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Pinch me, I feel nothing: Zazen drops remix for Benny Benassi’s ‘DayDream’ (Zazen Remix)

As you see the pinch but feel no sensation in the slightest, Zazen brings us a remix of the sizzling hit Benny Benassi track from April this year called ‘DayDream(Zazen Remix).

Zazen is a Washington DC Metro/Northern Virginia-based indie EDM artist. He is a skilled musician who is always looking for that extra bit of style, as he adds in a blend of exciting electronic music to wet all appetites.

He fell in love with the modern influence of electronic dance music and made the decision that he wanted to pursue music as a serious passion, specializing in original dance music, specifically, melodic dubstep and deep house.” ~ Zazen

There is such a catchy beat here mixed in with some sensual female vocals to get us in the mood to party – over a track all about moving in quick and getting all those feelings quickly swapped out – with a new lover who is actually right for you.

DayDream‘ (Zazen Remix) from Washington DC Metro/Northern Virginia-based indie EDM music producer Zazen, is a my-heart-will-be-somewhere-else moment, as the former relationship seems so far away now as you have moved on. Made with a confident style and after adding in his own spin to proceedings, this is a worthwhile remix to a hit track that so many had stuck in their heads for months earlier on in 2021.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alice Payne – Visions: The Ultimate Chillwave Playlist Staple

‘Visions’ is the latest dreamily psychotropic dance-pop release from the independent Australian artist and producer Alice Payne. After releasing her debut synth-pop track, Drive, earlier this year, the hype is steadily garnering around her emotionally charged, sonically cathartic style.

The reverb-swathed soundscape starts with an ethereal indie trip-hop prelude before the downtempo four-to-the-floor beat starts to kick in to create a solid structure for the ensnaring track to capture you within.

With the teasing progressions, aural curveballs and enigmatic sense of intrigue in Visions, you couldn’t ask for a better chillwave playlist staple.

Visions is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get your euphoria fix with MAR1’s alt-electronica single, Someone Else

If it has been a while since you’ve encountered an uplifting track that does what it says on the tin, delve into MAR1’s hyper-pop dance track, Someone Else, which uses distorted vocals that find ubiquitous synergy with the beats.

Someone Else was never orchestrated to fall in line with contemporary trends or style. The Alexandria, Egypt-hailing producer and DJ thrives when his electronic craft knows no stylistic bounds. Experimental it may be, but by no means is MAR1’s evocative sound niche. The artist has counted plenty of successes in his career, including joining big-name acts at festivals such as Firefly Music Festival. Something tells us that MAR1 won’t stop there, considering that his potential leaves us with as much hype as his energetic sound itself.

For the sake of your serotonin levels, safe space on your radar.

Someone Else is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Others Acting Sneaky: Detroit rapper Leopardhead brushes off the sketchy shadows as he gets in the zone with ‘Light Work’

As he cruises confidently with the real team who have shown their loyalty when many others have not, Leopardhead walks around in content mood with his new single all about putting in the legit ‘Light Work‘.

Leopard God aka Leopardhead, is a highly motivated Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip-hop artist, writer, music producer and actor.

This is the message about walking the correct path with those who you trust the most, as you ignore the foolish others who only seek to bring you down and destroy what you have built up from scratch. He raps with meaning and much vigor, with an underground performance which shows you his growing versatility and will to succeed at his chosen profession.

Light Work‘ from the Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper and music producer Leopardhead, is a street-filled track all about going for your dreams no matter what others are doing behind your back. With the chance of getting involved in temptation so high, he has decided to go against the flow and do things the right way.

Looking in the mirror each day and not feeling ashamed of yourself – is the only way to be truly free and alive in this sneaky world full of fake sharks – ready to bite you at any opportunity you give them.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Niadomi has released her theatrical, hyper pop single, The Beast and the Grind.

Just when I was starting to think that I had heard it all, alternative artist Niadomi appeared on our radar with her theatrical, hyper pop single, The Beast and the Grind.

With her operatic vocals that verse fantastical, poetic lyrics meeting the happy hardcore-style beats, I now know how Emilie Autumn would sound if Dune remixed one of her archaically fierce singles. The Beast and the Grind may not be your average earworm, but that doesn’t remove its infectious potential; you can’t help being hyped by the aural presence of Niadomi. We can’t wait to hear what follows this seminal release.

Check out the official lyric video to The Beast and the Grind via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Petrokinetic – Rollercoaster Ride (Charli XCX / Alice Deejay Mashup Cover).

Moscow-based artist and producer Petrokinetic took some time out from creating his chaotic original mixes to mashup iconic tracks by Charli XCX and Alice DJ in his latest release, Rollercoaster Ride. Brace yourselves; it is full-blown bash of aural insanity.

The boundary-breaking maximalist’s sonic style was never cultivated to be comfortable. Instead, the artist stays true to his moniker and aims to hectically overwhelm his fans with his experimental energy. You have to hand it to him; you will find few aural experiences on the airwaves as visceral as this.

Petrokinetic’s mashup is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Doyle put his uplifting indie-pop touch on Starley’s ‘Arms Around Me’.

For his latest release, the up and coming London-based artist Doyle put his uplifting touch on the iconic track, Arms Around Me by Starley. By all accounts, Arms Around Me was the perfect summer dance-pop anthem before the remix, under Doyle’s melodic manipulation, the track started to emanate quintessential indie-pop vibes, making the lyrics even more intimate and the vocals infinitely more endearing.

With his debut album expected to drop in 2022, you should leave ample space on your radar for the bedroom artist and producer.

You can check out Doyle’s entrancing remix of Arms Around Me via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Only See A Shadow: Oakland-based hip-hop artist Mellay kicks back and reminisces about a past love on ‘Rewind’

Inspired by Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, and the late-great Mac Miller, Mellay remembers when he was with someone who took his confidence away for a short time, but still wishes they had more time together as the sparks were raging hot on ‘Rewind‘.

Mellay is an Oakland, California-based Asian hip-hop artist, music producer and visual artist who is originally from Hawaii.

While most hip hop artists keep their flaws hidden behind confidence, Mellay lets them shine through his music.” ~ Mellay

He has a quality-lit flow and seems to possess that old school mentality through his rhymes, as he raps with a rare confidence and certain conviction of his ever-evolving abilities. It feels like you are listening to an underground legend who is only going to improve on each track, as his voice keeps that cool consistent edge throughout this gem of a release.

His unique ability to let his guard down allows him to stand out as an artist that many can relate to, something that has become less and less common in today’s roster of rising artists.” ~ Mellay

Rewind‘ from the Oakland-based hip-hop artist Mellay, is a well-made track with a catchy chorus, a sizzling beat and bars filled with some smoothly layered lyrics that take you back to the classic days of this classic genre. This is the type of introspective track to lay back with as you think back to when you were with someone who made your heart beat, but couldn’t see yourself being with long-term.

Sometimes your memory takes you to places you have forgotten about before, as you smile and gaze to the skies to wonder who will be the next romantic soul in your life.

Check out the new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Many Dreams: Elle Moon needs help solving these ‘Big City Problems’

Taken impressively off her vividly captivating eleven-track debut album called ‘Purple Skies‘, the special Elle Moon leads us bravely into her mind on the follow-up from her previous single ‘Prodigy‘, with a true story all about her struggles and new goals she has set despite the devastating carnage around her on ‘Big City Problems‘.

Lara Mamoun aka Elle Moon, is Atlanta, Georgia-based twenty-eight years-young incredibly talented multi award-winning indie singer-songwriter, director, actor, comedian, web designer, clothing store owner and music producer, who is an ambient/electro pop and rap artist with Lebanese roots and sings in English, French and Arabic.

The song stems from her struggles with depression, her failed relationship, her desires to succeed and her realization of new found dreams. Her failures have equipped with her a burning passion to strive for and achieve greatness. This song is meant to inspire listeners to overcome any obstacle holding them back.” ~ Elle Moon

With a fighter-mentality, she ponders if her problems are actually massive like a mountain, or just silly and actually easy to solve. She possesses a clearly toned vocal ability that is awash with sumptuously designed promise – as she airs out her issues so that she may be free from the distrust from her lovers seedy ways – and her own lofty ambitions to achieve all of those obtainable goals.

‘I’m fluent in French, English, Spanish and Arabic and I have a background in Economics, Engineering and the Arts.” ~ Elle Moon

Big City Problems‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based multi-skilled artist Elle Moon, is an honest story about wishing she had been told how things were really going to be like in life. She sings with so much gritty determination as she wonders if she should really be alone rather than with someone who she can’t totally trust, as she tries to work out which path needs to be in her mind right now.

On a catchy beat with so much to like, this is an inspiring track for anyone who needs some help solving their own issues in this rather confusing world.

Hear this top new track on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anything You Like: Danny Polo (ft. Landon Sears and Cube) brings us that sweet-loving soul funky RnB with ‘Prada’

After getting an excellent beat sent to him by an upcoming music producer from Canada, Danny Polo brought the magic together (ft. Landon Sears and Cube) to make a track that has your happy funk bones moving in utter delight on ‘Prada‘.

Danny Polo is a Nashville-based R&B/soul artist by night who also works as a nurse by day, on the front-lines to bravely help out during this horrific pandemic that won’t seem to leave us alone.

Featuring fellow Nashville hip-hop/RnB artist/music producer and platinum-selling star Landon Sears with the fast-emerging Canadian music producer Cube, this is a thoroughly riveting track that will have your mind bending in supremely day-dreaming pleasure.

With a heavy dose of soul, musicality, and nostalgia, Danny Polo is spiritual; but it’s not what you think.” ~ Danny Polo

This is the kind of track that melts away all your previous negativity and takes you to a happy place, to a vivid picture of your gorgeously dressed lover who you feel is so perfect for you. They give you that look which somehow has the power to make you grin so freely, as you connect with them on a spiritual level that was unheard of before.

Prada‘ from Nashville RnB/soul artist, former choir kid and current nurse Danny Polo (ft. Landon Sears and Cube), is that you-take-me-higher type of track that wants to make her feel like she can ask you for anything, no matter what the hit to the bank account. Sung with pure flair, rapped with a smooth flow and produced with a hot beat, this is a tremendous combination who kindly give us all a summer jam to frolic freely inside.

Sometimes you just need to find someone to fall in love with, so you can truly care for them like no one else has done before.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen