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WTL by Wn8o: Musical Evolution At Its Finest!

Wn8o are the real deal and WTL is the banger we’ve all been waiting for!

sShoWw and Pownz have a magnetic energy that is hard to ignore and doubly hard to recreate. Their new single, ‘WTL’ introduces us to younger, more evolved version of the finger snapping culture that was born and bred in ATL. The catchy hook and the in-your-face lyric are laid back yet attention grabbing. Wn8o are stoking a fire under rap culture, in a similar way to Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins, with a vibe that is hot and unique and lyrics that are well rounded and authentic.

That’s what really jumps out at you through the music – authenticity. These guys are not posers who want to be famous and are using Hip-Hop as a ride there. The beat, the lyric, the well produced video, all speak of the grind. The track drips of pushing forward when instead of a silver spoon, you were given a lead balloon and, of making it against the odds.

Where The Light?

There’s nothing more Hip-Hop than that.

Listen to WTL by Wn8o here on YouTube. Enjoy the song and the brilliant video.

Review by Susan Harriott