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I Don’t Want You To Leave: Perth RnB artist Outlnd heals up from the break-up which still hurts on ‘Feel Love’

Produced by JCAL, Outlnd gets out those deep feelings which have been holding him back from flourishing after that massive disappointment in a past relationship which is now over with ‘Feel Love‘.

Outlnd is a youthful and highly skilled Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul artist, smooth vocalist and well-respected music producer.

Feel Love is about the tribulations I went through over a break up about a year ago. You go through so many emotions so writing it was almost like therapy for me. I just had to get these thoughts out of my head and voice it for my own sanity.” ~ Outlnd

This is the message which has you feeling so introspective – as he wonders why things folded so quickly – with a softly toned voice that has you floating in a bubble of reflection, mending your heart naturally so you can love again.

Feel Love‘ from Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul solo artist Outlnd, is that sad single all about trying to heal up from a sad moment in your life. You wonder if they truly loved you as they left you behind, for you to pick up the pieces of your broken heart which is still in shock and wishes you had more time together. Sung with a remarkable energy which has you thinking back to when lost that love you thought was unbreakable, this is a stunning single with such pure vocals which will put you into a different mentality from before.

Hear this new therapeutic single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bad Weather delivers an anthemic alt-pop reminder with ‘Caring Is Cool’.

Perth’s most promising alt-pop artist, Bad Weather, has released his stickiest earworm to date, Caring is Cool, which merges anthemic nuances of power-pop, pop-punk, 80s pop and contemporary indie-pop in the same vein as M83 and The 1975.

The sonic eclecticism is one thing, but Bad Weather (AKA Callum Robertson) has plenty more in his aural arsenal than just crumbling genre constraints with his sound. His ambition to bring the best out in people through his music rather than attempting to emanate the cool indie rock stereotype will leave you instantly enamoured. I can only imagine how hard the choruses of sticky-sweet high vibes, overdriven guitars and galvanising synths hit when hearing them live.

Caring is Cool is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Never Felt So Alone: Sydney pop artist -B-Low- knows she only wants his ‘Attention’

With a true story and a breathtaking beat from Sugimura about the dangers of those toxic relationships which can give you long-lasting scars, -B-Low- is at his honest best with the latest striking single to grab your ‘Attention‘.

-B-Low- is a Sydney, Australia pop artist. After falling in love with making music at high school, he has since used this valuable art form to escape from the harrowing road of life, which can suck you in and grab hold of you forever if you aren’t careful.

-B-LOW’s new album brings the listener into his world of issues of Substance Abuse and other problems relating to his world. His new style is inspired by artists such as the Weeknd and The Kid Laroi.” ~ -B-Low-

After releasing the excellent ‘Wasted‘ and terrific ‘Feelings‘ in 2020, we feel the return of an artist who has unfinished business. His supremely likable style keeps you hooked the whole way through, with so much passionate and heartfelt emotion steaming from the concerned speakers.

His vocal ability is rather special, as he takes us into this story which we have either dealt with personally, or seen close friends try and handle.

Two people can stay together forever but will never be fulfilled until they stay with their true love for eternity.” ~ -B-Low-

Attention‘ from the Sydney, Australia-based pop artist -B-Low-, is a harrowing tale about how someone can have so much hold over you. Your ex’s mind games are so manipulative – as you look for love but only find pain – your heart creaks as it breaks suddenly again, while you wonder why they want to hurt you so much. This is the break-up track to play when you know you need to walk away, but keep on looking back as when you are together, their touch feels so incredibly beautiful. Until they throw you away again that is.

Hear this new single all about that person you love and hate on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Sick Of Your Dirty Secrets: Adelaide’s Michaela Keast is quite superb on debut track ‘Overdramatic’

Made with lots of love from her messy bedroom in South Australia, the lovely blonde haired Ozzie Michaela Keast brings us her first-ever released catchy music creation made despite the madness around called ‘Overdramatic‘.

Michaela Keast is a twenty-three-years-young Adelaide, Australia-based indie-pop artist, online production course graduate and professional pet cuddle enthusiast.

Instead of hiding away inside during the horrific pandemic, she has used this time to reflect as a way to better herself and this shows through her wanting to learn new skills. With a natural and bubbly personality, her genuine energy shines through like a stunning rainbow after a massive storm, on this wonderfully-made new single.

Written, recorded, and produced in her bedroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.” ~ Michaela Keast

This is the true story of wishing that some former friends and ex’s would stop being all about themselves and always looking for that soapie tv-reality drama all the time, as you have moved on and they need to do the same. When they speak you are actually thinking about something else – as you have lost all respect for their back-stabbing and talking-behind-your-back ways – while you know all their dirty secrets anyway.

‘I was reading and writing before I could walk, so I wrote a lot of poetry and songs as a kid. When I was 7, I begged my mum to let me take vocal lessons, and I never looked back.” ~ Michaela Keast

Overdramatic‘ from the youthful Adelaide, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter Michaela Keast, is a sensationally astute debut from a highly talented creative who has such a soothing vocal range. She enthusiastically tells us the wise story of brushing off the drama-filled world like a piece of pesky dust that needs to be swept away, as she flourishes on a pop-dance beat that seems to fit this song like a well-fitted glove.

Sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself, and show that you aren’t afraid of anyone’s silly childish games. The real will always see the real eventually.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her adventurous IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Of Me Or None Of Me: Perth-based RnB artist Tyler Wade only follows his true ‘Instincts’

As he wonders if they want him for the real person or just the idea of what he is when the lights are bright, Tyler Wade realizes that he is on the right journey via his fresh new track about keeping it genuine on ‘Instincts‘.

Tyler Wade is a Bulawayo, Zimbabwe-born, Cape Town, South Africa-raised, Perth, Australia-based indie RnB/hip-hop artist.

Although new to the music scene, I write and release every song with true intention and the ambition to make it to the global stage.” ~ Tyler Wade

This is the striking story of seeing fake love wherever you go, as you look into peoples eyes and wonder why they just can’t keep it real. Former friends only want to hear about your latest track and potential lovers seem to want something else, rather than the actual person you are.

Made with smartly penned lyrics which clearly come from the deepest part of his heart – he sings with such meaning here with crystal clear pure vocals –  that gives you shivers of absolute euphoria at times.

Instincts‘ from the Australian-based, Zimbabwe-born indie RnB/hip hop artist Tyler Wade, is a terrific track that shows us his talented for both rapping and singing. He has a Drake-type vibe going for him and brings his own flavor into the mix too, as his worldly travels have him in enlightened mood. This is a quality artist who it feels like is only going to get better, as he soothes our speakers with a top performance here, with a relevant subject which we all need to know about.

Following your inner intuition, is the only way to sift through the fake and real in this strange world.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ve Been Waiting All My Life: Fremantle band Easy Jean impress on riveting ‘Creating Gods’

Taken off their recent five-track release ‘Hard Feelings and Real Tears‘, Easy Jean kindly bless us with the final song off the new project with a nostalgic track called ‘Creating Gods‘.

Easy Jean is a promising new-wave/post-punk Fremantle, Western Australia-based indie band who are a new act in the local scene. Featuring an all-time assortment of world class musicians who make this something special, you feel like you are delving into the start of something rather excellent.

Easy Jean was born a little over a year ago by core songwriters Cheree Dobra from Melbourne Dream Pop Band Bayou, Andy Hill from Electronic Act Ambidexter and Drew Wootton of The Panics. Add World Music legend Grace Barbe on Bass to the
mix and Max Porotto on drums for a killer live show.” ~ Easy Jean

The sultry beat here is rather hauntingly beautiful, which compellingly captures your vivid imagination and has sensually classy vocals interwoven rather majestically at each turn. You feel her contemplative voice shine over the night-lit city outside – on a deeply thoughtful single which is full of absorbing corners – which takes you perfectly inside her wonderfully creative mind.

A band born out of isolation” ~ Easy Jean

Creating Gods‘ from the effortless Australian new wave act Easy Jean, is a stunning song full of gloriously crisp vocals of the very highest order. With a simmering music video that is certainly reflective as you delve deeper into the song and feel like you need a step back – to truly think about your path – we are eased smoothly into a sterling effort from a quality band. This is the type of song to play when you need to have some quiet time alone, to look deeper in the dusty mirror in front of your tired eyes, and work out where you are indeed headed.

A truly fine effort, which will have you pondering your next move in this maze-filled world.

See the new music visuals on YouTube and find out more on the IG music fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking At You: Australian artist Scott O’Hara misses the normal days away from the ‘Zeroes and Ones’

With the lead single from his debut solo album ‘Clutter‘, Scott O’Hara wishes that the fun days could return of seeing your loved ones face to face, rather than on a lonely screen with ‘Zeroes and Ones‘.

Scott O’Hara is a talented multi-instrumentalist, guitarist for BathTub Orchestra and indie rock singer-songwriter based in Bath, UK and also Sydney, Australia.

As a Tasmanian teenager he developed a reputation as a great blues guitarist, which led to jamming with Son Terry and Brownie McGee. He cut his teeth in high school bands with members of Devils in Heaven before forming Evolution and The Funky Phantom. In the 90s he traveled the world playing guitar in the US with Tate & the Million Dollar Band in Chicago, home of the electric blues.” ~ Scott O’Hara

His vocals are gritty cool, with guitar playing of the very highest order that sizzles hungrily through your curious ears. He is the old school storyteller who has seen most things in this world from his travels, and plays with a sterling soul which takes you places you forgot existed. This is a singer who has a rare ability to lift you into a different world, as his quality shines through here with a terrific new single.

Zeroes and Ones‘ from the Australian/UK-based indie rock artist Scott O’Hara, is the real story of longing for normality to return. After being stuck inside for so long, he misses the human interaction as the video calls have grown tiresome, as he wishes there was a better way to connect. Sung with a real vigor and true experience, this is a reflective track that we can all relate to.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Running On Empty: NSW country artist Mackenzie Lee just needs a little love to fill up on ‘Loves In Drought’

Released from her recently dropped four-track debut EP with a reflective look into the mirror called ‘Sometimes I Wonder‘, Mackenzie Lee hopes that she can be filled up beautifully again with that sweet-feeling she sincerely desires on ‘Loves In Drought‘.

With her loved ones guiding her to be the best possible version of herself daily, Mackenzie Lee is that new inspired Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia-based indie country singer-songwriter, who we need to pay more attention to.

My main goal is to always enjoy my music, study to learn all aspects of the industry, eventually producing my own music.” ~ Mackenzie Lee

You feel the meaningful message of introspection sizzle through her fresh voice which is full of poise and kind enthusiasm, as her caring nature takes her to that calming fountain she wishes to drink from. The world has been so strange and she longs for the days of love again, when her heart can freely flutter like a romantic candle in the wind.

There is much to like from this exciting Ozzie talent. Her precocious voice will only improve over time as she learns more about those hidden eloquence-sounding skills, that the true greats have in their armory.

Loves In Drought‘ by the youthfully exciting Australian indie country artist Mackenzie Lee, is that ultimate I-don’t-want-to-be-lonely soundtrack we can all relate to. In a world that has become too distant, the vital urge to be together with someone- anyone half decent really – has never been greater in our complicated history.

Sung with sterling vigor from a passionate young lady who is only just starting her journey, this is a lovely country single that will have you dusting off your isolated boots, so you may venture confidently outside in hope again.

Hear this new single on her Spotify and see her social adventures via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Homies They Get It: South African-born 88YAMI rolls in style with that growth-orientated Perth mindset on ‘My City’ (feat. YOURBOYMARS)

With a bright-light filled feeling of something special on the star-lit horizon as this tight track builds up to its much-awaited entrance, 88YAMI shows us what the underground streets have been talking about with ‘My City(feat. YOURBOYMARS).

88YAMI is a South African-born, Perth, Australia-based indie rapper with big goals and a lyrical delivery which shows you he is for real. He is expertly joined on this street-banger by fellow Perth artist YOURBOYMARS, and together they make a formidable team full of ravenous hunger, to be the best in this fickle game.

This is the relevant story of learning from past mistakes that brought your down, as you ignore the distracting temptation-filled DM’s that only get you involved with booty-laced drama, which is only going to get you into ominous trouble. We are brought into a grind-now, chill-later mindset which is packed full of business intuition and investing-in-business manifestations.

The time for small-time is over you feel, as these two skilled rappers and businessmen smartly look from way up top of the building so they can see the whole treasure-laded area full of hidden gold, cleverly plotting their successful path to ever-lasting greatness.

My City(feat. YOURBOYMARS) by the emerging Perth, Western Australia-based indie rapper 88YAMI, opens up the map to show us what is hot right now while others foolishly sleep. They have a self-aware attitude to help their own team eat too, as they understand that this secret mission can’t be done alone. With a quick-fire flow and insightful lyrics on how they are going to elevate their standard to the top, this is a highly promising single that has you nodding your head and strapping your boots on to get to work.

In an snoozing era of lazy swiping and undesirable ghosting for no reason, this is an pulsating track to get your body moving to the groove again. The real homies get that the time is now, not tomorrow.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the social visuals on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get swept up in the romantic tides of Kristin Venae’s soul-pop single, Still Here.

With the same gripping, soulful eminence as Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Maria Carey, up and coming Australian singer-songwriter Kristin Venae’s latest single, Still Here, is simultaneously a hit of nostalgia and a refreshing blend of soul, pop and indie rock.

You’d be hard-pressed to find more stunning guitars in a pop single; the jangly effervescent notes give Still Here a sweet psychedelic kick while Venae’s vocals pay ode to everlasting love. You can’t help getting swept up in the romantic tides of Still Here which precedes the release of Venae’s upcoming debut album.

Still Here is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast