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Make Me A Friend: YXL Ayo stomps on the snakes with ‘Fimile’ (Prod. Hippy Jack)

Inspired by his late Grandma who kindly asked him to add in Yoruba into his music arsenal, YXL Ayo is back with a fantastic new single off his six-track ‘IBUKUN‘ EP called ‘Fimile(Prod. Hippy Jack).

YXL Ayo is a Skegness, England-based indie Afro-Fusion artist with Nigerian heritage. He fuses a wonderful mix of self-aware lyrics that is on the right path to that ultimate enlightenment, which has you excited for his future.

YXL Ayo has gone back to his Nigerian roots and is back with a new Afro-Fusion inspired EP titled “Ibukun”, which translates to blessed/blessing from Yoruba which is a native language in Nigeria.” – YXL Ayo

You feel his fueled up motivation here as he sounds in peak form, with a clearly crisp like-a-summers-morning vibe that sparks your attention into his exciting mindset.

On ‘Fimile’ a moody tune about brotherhood that doubles as the perfect soundtrack to a late-night drive, Ayo delves into mental health, nightlife and the downside of social encounters.” – YXL Ayo

This is an emerging artist who has brought on a smokey-cool beat that blazes rightfully into the mixture here to emanate something quite special. There is no fake energies here, only an inner feeling which tells you that he is tired of the games and being disappointed. His only goals are to be happy inside, whilst leaving everyone else to get caught up in all the small-mindedness.

Fimile(Prod. Hippy Jack) from the Nigerian/UK-based artist YXL Ayo, is one of the more assured tracks so far in 2021 in this highly competitive genre, as its stacked full of world class quality and that rare memorable nature that has you nodding your head in approval. His beloved late Grandma would be mightily proud.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more views on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

YXL AYO takes the title back from Eilish with his RnB hit “Bad Guy”

Billie Eilish certainly didn’t claim ‘Bad Guy’ as a title, but she made it hard for any other artists to make it their own. Up and coming RnB artist YXL AYO soulfully succeeded with their 2020 release.

Bad Guy is a return to form for YXL AYO. But this time, with producer Super Beats on side, he’s cooked up a melodic aural storm which the airwaves simply can’t ignore.

The transfixing grooving rhythms easily distinguish themselves as superior from the rest while YXL AYO will remind you why you fell in love with RnB in the first place with their vocals; the unfiltered and indulgent romanticism which you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

You can check out the evocatively cinematic official music video to YXL AYO’s single Bad Guy for yourselves by heading over to Vimeo.

Review by Amelia Vandergast