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I Know What You Want: X.A.E wants her to come on over with Say Yes

Taken from his recent 3-track EP called Count To 3, X.A.E might have our speakers melting because of the passionately romantic energy on the sultry new release called Say Yes.

X.A.E is a highly motivated Long Beach, California-based indie RnB artist and model who makes those ear-healing tracks your whole body has been desiring all day.

Guiding us through the whispers and the kisses that have flamed up the windows, X.A.E sings with so much world class eloquence that shall stimulate your senses and get the night started.

Say Yes from the youthful Long Beach, California-based indie RnB artist X.A.E shows us into the bedroom and where the heat is right now. Radiating with so much finessed abandon and lots of smooth talk, this is a heart racing experience that might need a cold shower afterwards.

When your eyes are locked, your heart opens up and glow wonderfully.

Listen up on Spotify and feel the energy blossom on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thinking About You: X.A.E doesn’t want the night to end yet on the cozy new single ‘Xoxo’

As he sings about the girl that who makes his eyes light up like no other, X.A.E makes sure that she knows that he is worth the time on his heat-filled new RnB smooth experience called ‘Xoxo‘.

X.A.E is a confident Long Beach, California-based RnB/soul artist. He makes that therapeutic music that relaxes your whole body, and has you thinking about better days ahead.

This is the story about letting it known that he yearns her so much — the world is crazy and its so easy to trip out — however its hard to be close lovers and always be together. This is what he desires and is now waiting to see if she wants to swipe right too.

His clear voice simmers in sultry hot and you feel the heat close onto your sweaty body, as the night opens up and you both look carefully into each others eyes. The evening is young and there is a lot to discover yet, if you both feel the spark of electricity racing in your willing veins.

Xoxo‘ from the romantic Long Beach indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter X.A.E, gives us a taste of his meaningful vibes, with a solid display of loving music, which has you looking for the candles as you dim the lights from this noisy world. This is the perfect late night single for when you are with your lover, as you gaze into each others eyes and let the nights events unfold.

Stream this smoothly created song on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen