8udDha bl0od spellbind us with new catchy single ‘’Un:.3R H3R 573R30 5Ph3l cH3qU3R U’ll f!n:. 7h3 k3Y’’


The busy Brighton boys are back again with another track and this time, it’s an acoustic winner called ‘’ Un:.3R H3R 573R30 5Ph3l cH3qU3R U’ll f!n:. 7h3 k3Y’’. This is deciphered to- Under her stereo, spell checker you’ll find. No one is like ‘8udDha bl0od’.

With a chilled vibe, this is once again a new sound for the band as they continue to push experimental Psych Pop to a new dimension. It’s a short song consisting of just over 2 minutes but not a filler at all. It’s all about being under a spell mentally, which can be a very traumatic and long-lasting experience.

I prefer other songs from the band but this is still a top track that deserves lots of love due to it’s catchy vibe and good message.

Stream ‘’Un:.3R H3R 573R30 5Ph3l cH3qU3R U’ll f!n:. 7h3 k3Y’’ right here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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