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NY’s Cindy Rees turned on the ‘Effervescent Light’ in her latest EDM pop release

Cindy Rees’ standout single, ‘Effervescent Light’, is a vibrant testament to the power of healing in music. Clocking in at just under two minutes, this New York-based singer and dancer turns every second into a pulsating celebration of sound and spirit. Rees, who found her voice in the bustling cityscape of NYC, channelled her passion for dance and songwriting into a track that radiates positivity and energy.

The song is a kaleidoscope of genres, seamlessly blending elements of trance and house with pop sensibilities. It’s a bold move, but Rees navigates this eclectic mix with the ease of a seasoned artist. The beats are snappy, creating a rhythmic pulse that forms the backbone of the track. It’s this foundation that allows the rest of the musical elements to shine.

Rees’ Bollywood-esque vocal range is nothing short of phenomenal as she harmonises over the commanding bass-swathed beats. Her voice doesn’t just traverse different pitches; it explores a spectrum of emotions.

With some honing to her production style, she has some serious promise in the music industry.

Effervescent Light was officially released on January 5th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 weaved scathing socialism into a grungy dreamscape with ‘Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty’

The London-based solo artist, djamesk13, is no stranger to the arenas of Avant-Garde alt-rock, but for his latest release, Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty, he went deeper into the domain than ever before while exploring our strained relationships with high society.

While we used to look at royalty and other figures of the elite ruling class with awe, the tables are gradually turning on the perception shared by the masses. Simply put, Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty is a socialist masterclass, but instead of running in the same vein as the Manic Street Preachers, djamesk13 orchestrated a dreamy grungy dreamscape to run his reflective lyricism through.

How can you be magnificent when we can buy you” will go down as one of my favourite lyrics of all time, and for the way the instrumentals and ethereally sludgy vox juxtapose the lyrical sting, Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty became an unforgettable release; a paragon of the post-grunge movement.

Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty was officially released on January 28th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Let go of the tangible and embrace the ethereal with Ltronnika’s latest release, Drifting Away

As an ambient electronica producer, Ltronnika stands as a figure shrouded in mystery, yet their enigmatic presence has done little to dim the allure for their legions of fans. With their latest release, ‘Drifting Away’, Ltronnika sculpted an auditory experience that transcends the mundane and washes away every echo of anxiety.

The instrumental release is a paradox of simplicity and complexity. It’s as if Ltronnika has distilled the essence of a dream and set it to music. The track begins with a subtle, almost understated elegance, but as it progresses it reveals layers of sound that are both intricate and immersive. The use of piano keys is an infallible artistic statement; each note, a brushstroke, adding depth and emotion to this sonic canvas.

Drifting Away is a journey, but not one with a clear destination. Instead, it invites listeners to lose themselves in the experience, to let go of the tangible and embrace the ethereal. The ambient leftfield house elements serve as a guide, leading you through an otherworldly landscape. Do yourself a favour, and dive in.

Drifting Away was officially released on January 30th; check out the single on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get in Rhythm with Katerpilla’s Latest Electronica Dreamscape, Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance, a pivotal track from Katerpilla’s latest LP, Sneaking in a Dream, is synthesised sugar for the pill; an aural antidote for the frenetic momentum of the modern era, which defies the conventional boundaries of electronica.

Katerpilla, known offstage as Matthew Chamberlain, weaved a minimalist yet profoundly intricate soundscape that both challenges and seduces the listener; it’s a sophisticated interplay of rhythm and melody.  The genius of Shadow Dance lies in its ability to marry the mechanical with the melodic. Katerpilla’s architectural background shines through in his meticulous construction of sound. Each note and beat is carefully placed, creating a structure that is as robust as it is ethereal.

Sneaking in a Dream signifies a bold step forward from Katerpilla’s debut, Chase the City. While the essence of his creative process remains – the fusion of sounds from diverse synths – there’s a noticeable shift towards a more refined, less layered approach. This stripped-back style results in a darker, more immersive sound, distinct in its genre.

Shadow Dance is a testament to Katerpilla’s skill as a producer. His superlative ability to submerge his audience into hypnotic introspection is unrivalled.  It’s a piece that doesn’t just resonate; it transcends, marking Katerpilla as a visionary artist in a genre that thrives on innovation.

Katerpilla’s new album, Sneaking in a Dream, will be available to stream on all major platforms from February 2nd. Stream it on SoundCloud first.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Maze Of Afflictions launched a tumultuous Electro House juggernaut with ‘Step Outside The Silence (89Keys Remix)’

Maze of Afflictions’ latest Electro House offering, Step Outside the Silence, is a tempestuous and ground-breaking track that redefines the boundaries of electronica. It’s a sonic odyssey that demands attention and captivates the listener from the first beat to the last.

The track begins with an electrifying energy, taking glitchy motifs and elevating them to a monumental level. The result is a tumultuous juggernaut of sound that is both overwhelming and utterly irresistible. Maze of Afflictions demonstrates a masterful understanding of the genre, pushing the limits of Electro House while paying homage to the heavy trip-hop tracks and industrial sounds of acts like Celldweller.

The unexpected and brilliantly executed rap interludes are a broadside that transforms the entire dynamic of the song while adding a raw, gritty edge that complements the electronic backdrop perfectly. This fusion of genres is seamless, creating a track that is as innovative as it is infectious.

The track’s volatile yet cathartic progression is a rollercoaster of sound that is impossible to experience just once. While electrifying nature makes it a seductive and sublime journey through sound. The Atlanta-based producer has created a piece that is superlative in every sense, from its intricate production to its powerful delivery.

Step Outside the Silence showcases Maze of Afflictions’ exceptional talent and unique vision, marking them as a force to be reckoned with in the EDM scene.

Step Outside The Silence (89Keys Remix) will drop on the 31st of January; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Darth Athena took us into the depths of techno’s shadow with ‘Black Mojo’

Dark Athena’s tempestuous latest release, Black Mojo, plunges into the depths of techno’s shadow. With its monochromatic palette, this piece from the Atlanta-based producer is a bold foray into the heart of darkwave electronica, where precision and chaos dance in a delicate balance.

Darth Athena, the architect behind this auditory odyssey, weaves a tapestry of sound that reflects his eclectic musical upbringing. From the pulsating beats of EDM to the haunting echoes of darkwave and the rhythmic complexity of jazz and R&B, Black Mojo is the culmination of a lifetime spent in the company of diverse genres.

The track’s progression is a masterclass in tension and release. Each beat is meticulously crafted, ebbing and flowing with a rhythm that seems to sync with your heartbeat. For seven minutes, you are lost in a world where time bends to the will of the music. The laser-like strobes and sci-fi motifs add a layer of dynamism, yet it’s the relentless, hypnotic beats that anchor you in Darth Athena’s universe.

Black Mojo will do more than just fill dancefloors; it will command them. It’s a siren song for the night, calling out to those who find solace in the pulsating heart of techno. As the final beat fades, you’re left with an insatiable hunger for more – a testament to the enduring power of Darth Athena’s musical alchemy.

Black Mojo was officially released on January 19; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Suli Hyuga orchestrated the ultimate soundtrack for seances with the soul with the luxe ambient garage house grooves in his seminal track, +24. BLEED+

The timbres and textures within Suli Hyuga’s latest release, +24. BLEED+, may feel comfortingly familiar, but the London-based artist’s approach to synthesising UK Garage with House and Rap pushes the sonic flavours into arenas that few other artists have seen the potential within.

Perfect for late-night seances with the soul, this seminal release is a reverberation of pure incandescent hypnotism, with every progression, a new subjugation to its luxe atmosphere. With Suli leaving no one else’s imprint on his work as the sole architect of his soundscapes, the mark he will leave on the UK Garage landscape will be definitively his distinctive own.

+24. BLEED+ is the title single pulled from Suli Hyuga’s 5-track EP, which promises to dive deep into a cavern of cathartic dance-influence hip-hop. With rich resonance set to spill from the atmospheric synths between his smooth vocal flows as they groove through dynamic bars and around alchemic arrangements of raw basslines and intuitive percussion, the EP is primed to become an aural phenomenon in its own right.

Stream +24. BLEED+ on all major platforms, including SoundCloud, from January 19th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Arden – I Don’t Sleep: A Poignant Alt-Pop Symphony of an Exposed Heart and Soul

The London-based alt-pop pioneer, Arden, found the inspiration for his latest single, I Don’t Sleep, through the fear that once you have laid your soul bare, there’s no covering it up to the ones you exposed your vulnerability to.

There’s sweetness in the sentiment “there will always be a part of me that’s yours” but the bitterness of that part of you becoming redundant in the wake of a breakup is a cutting juxtaposition. Lyrically, it is powerful enough to make you view relationships through a brand-new cautious lens. Still, within the blossoming swells in the piano melodies and the orchestrally carved crescendos, there’s a scintillating atmosphere, full of spirited passion – stirring enough to make you want to take the dive into inevitable pain.

I Don’t Sleep is a testament to Arden’s ability to blend poignant lyrics with lush musical arrangements. The song achieves a cinematic quality, panoramic enough to be part of a blockbuster soundtrack, yet intimate enough to tug at the heartstrings with every note. Arden’s cultivated songwriting, reminiscent of Owl City, shines through in I Don’t Sleep. His soulful vocal performance, memorable melodies, and sophisticated production showcase a maturity beyond his years.

As he opens 2024 with this energised and refined sound, Arden solidifies his place as an artist to watch, captivating audiences with his honest and witty songwriting.

I Don’t Sleep will hit the airwaves on January 5th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bear witness to the Avant-Garde finesse in Sairen’s Branca-esque post-rock instrumental score, Délivrance

The post-rock artist and composer, Sairen, created the embodiment of cinematic tension in his seminal instrumental score, Délivrance. This seven-minute piece flourishes distinctive avant-garde flair, marking it as a standout creation in the realm of modern instrumental music.

The track’s progression is a journey through the artist’s intricate vision, characterised by eloquently moody tones and a sophisticated use of musical elements. Sairen’s expertise in blending diverse musical influences is evident here. From the harbingering guitars that siren through the track to the tenaciously placed cymbal crashes, each element is carefully crafted to contribute to the overall narrative of the piece.

One of the most striking features of “Délivrance” is the introduction of chamber strings, which seamlessly complement the sonic spectacle of the crescendos. This inclusion not only enhances the track’s emotional depth but also showcases Sairen’s ability to fuse classical sensibilities with modern post-rock aesthetics.

The middle-eight of the track is particularly noteworthy. Centred around the motif of a ticking clock, it builds a palpable sense of drama, leading to a break into an arcanely all-consuming sequence that can only be described as filmic ingenuity. This segment demonstrates a touch of Glenn Branca in its composition, highlighting Sairen’s skill in creating complex, layered soundscapes.

Sairen’s background, with his early introduction to music and his affinity for baroque, romantic, dark metal, and post-rock, shines through in this creation. He bridges these seemingly opposite genres, crafting a unique sound that is both haunting and enchanting.

Délivrance was officially released on November 7th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jake Speikers captured a daydream of longing with his 80s-swathed new wave single, Nostalgic.

With music fans clinging to nostalgia like there’s no tomorrow, the Minnesota singer-songwriter Jake Speikers has shown them the future of 80s-integrated pop with his choral dream of a new wave single, Nostalgic.

With Phil Collin-esque drum fills punctuating the dreamy atmosphere of the release which finds the middle ground between The Midnight and Cigarettes After Sex, the nostalgic pop wheel wasn’t reinvented, but it was creatively reimagined in this impassioned earworm that captures a daydream of longing in panoramic picture that you’ll want to expose yourself to time after time.

If you can’t get enough of the DIY pop artist’s achingly sweet sonic signature, you won’t have long to wait for the release of his debut, which traverses his experiences of coming out, heartache and coming of age. We’re already invested.

Nostalgic will hit the airwaves on November 17; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast