you close your eyes and imagine dancing to this with thousands of excited revelers right next to you.

Pepas(San Juan Bass Remix) from Farruco featuring Soundkraft and K Perez, is that bass-thumping summer jam to heat up the dance floor. These two skilled artists put on a real show, as they bring a fantastically exciting new sound which rips into your speakers. This a real gem to get your body back into motion again, with a scintillating beach-beat to get your heart beating properly.

They urge us to form at the disco and that is exactly what we shall do.

Stream this new party track on YouTube and see the moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen