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ToleX unveiled a fiery reckoning with their hell-hath-no-fury poetic epiphany of an EDM release, Cry Baby

ToleX’s EDM-Chill Step hybrid, Cry Baby, dropped on April Fool’s Day to prove they’re nobody’s fool in the searing indictment of post-breakup epiphanies. Even with the catharsis of the Chill-Step aesthetics, it hits with the force of a hurricane.

From the opening artillery of lyrics, ToleX sets the stage for a raw, unfiltered dive into the emotional abyss left in the wake of lost love. The poetic justice in the lines “It shouldn’t have to be until I leave to make you love me”, and “It shouldn’t have to be the memories that makes you miss me,” doesn’t just create a haunting reminder of love taken for granted; the introspection filters the enraging phenomenon through a brand-new lens.

But Cry Baby is more than a mere lament; it’s a battle cry wrapped in a rhythm. The female vocals, draped over ToleX’s fiery beats, serve as a siren song, luring listeners into a whirlpool of raw emotion and unapologetic truth-telling, resulting in a sonic uprising against the all-too-common narrative of love appreciated too late.

ToleX doesn’t just push boundaries; they incinerate them, offering a track that’s as much a balm for the scorned as it is a wake-up call for the complacent. Cry Baby is a musical inferno, burning away the clichés of heartbreak songs to reveal a core of fierce honesty and emotional depth. This isn’t just another break-up anthem; it’s a revolutionary redefinition of what it means to turn heartache into art.

Stream the single on all major platforms including Amazon Music and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Synthetix – Ominous Data: Meet the Master of Electronica Futurology

Synthetix looked far beyond the binary with the cybernetically harbingering title single from his latest bass-heavy electro LP, Ominous Data. The San Francisco-residing breakbeat producer and live artist Shea Steinbacher founded Synthetix and started cutting his teeth in the rave and nightclub scene in 1999, the same year The Matrix hit the big screen, which may or may not be coincidental, but one thing is for sure, Synthetix has become a moniker synonymous with the futurology of electronica.

As dark, heavy, and brooding as Ominous Data may be, nothing about the polished mix feels oppressive. The reverberating glitchy waves wash over you, allowing your rhythmic pulses to ebb and flow with the syncopated momentum that speaks volumes of the producer’s experience and expertise which has lent itself to 13 LPs and EPs on labels including Anti-Matter Records and Black Magic Records.

Currently operating under his own independent label, ZerosAndOnes Records, the innovative originator is ensuring that if we do have a future to look forward to where our autonomy doesn’t atrophy, he’s going to hold dominion over the breakbeat scene with his kinetic rhythms and synths that carve through the atmosphere with the reverberations of a full-scale invasion.

Ominous Data was inputted into the airwaves on April 5th; stream the track on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Delve into the digital abyss with Intonation Effigy’s harbingering journey, Artificial Intelligence

Intonation Effigy’s latest single, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘, composed by Keegan LaBrot, is a dark and harbingering journey into the underbelly of electronica. This cinematically dystopian instrumental release is larger than life in its encapsulation of the ever-lingering threat of AI’s inevitable domination.

The track is a masterclass in creating a disquieting and artfully disconcerting atmosphere. Intonation Effigy’s use of complex and glitchy time signatures is a sonic visualisation of the tumultuous epoch we are entering. The equilibrium between dark, bass-drenched synthetics and light, almost ethereal aesthetics is a testament to Intonation Effigy’s ability to emotionally round out his immersive productions. The track is a journey, not just through sound, but through the emotional landscape of a world grappling with the rise of artificial intelligence.

As the third single from this artfully profound visionary, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ establishes Intonation Effigy as an essential name to follow in the electronica scene. This track is more than a musical composition; it’s a statement, a reflection of our times, and a glimpse into a possible future dominated by AI. For fans of electronica looking for depth, complexity, and emotional resonance, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ by Intonation Effigy is a must-listen.

Artificial Intelligence dropped on March 19th; stream the single on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Am Élie welcomed EDM fans to a new era with ‘Pareidolia’

Am Élie’s latest single, ‘Pareidolia‘, welcomes EDM fans to the new age while showcasing the Sydney-based prodigy as an emissary of innovation who operates decades beyond current trends.

This blissfully utopian anthem is a one-way ticket to an auditory sanctuary, where the builds and breaks rhythmically oscillate around bursts of euphoria and the production intertwines a futuristically rich tapestry of sonic rapture, strings, lush synths and EDM beats. Am Élie’s use of animatronic vocal effects complements the instrumentals perfectly, ensuring that the emotional themes resonate as powerfully as the ingenuity of the composition.

The lyrical narrative arc of Am Élie’s redemption following a bittersweet breakup is a testament to how the grass will always be greener if you move from what no longer serves you; the emotional depth of ‘Pareidolia’ is palpable, making it a standout piece in Am Élie’s growing discography.

Am Élie, a graduate of the prestigious Talent Development Project and a student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, brings a unique blend of influences to her music. Drawing inspiration from the likes of David Guetta and Lana Del Rey, she occupies the middleground with her distinctive flair which effortlessly sets her apart from her contemporaries.

Check out Pareidolia when it drops on April 5th on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

We Architects Synthesised the Sound of Summer with their Progressive House Pop Hit, Light Blue Skies

If your climate isn’t giving you the feel of summer, tune into the sound of it with the seminal progressive house pop single, Light Blue Skies by the cousin duo, We Architects, who have become infamous since their 2014 debut for their infusions of contemporary pop and tropical beach vibes. The stellar production will whisk you away on a holiday you never knew you were going on.

After racking up almost a million streams on Spotify alone, this single which oscillates with serotonin and soul, has become a staple of many who love the anticipation of sun-soaked hedonism and the core memories that follow sticky sweet escapades in the sun.

We Architects gave the progressions superlative intuition by knowing exactly where to take you to ensure you’re always led to euphoria. The rapture in the polished instrumentals juxtaposes the vocal lines which carry a melancholic sting while vibrantly celebrating the sanctity of summer, making them a perfect addition to the emotion-rich production which reaches the epitome of infectious stridency.

Stream Light Blue Skies on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Meet the Einstein of IDM in Bitvert’s latest soundscape, wasted states

Wasted states by bitvert

Bitvert’s latest offering, ‘wasted states‘, is a testament to his profound understanding and innovative approach to electronica. Trained as a painter and skilled in music production, projection, 2D artwork, and visuals, Bitvert brings a unique perspective to his musical creations, evident in this captivating track.

‘wasted states’ draws listeners into a monochromatic techno landscape that is as dark and harbingering as it is transcendently liberating. Bitvert’s mastery in creating a soundscape that is both oppressive and enchanting is unparalleled. The backbeat, demanding and unyielding, forms the backbone of this auditory experience, compelling submission with its rhythmic magnetism.

As the instrumental progresses, haunting violin strings weave in, adding an exotic beguile that juxtaposes the track’s oppressive nature. This element of contrast is a reflection of Bitvert’s ability to allow his audience to profoundly feel what he visualises sonically.

Bitvert’s background in various artistic disciplines enriches his music, allowing him to create multi-dimensional experiences. His work with The Light Surgeons and performances at The Big Chill and Glastonbury Festival’s Gas Tower stage, as well as a groundbreaking VR set at The Lost Horizon Festival, showcase his versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Wasted states was officially released on March 15; stream the single on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Beats collided with raw, unbridled energy in DJ Lennon Mercury & Belle’s EDM collab, Midnight

Midnight” by DJ Lennon Mercury featuring Belle is a relentless force. This single, crafted by the masterful hands of DJ Lennon Mercury and penned by the Grammy-winning Belle, redefines the boundaries of EDM with its raw, unbridled energy.

From the get-go, “Midnight” grabs you by the soul. The hard-hitting hard house rhythms are merciless, seizing your rhythmic pulses and refusing to let go. The production is slick, a glossy testament to what the future of EDM can and should be. Belle’s vocals don’t just ride the beats; they electrify them, matching the high-octane, infectious intensity that’s set to dominate airwaves and devour dancefloors.

Picture the wild, unapologetic spirit of Icona Pop’s collaboration with Charlie XCX, then crank it up with hardstyle steroids – that’s the explosive vibe DJ Lennon Mercury has unleashed. Belle, with her history of lighting up stages worldwide, injects a raw, emotional depth into the track.

DJ Lennon Mercury, a maestro of the EDM scene, brings his signature blend of innovation to “Midnight.” Known for shaking up charts and crafting soundscapes that defy convention, his production on this track is a bold statement in a genre that thrives on the cutting edge.

Midnight stormed the airwaves on March 15; stream the single on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JBRRMUSIC produced the visceral ‘Feeling of XTC’ in his latest EDM hit

JBRRMUSIC refused to follow in anyone’s footsteps with his latest hit EDM single, Feeling of XTC, which brings everything that it says on the titular tin.

The EDM track which unravels as equal parts progressive house pop and euphoric techno follows a series of critically acclaimed and relentlessly playlisted and airplayed hits from the rising UK EDM producer who always thinks forward and takes his fans into the future of electronica with his innovative approach to alchemising aural ecstasy.

Feeling of XTC broke the EDM mould with its short and exhilaratingly sweet 2-minute duration. The succinct whirlwind of massive beats, build-ups so intense you may forget to breathe, and gravity-defying crescendos created a kinetically electrifying platform for the crystalline-with-soul female pop vocals to allude to the immense power of falling in love.

If anything can come close to the feeling of surrendering to someone completely and the subsequent addiction to the way that person makes you feel, it’s this monolith of an earworm which carries endless cross-over appeal. The sporadic tumultuous touches to the production became an efficacious sonic visualisation of love’s capacity to shake you to your core, leave you head over heels, and out of touch with gravity.

Feeling of XTC was officially released on February 23; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ed Roberts became the guiding light in the EDM scene with Northern Star featuring Amy Wyatt and Roi Aknin

Ed Roberts’ latest single, ‘Northern Star’, featuring Amy Wyatt and Roi Aknin, is a luminous beacon in the EDM universe. This track, infused with metaphorical depth, stands as a testament to Roberts’ burgeoning prowess in a genre often overshadowed by the towering legacy of icons like Avicii.

Roberts, a UK-based producer, draws inspiration from EDM stalwarts such as David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren. His journey, which took a definitive turn at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2019, has seen him evolve from a vocal producer to a creator of his own distinctive soundscapes. His previous works have already made waves on platforms like Spotify, but ‘Northern Star’ marks a zenith in his artistic trajectory.

The track opens with a subtle, yet captivating melody that sets the stage for the soul-stirring vocals. The production, bathed in the twilight of dreamy synths, allows the emotional resonance of the lyrics to shine through. Each beat, each note, is meticulously crafted to carry the weight of the song’s heartfelt message.

As the song progresses, Roberts demonstrates his mastery of the genre, blending powerful, energetic drops with a sense of emotional depth that is often elusive in EDM. The reverb, far from being just an auditory effect, acts as a vessel for the song’s affective power, drawing the listener deeper into its narrative.

Northern Star was officially released on February 18th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Buddy John synthesised retro pop aesthetics with contemporary EDM magnetism in his debut release, Don’t You Give Up on Me

Buddy John’s debut single, ‘Don’t You Give Up on Me’, is a vibrant testament to the enduring spirit of retro pop, infused with the pulsating energy of Euro dance beats, and wrapped in the luxurious fabric of contemporary pop production.

Hailing from Nampa, Idaho, Buddy John has crafted a sound that revives the nostalgic pulse of the 90s and 2000s dance clubs, while injecting the bold energy of 80s synth and rock/electronic rhythms. His declaration of romantic resilience bridges the gap between eras, appealing to both devotees of classic pop and the new generation of EDM pop fans.

The track’s snappy grooves and luxe production are a nod to the likes of RuPaul, yet Buddy John carves out his own niche in the pop landscape. His strident vocal lines don’t just complement the instrumentals; they command attention, oozing fervour and proving that passion is the driving force behind his artistry and everything he does.

‘Don’t You Give Up on Me’ is more than a mere homage to the past; it’s a synthesis of retro aesthetics and contemporary commercial appeal. Buddy John understands the power of nostalgia, yet he doesn’t rely on it. Instead, he uses it as a springboard to launch into a soundscape that will speak to your soul as much as much as your rhythmic pulses. We can’t wait for the sophomore release.

Don’t You Give Up on Me is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast