Scarlett – Mr Nowhere: Unapologetically Outspoken Bad

Whilst up and coming singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and self-producer Scarlett set the bar high with her debut single “BITE”, off the heels of her success she created yet another stunning single. The single proves that even though the 17…


Scarlett – BITE: Empoweringly Resounding Pop

The Riot Grrrl movement may have urged girls to pick up guitars decades ago. Yet, as we’ve naturally progressed from the acoustic sound, it only makes sense that the attitude female artists poured into their Punk soundscapes into electronically…


Say Days Ago – Disquiet: Melodically Mesmeric Post Hardcore

With a palpitatingly sweet prelude, it was hard to anticipate the aural attack which would greet me as Say Days Ago’s latest single “Disquiet” unfolded, because holy fuck. There was no preparing for the switch ups from the tentatively…


Snir Yamin – Twenty Three: Potently Immersive Pop

With a Lynchian style prelude, Snir Yamin’s latest sweet yet synergistically moody Pop hit “Twenty Three” unravels and introduces a decadently soulful aural offering. To say that the style of the up and coming artist’s fourth single is distinctive…


NORDS – Reflections: Timelessly Soulful Folk Pop

While there may be plenty of Pop/Folk crossovers created in the past, I’ve never been as beguiled by the genre infusion as when I checked out NORDS latest single Reflections. The two Danish vocalists and guitarists created a peaceful,…

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