Dylan James – Come Alive: Pensively Progressive Trap

Heavy New Wave Trap artist Dylan James has recently released his latest single “Come Alive”, and in the short time since the release hasn’t failed to amass plenty of hype around the haunting atmospherics of the single. It’s not…


Chris Mackenzie – Lazy: A Debut of Resonantly Filthy Pop

While there may be no shortage of Pop Rock singles, none have ever quite resonated in the same way as up and coming artist Chris Mackenzie’s debut single “Lazy”. The caustically indulgent and reverberantly salacious guitar-led rhythms carve out…


Axel Jansson – Wanna Know You: Candidly Organic Alt Rock

What have the National, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and Axel Jansson got in common? For a start, their commitment to ensuring their soundscapes are as emotively compelling as possible. Yet, Axel Jansson’s instrumental style is far more reminiscent of…

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