Bohifale – Stationary: Humbly Emotive Chill Pop

Stationary by bohifale

Bohifale may self-proclaim that his unique brand of Pop is disappointing, yet, just how wrong he is a clear indication of how an artist can be so blind to the ingenuity of their work. With his latest single “Stationary” straight from the intentionally bumpy start you get a taste for the organic expression which has been poured in the single. The beat progresses through an infusion Jangle Pop Indie mixed with the kicks snares and drops teased by the drum pads to set the perfect platform for Bohifale’s vocals which possess a maturity and a sentimentality which is so rare to hear in the Pop genre.

With Stationary, you get a true sense that Bohifale is intrinsically connected to the emotion of the track, and it’s not very often I get the chance to say that. Yet, that’s just one of the many reasons why the up and coming artist should be on your radar in 2019.

You can check out Bohifale’s latest single Stationary by heading over to Bandcamp now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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