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Back To Where Our Love Belongs: Luvlee feels so uplifted by a new romance on ‘Deja Vu’

With the highly skilled help of New York-based music producer JONO, Luvlee reminds us that true love is just around the corner if you let nature take over on ‘Deja Vu‘.

Luvlee aka Lee Brown, is a North Hollywood, Los Angeles and London-based indie pop punk solo artist and music producer.

With an ode to those classic days in this much-liked genre, you feel like you have just gone back in time to a place which you remember quite fondly. The vocals are so excitingly eloquent and fantastically pure, with a smooth background that takes you to a 2000’s picture inside your beating heart.

The song captures that familiar feeling of looking into the eyes of a stranger as your emotions get overwhelmed by a rush of unexplainable “Deja Vu”, excitement and nostalgia. Almost like you have known this person for years, like they were your summer love back in high school.” ~ Luvlee

Deja Vu‘ from the LA/London, UK based pop punk solo artist Luvlee, is the type of single you will be beaming about like a happy bird flying in the beautiful blue sky. The vocals are absolutely on point, with a terrific air of style that has you looking deeply into the eyes of your new lover. This background soundscape is rather caressing for the fragile soul to embrace, as we all find that true happiness again.

Check out this freshly kissed new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Open Our Doors: Dallas Busha drops groovy new single that has ‘No Borders’

Moral Compass by Dallas Busha

Taken off his debut EP called ‘Moral Compass‘, Dallas Busha shows so much skill and true beauty in his incredibly cinematic single all about helping others called ‘No Borders‘.

Dallas Busha is a soulful Spring Hill, Florida-based indie electronic/acoustic/punk-rock solo singer-songwriter who seems to sing with so much love and determination.

A sonic treat of mellow electronic, acoustic guitar, and catchy hooks.” ~ Dallas Busha

Dallas sings with a natural edge, that has you moving your head smoothly to this mellow energy projected. With a terrific background ambiance which is packed with a sweetly textured sound – that has you feeling like you are in a tranquil pond fishing on a day off – feeling so reflective, as you sink deeper in the bait of life to see what you can catch.

No Borders‘ from the Spring Hill, Florida-based indie electronic/acoustic/punk artist Dallas Busha, is a peaceful effort all about not waiting too long to open up your heart. With the world turning into a scared and negative environment due to this horrid pandemic, this is an enlightning reminder that this incredible planet can indeed be a better place.

Check out this fantastic new single on Bandcamp and see the music career evolve on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sick Of This Town: Groovy Finnish band Daggerplay can’t wait to be around true friends again on ‘Castaway’

As they get tossed out from bar to bar, whilst trying to find the right place to call home, Daggerplay stroll around this angry town in hopes of finding that friendly face on ‘Castaway‘.

Daggerplay is a free-spirited indie Punk-Rock band who are based in Helsinki, Finland, and they bring us a tasty ska-flavoured treat to munch on famishedly.

With lyrics based on own experiences quite dark at times about growing up in a small town in Finland and the crazy years living London, but at the same time not forgetting the hope and humour of it all.” ~ Daggerplay

There is so much to like about a song with a real spunk of energy, the rip-roaring riffs have you feeling so energized like you have just been charged, with honest vocals that lets you into this sad story of feeling so alone.

Guided by the storytelling outsider, the fellow walker meets some real life characters like pushers, lowlifes, homeless and of course High street Jesus who´s carrying a huge cross in the middle of the busy streets where passers-by rush away from the inner city back to safe of the suburbs.” ~ Daggerplay

Castaway‘ from the Helsinki, Finland-based indie Punk-Rock act Daggerplay, is a fine effort from a top quality band who certainly pack a lot of heat in their armor. Their perfect-for-festival-sound is a delightful experience to jump happily into, as they take us on a story that is so familar, as we have all seem that person who can’t seem to fit in no matter how hard they try.

Finding your tribe is so hard, yet so vital in this click-quick world.

See this cleverly-made video on YouTube and see their movements via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Am Here: Florida’s MasonRoseGray brings us a riveting anthem for the outsiders on ‘Rebel’

With a catch-me-if-you-can track that sizzles into your delicate palate just right, MasonRoseGray rides away with her middle finger out to anyone who wants to selfishly put her into a box to keep for themselves on ‘Rebel‘.

MasonRoseGray is a fascinating Florida, USA-based indie rock/punk singer-songwriter. Mixing in those heartfelt blues and stock full of exuberance that speeds up your mindset for the better, she makes that kick ass music that has you feeling rather rebellious all of a sudden.

I wanted to break away from the sweeter and softer side of my music and show a more rebellious side of me! As an artist I didn’t want to be put in a box or musical category. I wanted to be able to explore all creative avenues including rock n’ roll. Rebel unleashed a different part of my psych and enabled me to explore other parts of myself. Mason Rose exhibits strong raspy vocals with her electrifying energy shouting “I just don’t care what anyone thinks of me.” ~ MasonRoseGray

Her vocal ability is so unique, as you feel like you are back in time and listening to a true great. With honest lyrics that show that she is done being pegged down like clothes in the wind – this is a sassy single which has all doubters thrown far away into the distance – as the mission is rather clear. She shows much-admired strength to never give up her style no matter what, as being as authentic as possible is the only thing that should matter in this fickle world.

Rebel‘ from the terrific Florida-based indie rock/punk singer-songwriter MasonRoseGray, is that I-move-at-my-own-speed soundtrack that needs to be treasured for what it is. This is that care-free single which deserves to be played loud and proud, for a truly original artist who likes to break all the rules.

Hear this epic new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester’s most Machiavellian outfit, The Battery Farm, is set to release their sophomore EP, Dirty Den’s March of Suffering.

If Rob Zombie dreamt up a band to feature in his horror flicks, I am pretty sure there would be a fair amount of hypothetical reminiscence to the mischievously intellectual Manchester-based outfit, The Battery Farm, who are set to release their second boundary-breaking EP Dirty Den’s March of Suffering.

The addictively dynamic release permits you to feel pretty much every emotion on the human spectrum. Given that slipping out of ennui enough to get excited by new music isn’t exactly an easy feat when our worldviews become even bleaker with every log onto social media and flick onto the news, that speaks volumes.

Beyond the sheer sonic innovation, the genius in The Battery Farm lies in their ability to appeal to the melancholically inclined with their satirically liberating tracks that make having an IQ higher than a loaf of bread fleetingly worth it.

Their exposition on the dankness of the human condition in Dirty Den’s March of Suffering cuts just as close to the bone as The Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible. The parallels with the Manics don’t end there either; notably, they carry the same scathingly sharp lyrical wit as Edwards.

After an ominously distorted Westworld-style honkytonk prelude that disquietly teases the carnage that follows, the EP volleys you into the tumultuous ride with When the Whip Goes Crack which pulls pure veracious poetry out of squalor and indignity. If you thought Ken Loach’s films were hard-hitting, prepare for the bruises imparted by this juggernaut of an alt-rock release that lends from everything from post-hardcore to grunge.

I’ve Never Been to Gorton proves that The Battery Farm can do light-hearted just as well as they can lay down inflamed perception-shifting introspection. Behind the bouncy vocals is an exhibition of the modestly virtuosic talent of guitarist, Dominic Corry. While you get cheap kicks of hearing about the landscapes that you have lamented about being around, you are left mesmerised by the guitar licks that stylistically sit between Marr and Glen Branca.

The Battery Farm may have been lazily lumped into the generic punk category for their previous releases, but they come out all experimental guns blazing with Drowning in Black. The darkly psychedelic release is easily one of the most authentically experimental soundscapes conceived in Manchester in the last two decades.

Roy Keane isn’t Real is a bruiser of a scuzzed-up attack on the stupidity and conspiracy theories that have been sending everyone under recently. If any single proves their commitment to delving deep into their Machiavellian imagination, it’s this punk-rooted track grounded in their working-class charisma.

The concluding single, We’re at the Top, ends the EP on an ethereal, jarringly stunning note. It fittingly becomes the swan song of the EP that encompasses life, death and everything between with infinitely more cerebral finesse than Good Charlotte mustered in The Chronicles of Life and Death. With a similar sonic palette to Jerry & the Peacemakers and vocal reminiscence to Mike Patton’s crooning on Mr Bungle’s California album, it arrests you into reflection while conceptually imparting the disarming assurance that our mortal coil is ephemeral. Ingeniously, We’re at the Top tempts you away from spending your days fixated on the ugliness in the world with the same ‘we’re all going to die so fucking be nice’ gravitas as In Heaven by Pixies.

In their own words, here is the concept behind the Dirty Den’s March of Suffering:

“This EP is an attempt by us to celebrate the humanity behind the moment of death. It’s a celebration of the foibles and fallibility of people, a speculation on the silly and mundane things we may get caught up in in death as we do in life – trips to Gorton never made, conspiracy theories chased forever, all kinds of irrelevant nonsense. It’s an acknowledgement too of the blitzkrieg of fear that must be the moment of death, regardless of how it comes, and the ultimate loneliness that is the destiny of all of us. Regardless of circumstance, death is the most innately lonely thing of all and as such it is innately terrifying. The EP is also a futile attempt to understand how something so gigantic can be so unknowable. None of us know what it is like to die, and just as your humble working boiz are doing here, we can all only speculate.”

The EP is due for release on October 15th, 2021; it will be available to stream and purchase on all major platforms. Physical copies are available for via their website.

Tickets for the EP launch at Gulliver’s in Manchester on October 16th are available here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Darrian Gerard makes no apologies with her hook-laden pop-punk single, I’m Not Sorry.

Alt-rock solo artist, Darrian Gerard, has released her self-produced single, I’m Not Sorry; the defiant anthem throws you right back to the glory days of scuzzy pop-punk while encompassing an emboldening modern lyricism style.

Away from Paramore and Avril Lavigne reminisces, I’m Not Sorry is a stellar track in its own right, and despite the DIY production, the infectiously hyper choruses reel you in hook, line and sinker. There is enough energy in this earworm to animate a main stage festival crowd. We can’t wait to watch Darrian Gerard climb the alt-rock charts with I’m Not Sorry.

I’m Not Sorry will officially release on September 13th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I’ve Been Waiting All My Life: Fremantle band Easy Jean impress on riveting ‘Creating Gods’

Taken off their recent five-track release ‘Hard Feelings and Real Tears‘, Easy Jean kindly bless us with the final song off the new project with a nostalgic track called ‘Creating Gods‘.

Easy Jean is a promising new-wave/post-punk Fremantle, Western Australia-based indie band who are a new act in the local scene. Featuring an all-time assortment of world class musicians who make this something special, you feel like you are delving into the start of something rather excellent.

Easy Jean was born a little over a year ago by core songwriters Cheree Dobra from Melbourne Dream Pop Band Bayou, Andy Hill from Electronic Act Ambidexter and Drew Wootton of The Panics. Add World Music legend Grace Barbe on Bass to the
mix and Max Porotto on drums for a killer live show.” ~ Easy Jean

The sultry beat here is rather hauntingly beautiful, which compellingly captures your vivid imagination and has sensually classy vocals interwoven rather majestically at each turn. You feel her contemplative voice shine over the night-lit city outside – on a deeply thoughtful single which is full of absorbing corners – which takes you perfectly inside her wonderfully creative mind.

A band born out of isolation” ~ Easy Jean

Creating Gods‘ from the effortless Australian new wave act Easy Jean, is a stunning song full of gloriously crisp vocals of the very highest order. With a simmering music video that is certainly reflective as you delve deeper into the song and feel like you need a step back – to truly think about your path – we are eased smoothly into a sterling effort from a quality band. This is the type of song to play when you need to have some quiet time alone, to look deeper in the dusty mirror in front of your tired eyes, and work out where you are indeed headed.

A truly fine effort, which will have you pondering your next move in this maze-filled world.

See the new music visuals on YouTube and find out more on the IG music fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get high with Monday Feeling’s ska-punk track, Dope.

Monday Feeling has been sending ripples through the Korean rock scene for the last eight years; based on their latest single, Dope, they deserve to go internationally viral.

Their old school Rancid rhythms paired with honkytonk hints of Americana and playful garage rock vibes arrange themselves to ensure euphoria floods right through this authentically absorbing release which runs you through all the reasons the relatable lyrical protagonist sells dope.

In contrast to Western punk, hitting play on Dope almost feels like listening to Ska Punk in a parallel universe, it’s familiar but there’s something that tells you that Monday Feeling is on a different frequency to the assimilators and the unauthentic. Frankly, we’re obsessed.

Dope is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

On My Own: Szopa shows us strikingly into those evenings all alone on ‘Lore’

With his second album ‘Vital Organs‘ on the way in early 2022, Szopa drops a juicy electronica-filled trip-hop masterpiece with the drum-packed beats of mysterious intrigue with ‘Lore‘.

Damian Malecki aka Szopa, is a Polish-born Sheffield, UK-based post-punk/dark wave musician, audio visual artist and nature lover. He fuses a blend of innovative music creations which has your mind in a real state of excitement, as you feel that this is an artist who looks deeper at life than most.

In his music, Szopa attempts to explore and highlight the dark, sinister thoughts that hide behind our words and actions, with an array of orchestral sounds, tribal drums and electronic loops. Being on the autism spectrum, Szopa’s music draws attention to complex, internal processes and a feeling of alienation.” ~ Szopa

Like a true storyteller, he skillfully wraps us in quickly before unearthing a truly sumptuously explosive track which captures your varied mood rather quickly. He has a terrific style full of wondrous fascination – which always seems to be totally imaginative beyond the norm – and with that utmost conviction of his smartly penned process.

Lore‘ from the Sheffield, UK-based dark wave/post-punk musician Szopa, is the story of finding the strength inside to venture outside in this rather odd world again. Those lonely nights alone have taken their toil and you are looking for more, as you stretch your imagination and work out what you do indeed crave, to awaken your sleepy senses.

Made with a fantastic beat with soothing vocals on a breathtaking beat, this is a absorbing track which will have you thinking of the vast possibilities out there in beautiful nature.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

FAVORITE released the filthiest earworm of the year with DIRTY MONEY

Atlanta alt-punk pioneers FAVORITE have released their stormer of a single, DIRTY MONEY; anti-capitalist rhetoric has never been more anthemic. With a touch of Mansun and Glasvegas to the frenetic punk-rock instrumentals and the massive production, DIRTY MONEY lends brit-pop and alt-90s tones before feeding them through their scuzzed-up riffs and ensnaring hooks.

The single may serve the stark reminder that everything we do is another act in the corrupt economic system, but it also shows that there’s until there’s an alternative, we should find pleasure in whatever we can. DIRTY MONEY is enough to bring hedonism back into trend. Oscar Wilde would be proud.

DIRTY MONEY is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast