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Why Can’t You Stay: Las Vegas singer-songwriter Ashley Marie disappears into the night on ‘Unravel’

After the underground success of her well-received debut single ‘Gravity‘, Ashley Marie is at her breathtaking best as she tries to keep things together on the wonderfully soul-searching track ‘Unravel‘.

Ashley Marie is a youthful Las Vegas, Nevada-based poet and indie-pop artist. She fuses an emotive blend of evocatively conscious-stirring music, that has you feeling in a compellingly contemplative mood.

Her sensually elegant vocals has your beating heart in a serious spin like a washing machine, as you think back to someone you cared for who kept on running away – as you wish you had gone after them – rather than wondering why they left.

Sung with a thoughtful ambiance on a body shaking soundscape which has you thoroughly enthralled as you look up at the dazzling stars for guidance, you feel an air of regret as to why she is in this state of mind. Ashley wants to be calm like her future lover –  but right now – she needs to get this feeling out of her system and figure everything out alone.

Unravel‘ from the new Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-pop solo artist and poet Ashley Marie, is an enchanting track all about wondering why you can’t seem to smile and be truly happy. Made with a stunning honesty from a dazzling musician with so much potential and who sings with such realness attached – this is a highly reflective vivid picture – as you find the mirror and wonder why things can’t be simple for once.

Sometimes you just need to vanish like a ghost for a while, to truly find your destined path and be truly free, as you work out who the right soul for you really is.

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Pinch me, I feel nothing: Zazen drops remix for Benny Benassi’s ‘DayDream’ (Zazen Remix)

As you see the pinch but feel no sensation in the slightest, Zazen brings us a remix of the sizzling hit Benny Benassi track from April this year called ‘DayDream(Zazen Remix).

Zazen is a Washington DC Metro/Northern Virginia-based indie EDM artist. He is a skilled musician who is always looking for that extra bit of style, as he adds in a blend of exciting electronic music to wet all appetites.

He fell in love with the modern influence of electronic dance music and made the decision that he wanted to pursue music as a serious passion, specializing in original dance music, specifically, melodic dubstep and deep house.” ~ Zazen

There is such a catchy beat here mixed in with some sensual female vocals to get us in the mood to party – over a track all about moving in quick and getting all those feelings quickly swapped out – with a new lover who is actually right for you.

DayDream‘ (Zazen Remix) from Washington DC Metro/Northern Virginia-based indie EDM music producer Zazen, is a my-heart-will-be-somewhere-else moment, as the former relationship seems so far away now as you have moved on. Made with a confident style and after adding in his own spin to proceedings, this is a worthwhile remix to a hit track that so many had stuck in their heads for months earlier on in 2021.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Old School: Portsmouth hip-hop artist OSD takes us back to the fun PS1 days on ‘THPS’

With a two cent coin old school feel that brings you so much nostalgic wonder through the hourglass of time, OSD heartily longs for those epic days when things where more simple and you had to turn on the modem with ‘THPS‘.

OSD is an alternative experimental hip-hop artist from the port city Portsmouth in the UK. He makes a blend of music which dusts off the cap from the good parts of the past, where things seemed so much simpler.

The OSD project is a world where thoughts and feelings are allowed to be expressed artistically through the power of music with no barriers.” ~ OSD

With quick-fire raps that slams right through your ears and into your mind to soak up introspectively, there is much to like from an artist who brings you back to a place in time that was rather special. As he forges a picture into our learning eyes that shows you what things were like in the 90’s – this true storyteller washes over our hearts calmly- and tells us how it was before we lost a part of ourselves to excessive habit.

OSD is a step into an introspective mind and place where genre boundaries are pulled down and musical experimentation is put into full effect.” ~ OSD

THPS‘ from the Portsmouth, UK-based experimental hip-hop solo act OSD, is a why-do-they-stare-at-their-screens moment which has you wondering why most of us have turned into social media junkies. With a zombie mentality that actually alienates those who see past it all – as we scroll again to avoid the FOMO – this is a flashback moment to playing PlayStation One and being happy about life before the internet took over.

If only we could all find our souls again and join together for one minute, to look up and see how beautiful this stunning world really is.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kingdom Philosophy: Andre Bugatti looks deeper for the true realness in this flaky world with ‘Tell Me Your Lies’

As he hides his face away to keep it pure from the greedy vampires who are out for blood, Andre Bugatti has our minds awash with total intrigue on his latest track ‘Tell Me Your Lies‘.

Andre Bugatti is a Kerala, India-born, Auckland, New Zealand-raised indie hip-hop artist. He makes a soundscape come to life that is totally his own, as its completely sincere and full of inner meaning, mixed in with deliciously mellow beats to provoke the soul into a different space in time.

Influenced by his upbringing, both eastern and western culture play a part in his delicate story telling. Struggling to find a place in these two worlds, Andre has decided to fit into neither and make his own.” ~ Andre Bugatti

There is a soul-stirring release that is captured like a nostalgic Polaroid on this worthwhile track – that is packed full of calming flows – and a beat which seems to match the mood of this experience just right.

Tell Me Your Lies‘ from the New Zealand-raised indie rapper Andre Bugatti, is a highly thoughtful release which feels like he is looking for more than what meets the eye. In a world full of lies and swirling confusion, he ride away from the gusting winds that can take you away from that much-needed reality. He raps with a calm energy and a thoughtful mindset – that wraps a peaceful blend of love all over our hungry-for-real hearts – that truly needs all the love possible.

Looking at everything from the top of the mountain without getting flustered like a majestic Lion would, is the only way to avoid getting tangled into the fake part of this beautiful world.

Check out this new single on his Spotify and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Close To the Ground: Pedro Samp wonders how low she can truly fly on ‘Scarlett’

In a frigidly cold and over-stimulated fast world that can have you confused and frozen like ice in a blink of a curious eye, Pedro Samp longs to be with the one he cares so much for but knows deep down its probably a bad idea on ‘Scarlett‘.

Pedro Samp is a highly unique London, UK-based musician who somehow compresses RnB, pop, bossa nova and EDM all into one delicious music pie for us to nibble on lovingly.

Fascinated with movies, Samp started his career writing movie soundtracks at the age of 19 for the mainstream Cinema before embarking on his solo career.” ~ Pedro Samp

Sung with a film-like edge that has you feeling with certainty that this track definitely belongs in the cinema world, you sense his longing for this special soul but smartly doesn’t want to be with a selfish lover. There is much to bathe into during this fantastically created single, which has you pondering the moment you let them fly away to a place you wish was close your path. Ultimately however, the true love and much-wanted affection wouldn’t have been there anyways – as you count your blessings – and watch up into the sunlit sky to wonder where they are right now.

Currently in a life quest after melodies capable of bringing smiles, pleasure, tears and joy.” ~ Pedro Samp

Scarlett‘ from the multi-genre artist Pedro Samp, is all about caring for and loving someone so much from your past, but feeling like they only truly think about themselves. The world has made them rather cold and you wish you could fly with to save them, but fear that the time has passed and they need to work it out on their own. Sung with a real emotional connection and clear love, this is a peach of single that so many of us will wholeheartedly relate to.

Sometimes they need to fly as low as they can go – and hopefully have someone close to help them up again – when things don’t go according to plan.

Hear this truly terrific musician on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Moving Like A Dummy: Underground Bronx emcee Benjamin Splash rips it all up with ‘Tear Da Club Up Freestyle’

As he ravages the mic until it breaks before our astounded eyes, Benjamin Splash is in the mood to run his town with a fierce display that shows his spark-filled intentions on the explosive ‘Tear Da Club Up Freestyle’.

Benjamin Splash aka Da Benjamin Bandit, is a hungry Bronx, New York-based indie rapper. He makes that old school type tracks that are full of proper lyrics, as he pays respect to the forefathers while also clearing space for his own lane to be built.

This is the expressive story about meeting a lovely girl who has been used to being with broke guys before and isn’t accustomed to this type of class, as she enjoys the moment and lets you know that she is indeed for real. From dealing with small-minded dummy’s who don’t get how things should work – she is impressed enough to show you her valuable contacts – so you both become much stronger in this dog-eat-dog kind of world.

With a menacing flow that is packed full of heartfelt vigor and successful determination, this is an underground freestyle full of vicious rhymes that are street-smart and truly bankable.

Tear Da Club Up Freestyle‘ from the Bronx, New York bandit hip-hop solo artist Benjamin Splash, is a glorious gem from a fired up rapper who feels like things are on the up and he is running the movements around his spot. His electric bars spill all over the one dollar bill strewn club’s sticky floors, as he shows that he is indeed the truth.

In a wild city that can either make or break you in a click of a mouse, this is a worthwhile track from a fast-rising hip-hop artist on a mission to reach the top.

Fill your mind with this street poet on Soundcloud and to see more news, click on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want You So Close: Rosaleen asks her future lover to be gentle on ‘Crystal’

As she sings with a real integrity and rather sweet innocence to the one who she wants to see closer, Rosaleen opens up her soul to be loved by the right person who truly cherishes and respects her journey on ‘Crystal‘.

Rosaleen is a talented multilingual Manhattan, New York City-born, Orlando, Florida-based classically trained pianist, music producer, arranger and indie RnB solo artist.

Besides her native language of English; she is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean.” ~ Rosaleen

This is an comprehensively absorbing experience from a truly soulful musician – who it seems is only scratching the surface of her profound abilities – as each note is carefully created by such a heart-warming ambiance, that has you feeling incredibly alive inside again. The story of building up your armor to withstand to forces of feeling let down is almost impossible – as we are interwoven into stunningly explained lyrics – which sweetly hopes that the broken glass heart shall be avoided for once.

Crystal‘ from the wonderful twenty-two years young Manhattan indie RnB artist Rosaleen, is a charming single all about making sure that they know that your heart is rather fragile. She has been let down before and don’t want it to happen again, as she beautifully explains this to her possible future lover. The atmosphere is so sincere, packed with lovely vocals made with a crisp texture, for our excited palates to bite slowly into.

Love is so precious and needs to be totally treasured, so that its purest form may never be lost into the rushing winds of time.

Heal up with a wonderful vocalist on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

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Spend It How I Want To: Luton’s Head-Ache Official does it his way on space-travel video for ‘Summer Time’

As he fights off and ends up holding hands with sneaky green aliens who are threatening to ruin his well-deserved holidays, Head-Ache Official finds a way to win the in the end with his creative new music video for ‘Summer Time‘.

Head-Ache Official is a Luton, UK-based model and indie alt-rap/rock artist. He makes an exciting blend of music that is filled with character and an authentic plethora of intrigue, to wet our fascinated appetites for more.

After realizing he had developed a talent for song writing he was later inspired to make his own music in late 2019, and at age 16 he put out his first song.” ~ Head-Ache Official

With flowing hair and vocals to match this flourishing style, we are thrown daringly into a catchy track to soak into happily and enjoying the vibe is the end result. This is a talented artist who is tired of being told what to do and will do whatever he wants to do in summer, as that is his right. Featuring an avalanche of solid bars and visuals to make you smile, this is a song that shows us his impressively growing repertoire and a willingness to take risks no matter what.

Summer Time‘ from the youthfully talented Luton, UK-based indie alt-rap/rock solo artist Head-Ache Official, is a wildly exciting song full of spaceship landings, rockets, aliens, finding clothes and walking hand in hand with either an enemy or a lover. He shows us that his mind works in such a wonderfully unique way that makes his music something to treasure – as he avoids the usually boring cliches and norm that clouds most brains with dullness – with a special spark to show us that making your own lane, is actually the way.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his IG music channel for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Give You My Heart: London’s Jagun can’t stop dreaming about his true love on ‘Sleepwalking’

Following up from his recent single ‘The Last Time‘, Jagun can’t get his dreamy lover out of his mind with the new kiss-filled single called ‘Sleepwalking‘.

Jagun is an indie pop/RnB artist who is based in London, UK. He makes that vibrantly fresh type of music that has your mind alive with so many possibilities ahead, as he sings with a clear voice that is full of electric enthusiasm.

This is the true story of being so wrapped into one person who gives you that rare happy buzz, as he sings with a true freedom that only happens when you feel that this is the right human for you. You worry that they are taking their time and waiting for exactly the right moment – as you bide your time for them to make their mind up – so that you can make it all official.

Sleepwalking‘ from the London, UK-based indie pop/RnB artist Jagun, is a I-see-you-when-I close-my-eyes type of breathtaking track that has your heart beating so much faster. The love is clearly there and the vibe is right, as he hopes that they see past the faults and look only to the good things that you can provide. Made with a bouncy love-packed beat, this is a romantic single that has you dreaming of that special soul in your life.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Haunting Edge: New Italian EDM artist Zed drops promising debut track ‘Prima’

With an ominously alluring start to proceedings that has you nodding your intrigued head and getting into the groove rather quickly, Zed is here with her dashing debut track that is full of excellence with ‘Prima‘.

Zed aka Francesca Michelis, is a highly creative Turin, Italy-based cinema and media engineering student, visual artist and indie experimental EDM music producer.

Zed is a project that I started during the 2020 lockdowns as a result of my great passion for audiovisuals.” ~ Zed

Featuring a tremendously illuminating beat that has you licking your lips and feeling content again – this is a new single to swim gloriously inside – as she takes us for a riveting ride that shall satisfy all of your hungry senses.

I attended the “LAC- Renato Cottini” artistic high school where I was able to deepen my passion for the visual arts.” ~

Prima‘ from the talented Turin, Italy-based indie electronic and visual artist Zed, is a track to turn up loud and let soak into your precious soul. She lathers our consciousness with a psychedelic experience that might have your body shaking excitedly at times, with her sensational skills and effective beat, that has you so entrenched into the moment. This is a new track to blend inside like a happy camper – as you get your dancing shoes laced up again – to get back into the zone which we have all surely missed.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen