Adam Stigall – I’ll Be Out: Evocatively Acoustic Blues

Adam Stigall’s track I’ll Be Out goes beyond resonance, it’s a tear-jerking ballad that will sober even the coldest of nihilists. The evocatively acoustic sensual sound immerses you in every second of the track as you lose yourself in the pensive soundscape which is made infinitely more melancholic by the perfectly penned lyrics to the tracks. There’s a slight Alt Country edge infused with the timeless charisma of Blues to Adam Stigall’s Indie Rock sound, yet his Folkish vocals bring you right down into the depths of the tortured artists pensive resolve. Each track on his 2017 debut EP will make you fall a little deeper into his narrative of beautifully extrapolated despair, yet, I can’t bring myself to label Adam Stigall’s sound as sad, there’s something uniquely uplifting about his ability to create an anthemic acoustic cacophony of sound. I may need to grab some tissues though.

I’ll Be Out is available to listen to on Spotify along with the rest of Adam Stigall’s 2017 debut self-titled EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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