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KIMMERLY shows us sweetly inside her beautiful disaster with exceptional debut, ‘Waterlily’

After taking a hugely fearless leap and moving from the safe confines of her hometown, KIMMERLY shows us the truth in a world that is often trying to deflect what actually makes you unique on her debut single, ‘Waterlily‘.

KIMMERLY  is a Southwest Florida-based indie singer-songwriter, guitarist, music producer and violinist who was inspired to take up music when she was in the sixth grade at middle school while in the orchestra.

I sing about being a beautiful disaster and a train wreck. I sing about how one can put together, when in reality we’re all like works of Impressionism.” ~ KIMMERLY

Showing us the authentic soul inside her inventive veins that cares about the earth and loves wholeheartedly like we all should, the classically trained KIMMERLY displays poise and love that is so rare in this instant gratification world that needs to rethink that mentality rather quickly. Here is a genuine artist who sings with such reflection in her own life, hoping that she can find a fellow mess to be happy together with.

While I am sometimes an artist, and sometimes a poet, I am above all a musician.” ~ KIMMERLY 

Waterlily‘ from Southwest Florida-based indie singer-songwriter/guitarist, music producer and violinist KIMMERLY  is an incredible first single from a truly astonishing creative who has made something rather special here. She takes her time and draws us the sketch of her picture that is filled with honestly, as we melt inside her gorgeously elegant vocals that will take you into a faraway place of ponder.

Made with a really classy style that hasn’t been rushed unnecessarily, this is the start of something rather remarkable.

Hear this graceful soul shine so brightly on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Laptop Singers appeal to the loveless in their smooth electro-pop hit, Are You Ready for Love? Featuring Roger Arvidson

The Swedish electro-pop duo, Laptop Singers, got even more lavish with the soul in their latest single, Are You Ready for Love?, Featuring Roger Arvidson.

It easily parallels Elton John’s song with the same title for the soul it spills, but it is so much more than your average “everyone be happy summer single”. The gentle protest against cheap thrills shows compassion for the endemic of the defiantly loveless.

The sultry, smoothed electro-pop ballad taps into the modern issue of rejecting lasting affection for meaningless gratification with a classic touch while the self-produced single indoctrinates the lush electronic textures brought about by this era.

The brother duo, consisting of Lars and Per Andersson, have had 30 years of Swedish pop practice. By the time they got round to penning Are You Ready for Love and bringing it to life as a courtesy of Roger Arvidson’s timelessly soulful pop vocals, they knew exactly how to hit the ground swooning.

Are You Ready for Love? is now available to stream on Spotify.

Check out Laptop Singers via their official website, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London-based artist Sham Parker knows exactly what is missing in his life on ‘Euphoria’

Hiding his insecurities under the blanket of past passion that is unquestionably missed with his ex-lover, Sham Parker wishes she would stop those late night calls as he wants more than that on ‘Euphoria‘.

Sham Parker is a mysteriously anonymous London, UK-based indie RnB/alt-Trap artist and music producer who makes that passionate blend of music that will grab your attention like a lightning storm.

With rasping vocals that will distract you for the better, Sham Parker reminisces about that once-strong romance that is effecting his mindset as he misses it so much, while knowing that it has surely ended permanently.

Euphoria‘ from the shadowy figure of London, UK-based indie RnB/alt-Trap musician and producer Sham Parker is a true story for all those who have felt their fragile heart smash into pieces. Displaying a true insight to a situation that spun out of control and can’t seem to be mended – no matter how much he wants it to – this is a core-shaking message. With truth everywhere, honest raps and a silky smooth beat to turn up loud, this is a song that many of us will certainly relate to.

Love can be so cruel sometimes.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In Love: Kuma Pop can sense the sparks flying all over his heart on ‘Supergirl’

Sliding a dime into our romantic slot machines with total care and expert precision, Kuma Pop has dropped a single that is so catchy you might need gloves to hold on with via his latest track ‘Supergirl‘.

Kuma Pop is a multi-talented Spain-born indie music producer and visual artist who loves supporting the local scene and upping the standard.

Experience sharing and performing with my new tracks in Ibiza and Burning Man. Currently producing for a number of artists in Spain besides my own music.” ~ Kuma Pop

Putting our mood into a welcome overdrive of emotions that many will certainly find appealing, Kuma Pop pumps up the volume and wakes up anyone taking a nap with a quick-fire single of intent.

It was premiered during the Ibiza Pride 2022, where I performed 7 unreleased tracks in which show the team Acrobati-K joined Kuma Pop on the stage for two songs with a powerful and glamorous acrobatic performance.” ~ Kuma Pop

Supergirl‘ from Spain-born music producer and visual artist Kuma Pop is a bone-rattler that will find thousands dusting off those risky dance moves that can cause back problems. Stomping a saucy track onto our rotation that will get your whole soul awake and ready for the next step, we are introduced to an artist who is here to entertain us all with self-assured abandon.

When you feel the tension, it’s best to express it before you explode.

Turn it up on Spotify and follow the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mike Di Lorenzo drops romance-filled treat with ‘What We Need’ (feat. Anna Moore)

Sending a pulsating shock wave through our veins and right into our open eyes, Mike Di Lorenzo knows we can find that special soul if you search with the right mindset on ‘What We Need(feat. Anna Moore).

Mike Di Lorenzo is a much-loved New York, USA-based keyboardist and music producer who is known for his huge jazz influence and has also made RnB, gospel and Latin music creations in his career.

Mike has performed with a wide range of artists including Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston and the grammy-award winning NJ Mass Choir, Gerald Alston, Regina Belle to Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, to name a few.” ~ Mike Di Lorenzo

Featuring the wonderful contemporary RnB singer-songwriter Anna Moore, Mike Di Lorenzo has created something rather gloriously beautiful here as we rest our heads on a truly graceful effort. There is a loving nature to embrace here, with a song that combines that old school romance into one present to unwrap with a massive smile.

What We Need(feat. Anna Moore) from New York, USA-based keyboardist and music producer Mike Di Lorenzo is a candle-lit single for anyone who has been feeling lonely lately. With a look to the future and reminding us where our desires need to be focused on, this is a track with a warm energy that will have you getting dressed up to impress.

Life is all about knowing what you want so that you can exude that calm confidence to achieve all your dreams.

Calm your heart on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Area 51 has nothing on Koosha Azim’s psychedelically sensory experience, ALIEN

Haunting and transcending are two rarely joined adjectives; the Iranian American contemporary artist, Koosha Azim, pushed them into a tight-knit while exploring alt-hip hop and psychedelia in his sensory soundscape, ALIEN.

The bleeding vocals, cinematically ethereal layers, and playfully unpretentious creativity are a stellular pleasure which scarcely resembles any Avant-Garde score that experimentalists have left behind before.

If he keeps pushing in this gratifyingly trippy and obscure direction, the San Francisco Bay Area artist will have the airwaves at his feet in no time. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear the transcendence that follows.

Koosha Azim’s latest single, ALIEN is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: rise and shine with the soul in Laraland’s latest single, In the Morning


Ahead of the release of her third LP, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Laraland has unveiled the soul in her latest seductive jazz-pop serenade, In the Morning, featuring bassist Nama.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. ‘They’ have never succumbed to the succinctly revelatory lyrical style of Laraland. “In the morning you won’t know my name but I’m the same” perfectly encapsulates the hangover from the cocktail of alcohol, fleeting affection and amicable rejection. At least the love affair with this loungey jazz revival is built to stand the test of time.

With all the timeless class of Ella Fitzgerald nestled up against the modernist resonance in the groove-deep production, easy listening just became infinitely more arrestive. Voices like this don’t emerge every day; Laraland is notably a golden souled diamond in the superficial rough. Get her on your radar.

In her own words, here is what Laraland had to say about her latest single,

“In the Morning was written during another long lockdown in Melbourne in late 2021. It reminisces on the idea of being able to go out and meet new people at a bar, club or anywhere the night takes you. I am drawing on the idea that sometimes you form a connection with a stranger in a bar and want it to last longer than its bitter-sweet one-night expiry.”

In the Morning will officially release on June 20th. You can hear it for yourselves via Spotify.

Follow Laraland on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Krzysztof flies so free like a bird with that glorious love in this eyes on ‘Purple’

Taken off his upcoming release called ‘Colours‘, Krzysztof has sent us a picture packed with rainbow-filled memories that have you feeling rather harmonious from the wildness of the world with ‘Purple‘.

Krzysztof is a Mississauga, Canada-based indie music producer, instrumental artist, singer-songwriter and sound engineer who makes music from the deepest part of his heart.

As a DIY musician, I write, compose, play, record, produce and engineer all of my music. I write instrumental pieces and electronic pieces along with full songs.” ~ Krzysztof

With a song about how much someone can love another, Krzysztof shows us that a goddess can really change your perspective if you let things be simple again and focus on one person. Sung with a really mellow serenity, this is a track that will certainly warm your soul.

Purple‘ from Mississauga, Canada-based indie music producer, singer-songwriter and sound engineer Krzysztof is a calming wonder that reminds us all that a tender human touch is so important in this lonely world. A song with so much care and love is on offer, from an artist who assembles music that is rather cinematically peaceful and sends your heart into a flutter.

Listen to this new track on YouTube Music and see more on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wav shows us his inside that shattered picture with ‘Who Was The One?’

With a tranquil energy that shows you inside the mind circles that have spun out of time, Wav knows that there is not much else to say to a former lover who has slowly faded away into the past with ‘Who Was The One?

Wav is a Montreal, Quebec-based indie experimental alternative solo artist and music producer who is inspired by artists such as Pink Floyd and Kanye West.

”The track explores themes such as addiction to comfort, self-doubt and self realization. Share, like, save. Over-analyze to the point where you know the song more than me and most importantly: enjoy.” ~ Wav

With a majestic approach that shows us all his growing maturity mentally as his calming vocals send you to a nostalgic place, Wav opens up the door into his past that has you shivering at the recollection from that memory you have hidden away for years.

Coming from an Indian family he was constantly surrounded by Bollywood music and his older siblings would encourage him to sing as early as he could talk. Performing with his sisters at their Sikh Temple became Balkirat’s first introduction to the stage and where he fell in love with performing. ” ~ Wav

Who Was The One?‘ from Montreal, Quebec-based indie experimental alternative solo artist/music producer Wav is a cinematic experience that shall take your mind away and get you thinking deeply about that time you wish you could have back. The vocals simmer in hot like a burning fire and shake up your mood while pondering why things reversed so quickly.

Thinking about something for too long that you can’t change can really mess with your mind.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see what happens next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Frances Baker wonders if she will ever hear the truth from her ‘Soulful Baby’

Released by Ugly Cave Records and showing us why she is indeed protected by loyal angels, Frances Baker reveals to us her stunning vocal progression on the latest gem that will have you in a reflective mood on, ‘Soulful Baby‘.

Frances Baker is a New England and Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with a graceful style you can’t easily forget.

She accompanies herself with guitar, samples, and scored midi instruments combining Lo-Fi indie guitar, dynamic rhythm, soulful singing, to create something oddly familiar.” ~ Frances Baker

Currently on tour in New York City, as she travels the country to expose her music to the masses, Frances Baker is like a heavenly wonder on ‘Soulful Baby‘ as she soars into our awaiting ears with so much kindness. Her style is so unpretentious, the lyrics introspective and the vocal qualities rather divine, as we are placed into a world that will have you floating rather peacefully as you contemplate everything you previously felt.

Soulful Baby‘ from New England and Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter/music producer Frances Baker is a sweetly sung single from a young artist who wonders if her relationship can truly make it through all the plastic and untruths. Her expressive ambience is rather calming and you might look deeply outside the window next to you, pondering that time you wish you knew the actual story to set you free forever.

Listen up to this gorgeous single on Spotify and see her career rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen