Jetlag Girl- The Secret Recipe: Indie-Pop at it’s finest

Indie, Rock and Pop combine together to create the newest single ‘’The Secret Recipe’’ by band Jetlag Girl. A perfectly eerie and strange track that completely shows the listeners just how good Indie-Pop can sound. A track where the…


Billy Mick releases new single Take It As It Comes

Billy Mick has released his track ‘’Take It As It Comes’’. With a variety of sounds from Country, Hip-Hop and Pop, he has created something that gets you feeling good. With an up-lifting rhythm and a cheerful atmosphere to…

8udDha bl0od

8udDha bl0od – 50n5 0f 50UnD r0ll!ng 570n3D

The first Friday the 13th of the year may be over, but thankfully, Brighton-based artist 8udDha bl0od’s Friday the 13th-inspired track 50n5 0f 50UnD r0ll!ng 570n3D still lingers on the airwaves. If you like to indulge in tracks which…

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