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Don’t Hold On For Too Long: Chris Too Far needs to get away from that poisoned love on ‘Addicted’

With a wonderfully groovy start to proceedings, Chris Too Far is absolutely excellent on a track all about thinking about the completely wrong person you should be dreaming about on ‘Addicted‘.

Chris Too Far is an indie pop singer-songwriter based in the UK who brings us an added reggae-fusion energy on this fantastic new single.

Started singing around the age of 14 when my sisters who were a musical duo at the time wanted some male backing vocals on one of their tracks. I released i wasn’t half bad at singing and that is when i caught the bug for it which progressed to writing and performing also.” ~ Chris Too Far

You feel the insightful message portrayed of somehow being connected to someone who you really shouldn’t be interested in but are, as they fill your head and distract you away from who you should be spending your time with. There is much to like here with the smartly-penned lyrics and sumptuously performed vocals, that has you in such an intimately reflective mood to ponder what you should do next.

Addicted compares the feeling of falling hard in love with someone in a similar vein to someone becoming addicted to a drug. It uses metaphors that could apply to both scenarios. When you fall in love with someone you likely also become addicted to them which isn’t always healthy as the song implies.” ~ Chris Too Far

Addicted‘ from the UK-based indie pop artist Chris Too Far, is a quality track all about thinking about someone so alluring but probably dangerous for your health. They are clearly bad for you but you have had a taste already and can’t get enough – your mind races like a formula one car when they are in your thoughts – and you know its not good for your health, but its exactly what you truly desire.

Sung with a real conviction and a head-groovy beat, this is a fine track that will definitely have you recalling that special soul who seems to have some sort of mystical power over you.

Stream this lovely new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alice Payne – Visions: The Ultimate Chillwave Playlist Staple

‘Visions’ is the latest dreamily psychotropic dance-pop release from the independent Australian artist and producer Alice Payne. After releasing her debut synth-pop track, Drive, earlier this year, the hype is steadily garnering around her emotionally charged, sonically cathartic style.

The reverb-swathed soundscape starts with an ethereal indie trip-hop prelude before the downtempo four-to-the-floor beat starts to kick in to create a solid structure for the ensnaring track to capture you within.

With the teasing progressions, aural curveballs and enigmatic sense of intrigue in Visions, you couldn’t ask for a better chillwave playlist staple.

Visions is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feel It In My Bones: The dynamic Miami artist Ha1ey evolves right before our eyes on ‘Seltzer’

As she read the signs and cooked up a new life as others went backwards during this horrible pandemic, Ha1ey turns up the heat to full on her sizzling new single which blows open the door on ‘Seltzer‘.

Haley Fishberger aka Ha1ey, is a flamboyant indie persona-pop artist and songwriter, producer, hot sauce lover, and dancer from Miami, Florida. She makes a deliciously soulful blend of electronic, pop and jazzy creations and seems to be only getting better on each one of her stunning creations.

Ha1ey’s sound is a fusion of soulful vocals, modern synths, and orchestral elements. Her message is “go big to go home.” Every song and performance communicates the importance of being the fullest version of yourself. Ha1ey embodies this through her sweeping melodies, risky lyrics, and empowering choreography.” ~ Ha1ey

Her lusciously intoxicating vocals are wonderfully striking as she sings with a marvelous aura about her, as she takes us on a refreshing ride to her lofty goals on this catchy new track. She appears to have that self-assurance woven into her soul that shows her where to go – as she performs with a magnificent style and grace – her sweetly toned voice has you so thrillingly captivated and totally captured by her brilliant energy.

Other defining characteristics of Ha1ey include sharing the personal stories behind her music, wearing capes just to throw them off during shows, sequins, and pouring hot sauce on everything.” ~ Ha1ey

Seltzer‘ from the highly talented New York-born, Miami-based indie pop artist and dancer Ha1ey, is that glowing track that shoves away all of the self-doubt forever. This is a multi-creative who lives for the stage, and has decided that this is her time to shine glowingly. With a bouncy beat that has you grooving to this enthralling tune, you are left in awe of her ever-growing potential.

This is the type of song which will have you reaching for your dreams, gritting your teeth, and believing you can achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.

Hear this fine new track on her Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Come Back: Jimmy OIOIOIO drops swan-loving new single ‘Bed Stuy’

Blending those artistic fantasies and raw emotion together, Jimmy OIOIOIO leads honestly us into his brand new track with the wonderfully-made ‘Bed Stuy‘.

Jimmy Peck aka Jimmy OIOIOIO, is an indie alt pop-rock/shoegaze solo artist, music student and music producer from New Jersey.

He is noted for using a unique mix of various musical styles such as dream pop, commercial pop, electropop, industrial, shoegaze, baroque pop, and indie rock, and filtering them through his lens of whimsical, ethereal, and campy aesthetics to craft something that is truly inspired.” ~ Jimmy OIOIOIO

With a fascinating thought to this romantic situation, he perfectly illustrates the moment that has you feeling so warm inside your loved up soul. He sings with such a gush-filled style which has you in a trance the whole time, as we are taken through this sweet story of that rare true love.

In a moment of boredom a couple of months ago, my artist friend, Krista Webster, asked me for an idea of something to doodle. I said, ‘do two swans!’. She drew Daphne & Matilda. These swans were so gorgeous, and so madly in love, it possessed me to write and produce a song about them that afternoon in just around half an hour or so. The process of creating Bed Stuy was very automatic. It’s like it was written by the swans themselves and not me.” ~ Jimmy OIOIOIO

Bed Stuy‘ from the New Jersey-based pop/rock artist Jimmy OIOIOIO, is a shoegaze-filled release which is full of an intoxicating beat that takes you to a new world. Made with a love for the moment and imagining two sweet swans in love – this is a caring single with an affectionate edge – that has you feeling rather entrenched into this cute story. With promising vocal ability and a tremendously original style, this is a lovely single that will have you feeling so intrigued about an artist who truly uses that all-important imagination.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Franklin Gotham has released their stoically stellar single, Without Being Alone.

Franklin Gotham’s latest single, Without Being Alone, is a tender power-pop embrace that you’ll want to fall into time and time again for the comforting vintage tones, dreamy doo-wop vibes and compassionate lyricism. If you can imagine what Pavement would sound like if they picked up the same romanticism as Syd Barrett, you will be able to get an idea of the sticky-sweet euphoria delivered.

Without Being Alone stoically explores the kind of love that leaves you on the sidelines exploring the infinite possibilities with impassioned impatience. If it’s been a while since you looked at love with rose-tinted glasses, the sweet succinct melodies in this synaesthesia-inducing single will efficaciously remind you.

Without Being Alone is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

LT – How Would it Feel: The Ultimate Melancholic Dream-Pop Track

Award-winning singer-songwriter, LT (Leanne Tennant), has poured her spellbinding talent into yet another evocatively ensnaring single, How Would it Feel; by all accounts, it’s the ultimate melancholic pop track. Expect a similar sonic palette to the likes of Beach House, Deerhunter and Slowdive through the shoegazey angular guitars and hazy reverb paired with uplifting elements of folk.

LT delivered familiarity and alchemic distinction in the same package; her soulfully provoking, tender indie vocals command the soundscape in the same hypnotic way as London Grammar, Daughter and the XX. The reminiscences are great for reference, but to truly appreciate her exceptional songwriting skills, you’ll need to experience the soul of How Would It Feel first-hand.

How Would it Feel was officially released on September 13; you can check it out for yourselves via her website or SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

And Let Us Flee: Castle KYD needs to escape into the wild forever on ‘Menagerie’

As he carefully holds his tender hand out and wonders who will hold it too, Castle KYD looks for the escape route out of this meaningless sewage-filled planet that drowns away our authentic energy if we aren’t too careful on his latest single called ‘Menagerie‘.

Castle KYD is a professional escapist and solo indie alt-rock/pop musician. He makes that real music all about issues that face us everyday, and sings with a real meaning in all of his songs.

Created as an Alter-Ego for an adult who never knows how to be outspoken about his inner enigmas—realizing that behind the walls he put up, he could still speak.” ~ Castle KYD

This is the message of moving on as you aren’t happy about what you have built up here anyway – and seek that true adventure which shall break you away – from the monotonous cycle that wheels you away from your correct path of self-enlightenment. The lyrics are deep and cleverly written, his vocals slowly gaining steam like a classic train, as he finds that inner confidence that is brewing delightfully and almost ready to explode with his true emotions.

Behind the castle, there is a kid.” ~ Castle KYD

Menagerie‘ from the promising Castle KYD, is the honest story about feeling so caged up that you just need to get out quick before your precious soul burns a slow death. He sings with a real meaning and insight into the current world and how so many of us feel – after many months of being locked inside – we lust for the wild nature to set us free again.

Feeling alive, is the best way to keep that soul fresh with excitement anyway.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Your Eyes: JULIENT wants to take control and help her feel safe ‘For A While’

With a caring tone and a loving attitude to helping calm a strangers mind, JULIENT knows that they have an instant connection and he can help make all those worries float away ‘For A While‘.

Tassilo Julien H aka JULIENT, is an indie pop artist from Germany, who is now based in London, England. He is a talented musician who makes that atmospheric fusion, that has you mind alive with the possibilities in this wonderful galaxy.

Inspired by bands like A R I Z O N A or artists like Troye Sivan, it is a love pop song with an easy listening atmosphere.” ~ JULIENT

Made with a kind-heart and a compassionate nature towards this sweet human who he feels a young love for, he sings with such a peaceful glance at the current situation. These kind lyrics and calm vocals are equally matched with a pacifying beat, which seems to transport you to a different time altogether.

‘‘I met a girl over the internet. We met in person and spent the night together. Obviously we didn’t know much about each other, but there was a connection. We talked all night and she told me about her insecurities. I didn’t know how to cheer her up, to say good things to her, I just knew I wanted to hold her hand, even if it is just for a while, I wanted to make her feel good that she is not alone and that she feels safe. Even though I didn’t know if we would stay in touch, if we would see each other again, but I wanted to be there for her in some way.’’ ~ JULIENT

For A While‘ from the London-based, German pop singer-songwriter JULIENT, is the romantic story about meeting someone new who you feel a tight bond with instantly. You spend many hours getting to know each other, as you gaze into her kind eyes and wish that you could help her be happier.

Made with calming vocals that has you feeling almost nostalgic, this is a track to look into the clouds above with, as you find the true soul who will complete you forever.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Get High Like This: Taylor Paul finds the neon lights with someone truly special on ‘Slow Motion’

After the much-appreciated album from 2020 called ‘The Way I Saw It‘, Taylor Paul is back with another real gem which is all about finding someone wonderful who makes you feel like you are living in ‘Slow Motion‘.

Taylor Paul is a New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He blends in aspects of folk and blues, to create an authentic blend of feel-good music vibrations.

As summer comes to an end, this is a reflection on small glimpses of possibility that have come out of this year.” ~ Taylor Paul

Sung with a really smoothly textured vocal shimmer that has your eyes in a content glimmer – this is a stunning single to think deeply with as you see your dream person standing right next to you – as you look for those romantic shooting stars together.

Coming off a concept record about having cancer, I definitely wanted to turn the page to a more fun and laid back era of music.” ~ Taylor Paul

Slow Motion‘ from the New Mexico-based indie pop artist Taylor Paul, is a love-struck story about feeling so incredibly in tune with the world when you are with your ideal partner. The world calms down and everything is so vivid, as you look into their beautiful eyes and feel so alive inside your whole soul.

This is such a pure song made with a true passion for all things real, and leaves a memorably peaceful mark on your mind during these troubled times.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Urban fusionist Malice has released her ethereal dream-pop sophomore single, It’s You.

Ethereal pop, new wave rap and soulful RnB collide in the sophomore single, It’s You., from the enigmatically sensational artist, Malice. Sonically, she conjures dreamy and wavy ambient textures in the soundscape that feeds in plenty of tape echo effects. Vocally, she is unpredictable from one verse to the next. From phantasmal harmonies to fierce rap increments, you can expect to hear the full extent of her smooth vocal dynamic in her reprising single.

Based on It’s You, Malice deserves to be just as acclaimed as her trip-hop/dream pop predecessors, and yes, that includes Portishead.

It’s You. is now available to stream on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast