A&R Factory Present: CAPITANO

Flamboyant fantasies of diamonds, flamingos, feather masks, neon lights. An Indie party in your stepdads garage, wearing nothing but flower ornaments wrapped in a corona of manly musk. That is the CAPITANO phenomenon. awkardly honest, honestly awkward. Picture a yellow teethed Bee Gee revival rocking the cocaine train three nights in a row.

The lyrics bear witness of torn apart souls while the beat tears you a new one. CAPITANO is the sophisticated bouncer at a roller disco called life – Whiskey sour meets Sauerkraut.

After a long haul of drifting the Canadian bathtub skipper John Who? meets up with his brothers Fuzz Santander, Dyve Diamond and Mikael Goldbløm. Fuzz is Berlin born, Dyve is born to be bad, Mikael is mad to be born. CAPITANO is the name, bluntly ugly sexuality is the game.

After the first 12 shared fantasies were fulfilled in 2014, the boys produced a full length album over several stations. Some tracks homemade, others in a joint venture with Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail, Guano Apes, Bubonix) at Toolhouse Studios (Kraftklub, Chima). Mixed by Dan Stone (Gentleman, Bosse, Bap) at Maarweg Studios / SSL room. Mastered by none less than Mister Brian Lucey, accountable for finetuning milestone productions for The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and Chet Faker.

While this debut is a peacock’s fan of cherry-picked stilistics, it also comes with collaborations worth name dropping, such as Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Youtube’s star pianist Vika goes wild. And the list goes on. Without a single note released CAPITANO went on tour with Coheed & Cambria, had a shoe-shuffling roundtrip with Teri Gender Bender & Le Butcherettes, defrosted Iceland’s own Agent Fresco and brawled with the infamous Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash all over Germany.

Keep reading! It gets better …

April 2016 marked the release of their neontastic 7-inch double vinyl, adding a chunk of “Who-The-Fuck?” to the official Record Store Day in Germany.

With “My Bad” in its original production CAPITANO revived Rock’n’Roll just to kill it again with its electronic “Rock is Dead” remix version.

“Good Times (For Bad Habits)” is your ticket to the swinger party of mixed emotions. A song so full of energy, it not only compells you to dance but stabs you in the back if you don’t.

And the B-Side? A classic by Berlin’s 80ies phenomenon “Ideal”. CAPITANO’s version of their anti-everything song “Erschiessen” is one of a few existing cover songs approved by the band themselves. A B-Side so fat, Kim Kardashian would follow it on Instagram.

For several months CAPITANO put heavy rotations on several radio stations and highly promising reactions from DJ’s and crowds throughout German dance clubs under their belt.

The captain felt ready for the next sea to cross and captured the odd essence of what CAPITANO is in two artistic out-of-this-world music videos. With help from the award-winning Isralean fashion director Aviv Kosloff, he warped the space around the CAPITANO idea that just won’t bend.

And you would better not guess that’s all of it, because they are far from it.

Before the release of their full length album by the end of 2016, CAPITANO will present their collision with the revival movement of New Retro Wave. A remix EP featuring one song and its three 80ies-soaked remixes by the crown of the synth scene: VHS Glitch. Waveshaper. Robert Parker.

And last but not least, there’s a rumor cooking that soon enough a third video is in the works, starring a before mentioned renown celebrity of the music scene. And now that the “What” and the “Who” have been answered, the only questions you could ask is:

“Why?” — Because David Bowie is dead.

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